12 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell Lay It on the Line”

  1. Phil Turmel:
    Sydney Powell commented on the raid in Frankfurt that whether it was done by good guys or bad guys isn’t yet known. ):

    The bad guys would not have had any need to obtain the servers via raid.

  2. The cucking chicken coop called National Review weighs in:

    Trump’s Disgraceful Gambit

    The Rudy Giuliani–led press conference at the RNC yesterday was the most outlandish and irresponsible performance ever by a group of lawyers representing a president of the United States.

    If Giuliani’s charge of a “national conspiracy” to produce fraudulent votes in Democratic cities around the country wasn’t far-fetched enough, attorney Sidney Powell ratcheted it up with the allegation that Communist-designed election machinery was used to change the vote from a Trump landslide to a narrow Biden victory. An obvious question is why, if you can manipulate the vote count via machine, you’d need to bother with old-fashioned fraudulent ballots. Powell’s story is that the surprisingly strong Trump turnout “broke the algorithm” of the corrupted machines, and then the fraudulent ballots were desperately hauled in to make up the difference.

    This is lawyering worthy of the comments section of Breitbart News.

    Here is exclusive video, courtesy of our colleagues at SCANALYZER, of the National Review editors composing their editorial, to which they declined to sign their names.

  3. John W.:  “The cucking chicken coop called National Review …”

    Entertaining!  The question which enquiring minds would like answered is — are the NR guys merely what Stalin dismissively described as “Useful Idiots”, or are they themselves a bought & paid for part of the scam?

  4. In case the tweet is memory-holed, here is a link to the Web page it cites, with a link to the official data from the Nevada Secretary of State.

    Nevada: Total Ballots Cast: 1,327,394, Total Presidential Election Votes: 1,405,376


  5. About the Nevada votes for President exceeding the total number of votes cast — there is something peculiar about the linked Nevada document dated 11/10.

    For Election Day votes, the chart shows returns from only 3 counties out of 17.   Total votes cast in each of the 17 counties are shown, totaling 129,099;  however, only 3,802 votes from 3 counties are shown by party affiliation.  125, 297 votes are missing from the “Total Ballots Cast by Party” column.

    Messy!  Not confidence-inspiring.

  6. Looks like the only thing heading down the memory-hole is Sidney Powell, who was dismissed from the “elite squad” of lawyers a couple of days later.

    But why? She only spent 20 minutes talking to Newsmax on Saturday the 21st — after saying she couldn’t spare 5 minutes for Tucker Carlson — accusing Governor Kemp of taking bribes to help steal the election from the man he endorsed and who endorsed Kemp for governor.

    What’s wrong with that?

    Well, there must be something, because hours later Powell got the boot.

    Of course, QAnon figured it out within minutes — Powell had to be separated from Team Trump because she is actually the “secret special prosecutor” that Trump and Barr named to uncover the whole truth. (Durham was just a head-fake.)

    Trust the Plan. The Storm is coming. Where We Go One We Go All.


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