Pro-Trump Disinformation

The New Yorker is warning that Cuban-Americans are being subjected to pro-Trump disinformation.  This, evidently is in Florida.

I can think of some pro-Trump information that the New Yorker would want to hide.

  • Che was a mass murderer.
  • Ordinary Cubans live in poverty.
  • Hispanic employment reached all-time Highs under the Trump pre-Virus economy, and is recovering nicely.
  • President Trump works hard to make good jobs available to all Americans, including immigrants.
  • President Trump treats Hispanics like real people, and reserves his insults for criminals, gangs and political activists who happen to be Hispanic.
  • Castro was a liar who tortured political prisoners.

I bet the Ratburghers could help the New Yorker warn the citizenry of other important things.


2 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Disinformation”

  1. While it’s been trending liberal for many years, the editorial staff of the NYer now has full blown TDS, with no vaccine in sight. I have a good bit of resentment about it, for they have destroyed much of the distinction and appeal of the sophisticated, witty publication my dad introduced me to when I was young. I’ve read that the magazine’s founder, Harold Ross, “carefully avoided articulating a clear editorial position on almost any issue.” How awfully far they’ve strayed.

  2. Why would a Cuban-American not embrace Demsoc?  DemSoc is Socialism done right – or will be:

    1) Seize all means of production.
    2) Confiscate all personal wealth.
    3) Disappear all dissenters
    4) End fact.
    5) Supply endless promises of effortless brighter futures for all (after the daily struggle is vanquished by shock brigades of exemplary labor).
    6) Apparatchiks living as omnipotent royalty.

    Thematic variants exercise precipitous population reduction, overall (Mao’s Cultural Revolution) or selective (Pol Pot and myopia). We will not become Amerizuela!  It is North Korea that is Socialism done right.
    … For the people!


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