One Last Book

About one hundred & twenty years ago, British society was transfixed by reports from the Younghusband Mission – an invasion from British-ruled India into the mysterious land of Tibet.  Playing the Great Game, Britain’s rulers were concerned that an expansionist Russia would push into Tibet and threaten Britain’s Indian empire.  The aim was to get a treaty with Tibet which would keep the Russians out – but the Tibetans did not want to open negotiations.  Consequently, in December 1903, a British army of about 3,000 men with a multitude of pack animals and camp followers crossed the border from India into Tibet.

December?  Wintertime?  Crossing the Himalayas where the passes could be up to 16,600 feet (5,000 meters) high?  Author Charles Allen carefully reconstructed the events of the Younghusband Mission from contemporary reports and diaries & letters of the participants, laying out the story in “Duel in the Snows”, ISBN 0-7195-54276 (2004).... [Read More]


Quantifying Wikipedia Leftist Bias

We trashed Wikipedia six months ago at John Walker’s post.  The occasion was a complaint by a co-founder of Wikipedia about how bad the leftward slant had become there.   Wikipedia defenders brushed it off as sour grapes and claimed that Wikipedia adheres to its vaunted viewpoint neutrality posture.

Now there is a scientific evaluation of bias at Wikipedia.  This is important because Wikipedia is one of the most-used sources of basic information on the planet.  Some folks say it is the top source globally.  It is very bad for everyone that Leftist bias lurks all over Wikipedia.

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Simon Says: Buy This Book!

Douglas Kimball, our colleague from R> , has written a book based on Simon Templar’s  experiences growing black pepper in the West Indies and fighting the opium wars  in Afghanistan.  It’s called Virga Joy ( or the adventures of El Colonel de Corona).   I hope the author is still on R> and will be promoting it there.  You can get it at [Read More]


How to “back up” a blog?

Hearing that WordPress has de-platformed ConservativeTreehouse made me think about my own WordPress blog at  How might I “back up” my 10-year-old blog, in case they come for me too?  Now, my presence is way lower than theirs-I only have 433 followers and get about 80 views per normal day (which I would really like to increase!).  Is there any way to save all my posts and photos, short of copying all the text to a file on my new 6Tb external hard drive?  I post photography as well as politics, so my followers aren’t just political junkies.  I do, of course, have all the photos on my home computer already.

Any ideas for me?  Thanks!


Electoral Fraud? Votes for President in 2020 versus 2016

Is the Democrat Establishment stealing the Presidential election?  Is it credible that Beijing Biden could get 80 Million votes?  Since there are a lot of allegations & assertions floating around, I wasted a few hours trying to understand the election results.

President Trump reportedly got 74 Million votes in 2020, an increase of almost 11 Million over the 63 Million votes he got In 2016, presumably without the benefit of any electoral fraud.  Given the enthusiasm for Trump among the unwashed Deplorables, this seems credible.... [Read More]


Hillbilly Elegy Coda

Thanks to CW, I found out the movie of J.D.Vance’s book is on Netflix ; watched it at five this morning.
I recommend everyone read the book, which is more affecting than the movie in my opinion.  For instance, the internecine and extra-familial violence which some people evidently found so shocking?  There’s plenty more of it in the book where that came from.
To me, JD’s story  would be almost unbelievable if it weren’t for his stint in the Marine Corps.  I think that’s what broke him out of the mold, the pattern of the poor white culture.
When we moved back here to Appalachia (yes I know nobody believes me, everybody thinks the Poconos is a wealthy second home community) we befriended, or were selected by, a girl of about 14, a relative of the well-beloved woman who worked for my family during my entire childhood.  (Well, that lady was one of 13 brothers and sisters, so her relatives are thick on the ground here.) The girl and her family were “involved” with the couple who were then working for us.  (I put involved in quotes because unless you have encountered a helpless, innocent-seeming person who needs everything, you probably can’t imagine the web you can very quickly fall into in such a circumstance.) She was horse-crazy.  We didn’t want her around our horses because, liability, and also we’ve never been interested in teaching anybody to ride.  But she hung around, never asking, silently and hungrily watching, little by little performing grooming and tacking, until…well, we started calling her our stable-hand.
But our involvement was bigger than that.  We were impressed with her intelligence, especially against the background of the rest of her family.  As children who need to seek their own advantage often are, she was also extremely engaging, “people-smart”.  My BMD became determined that she would go to college.  It would simply be a tragic waste if she didn’t.

Let me say she had two older brothers, neither of them able to hold a job for long.  Vance describes this in his book: young adults who flaunt the rules of the workplace, fail to show up for one reason or another. The punch line, when they inevitably got fired, was  always,” Well what was I SUPPOSED to do?!” It was never their fault, even if, f’rinstance, they had been standing under. No Smoking sign puffing on a cigarette.  Oh and our stable-hand had a big sister a few years older.    You would not believe me if I told you how sis ended up charged with the death of a child she was babysitting and spent the rest of her life (not long; she was a brittle diabetic) in prison.  I  still do not believe it, and I watched it unfold and tried ( again incredibly, to no avail) to intervene.  Their ostensibly devout mother, who had been abandoned by the bat-guano schizophrenically paranoid father, had been pimping both of the girls out since about age 12–or so our friend told us.... [Read More]


Tyranny For Our Time

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
– C. S. Lewis

This is our world, one inhabited by moral busybodies with a license to torment us without end because they are on the side of all that is right and good. They will not be satisfied until submission is total.... [Read More]


Last Poem III

“I shall forget you presently, my dear,/So make the most of this, your little day,/Your little month, your little half a year/Ere I forget,or die, or  move away,/ And we are done forever;  by and by/I shall forget you ,as I said, but now, / If you entreat me with your loveliest lie/I will protest you with my favorite vow./ I would indeed that love were longer-lived/ And vows were not so brittle as they are,/ But so it is, and nature has contrived / To struggle on without a break thus far,—/Whether or not we find what we are seeking/ Is idle, biologically speaking.”
— Edna St. Vincent Millay,  Sonnet IV


Unmasking the Enemy

I kinda get why some Georgia Republicans are saying DONT vote for Loeffler and Perdue.  Yes the Senate is our last redoubt.  But so what if we hold it by one or two votes?  We’ve got the Collinses and Romneys  and Murkowskis. to reliably scuttle even that slim advantage.
Let ‘em have  it!  The GOP is done for, a spent force. We, its voters, fought the swamp and the swamp won, thanks to them.  They refused to support the Republican president we elected.  We handed them ALL the power on a sliver platter in 2016.  They handed  us and our president back that platter heaped with warm excrement.
I don’t have any hope that it will change anything, but:  yeah!  Let America see, make  her see, the leering, merciless unmasked visage of one-party monolithic socialist government.  Maybe it will spur rebellion.  Maybe it will just be a fitting punishment.  I don’t even know what to hope for at this point.



…is what I want.
The evil, alien Han has fettered our champion and brought him down to defeat.  Trump woulda won in a landslide if it hadn’t been for China’s nano-warriors.
Purge them. Expel them.  Make it illegal ever even to eat Hot’n’ Sour soup again.
is it too late for us to save our country?