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Video dropped  11 09 2020, but I watched it for the first time today.  Since the first time,  I’ve watched it 5 more times.   I think everyone will get something from the message.  Great song.  Wonderful video.   Only about 6 minutes long.


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  1. WOW.  Youtube deleted it without comment it seems.   Another Youtuber reposted it with a slightly different title and a ‘deflecting’ intro.  You will know when the original video begins because you will hear the song “Silent Running”.   Oops.  Original video begins with the President saying ” Remember this …”

    There was nothing wrong with the video.  It is nothing more than the song ‘Silent Running’ with video clips from President Speeches/Rallys and various quick clips of related material:  children holding the American flag, flash pics of Killary, BOdude.

    This level of Control/Censorship is truly beginning to frighten me.  Even if President Trump prevails in holding onto the will of the people in the true popular vote —  how does he stop this, without  “Burning down the whole damn thing!” ?

  2. In the event the new link is ‘killed’.  On YouTube search for:  Trump  Silent Running, the original was uploaded by a content provider whose first name is Justin.

    The new link is titled:   Trump  Silent Running 2020

    I will now go look at bigchute and rumble to see if was cross posted.  There may also be some chat going on about it in Twitter.

    I never saw this coming, it absolutely innocuous, innocent.

  3. Censored:

    “This video has been removed for violating Youtube’s Terms of Service.”

    Youtube has been getting really frisky with censorship.  They bounce stuff and then when questioned, they give no real information.  Some of their excuses:

    ‘It looked to our algorithm like it might be a copyright violation’

    ‘Some unidentified somebody said it might be a copyright violation’

    ‘It looked to the algorithm like underage persons appear’

    ‘The audio sounded like a copyright violation’

    ‘The source looked like a questionable source’

    Etc. &tc.

    They’ve got a million of them.

  4. They are basically goi g to erase his presidency by not allowing something like this to be posted where most eyes will see it. It is real time erasure without even “liquidating” the subject. Stalin looks up from below with an envious smile.

  5. Gerard:
    Thanks, unfortunately it can not be downloaded.

    @gerard, please see the following.   Oh, and all TechDudes, please read and correct any errors  I may make in explaining how to download the video.  Thank you.

    Mr. TT, in attempt to minimize my lamenting and occasional brief wailing  re  preserving the truth, bastard commies, satan spawns, orwell warned us,  etc.   — and, likely hoping dinner would soon find it’s way to the table — decided to take on the challenge of how to download online videos.

    After searching for a solution, he eventually found a program that seems to work.  The program:  4K Video Downloader.    He downloaded the program.   With video open in YouTube, he opened 4K, which seemed to automtically ‘pair’ with  youtube, after a few seconds a link for the  video popped-up in 4K.  Mr. TT then clicked the ‘download’ button.  Voila!  Video downloaded.   To prove it worked, he opened 4k video downloader, highlighted the saved file, chose Play which then asked which media player on our computer to use.  I think we watched it on Windows Media Player.

    It was awesome!

  6. Firefox updated, it disabled my old video down loader, I found a new one and…

    SUCCESS !!!

    ( That’s known as;  “REPUBLICAN RED” ).

    The smallest I can shrink it to is about 23 meg.


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