What was…

“Something’s fishy”
… Supermarkets are most common place to catch Covid, new data reveals.

“Shut down all national food distribution and sales for three consecutive months. Problem solved.”

What is…

New Mexico Closures of Grocery Stores Over Coronavirus Prompts Half-Mile Long Lines

… New Mexico Closures of Grocery Stores Over Coronavirus Prompts Half-Mile Long Lines

All food and supplies should have been confiscated, then given free to the poor, homeless, illegally resident, and registered Democrat.  This is what Amerizuela means to me.

Santa Claus wants more “thank you”s.

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  1. This is the same foolish woman Democrat Governor who earlier ordered all retail stores to close because of the CovidScam — and then was seized by the sudden need to acquire a piece of high-end jewelry.  So she ordered a specific jeweler to open his store only for her.  One can only hope she got a good discount.

    Still, all one can say is — She is the person for whom the people of New Mexico voted (or at least, she is the person for whom the voting machines of New Mexico voted),

  2. I remember when, for reasons I don’t understand, “they” engineered a “fuel crisis” in the mid 1970s.  Long lines to fill up our cars. Oh and Carter told us we’d all have to wear sweaters  or coats even  inside!  House plants would freeze in their  pots! Meanwhile oil tankers were idling off the coast,while Carter wearily intoned “We’ve ALL been guilty of it” ( being profligate with fuel, that was) .  Now, he was saying, you’ll just have to pay. You HAD  your pleasure.  We had a “Great Society” but now we’re headed for “The Adequate Society”.  Just barely.  If you’re lucky.
    Did he believe that?  And even if he did, did all of his advisors?
    Why does. Dem govt always try to make us feel like selfish shits?  What is to gain?  Cui Bono?

  3. H:  “I remember when, for reasons I don’t understand, “they” engineered a “fuel crisis” in the mid 1970s.  Long lines to fill up our cars.

    No, Ms. Hypatia, you can’t remember it.  You are far too young!  🙂

    The Oil Crisis is an interesting case, which may be relevant to the Great CovidScam Catastrophe — OMG!  There is a killer virus on the loose!  Let’s run out and get some toilet paper.

    Rough numbers — In the 1970s, there were probably around 100 Million vehicles in the US.  In the normal run of things, motorists would fill up the tank, drive around until the gas tank was nearly empty, then refill.   The average gas tank would thus be about half full.

    Then, Big Gov started a panic when the key oil producers in the Middle East realized they had been short-changed.  (Those were the days of the Seven Sisters oil companies).  Naturally, the people all ran out and bought toilet paper.  No they didn’t.  Just joking!  What people did was run out and fill up their gas tanks.

    Let’s guess this took 10 gallons on average to go from half full to full.  Times 100 Million vehicles is 1 Billion gallons of gasoline, or approximately 24 Million Barrels of oil.  In the mid 70s, the US was using about 17 Million Barrels of oil per day, only part of which can be refined into gasoline.  The attempted sudden transfer of this volume of gasoline from dealer inventories to gas tanks emptied the supply chain.  Now there was a genuine supply crisis, and drivers became even more desperate to keep their gas tanks full.

    It was the same mechanism as the CovidScam toilet paper shortage — a sudden panic-buying jump in retail demand causes a supply chain breakdown.  Smart governments would do everything they could to avoid triggering that kind of panic-buying jump.

  4. Two weeks huh? This is getting ridiculous. Every damned New Mexican knows that the governor isn’t going two weeks without groceries. In fact the harlot is probably having groceries shipped in from out of state straight to the gov mansion. The fact that the citizens have not burned down that mansion and ran her and her party out of town is enough to tell me that all you people still holding out hope that we can “save this republic” are singing Figaro past the graveyard not just whistling. Folks it is over. To quote Kirk Russel from Tombstone “Either get busy shooting or get the hell outta here.”

  5. Hypatia:
    I remember when, for reasons I don’t understand, “they” engineered a “fuel crisis” in the mid 1970s.  Long lines to fill up our cars. Oh and Carter told us we’d all have to wear sweaters  or coats even  inside!

    The Arab Oil Embargo was nominally a retribution for support of Israel.  It began shortly after the Yom Kippur War in 1973.  But the Arab oil-producing states, led by the Saudis, saw the opportunity to break some of the power of the big western oil giants, and so they continued the embargo for years.  In the end the big western oil giants ended up with even more global power, but since the price of oil went up, then the Arabs were happy enough.  They practiced brinksmanship for the Carter Administration and first Reagan Administration, but found that their ability to control the global supply was diminishing.  America undertook some dramatic measures to reduce consumption, some of which were clearly unConstitutional.  Private industry also delivered all sorts of energy-saving products which further reduced energy consumption.  Higher oil prices also led to amazing increases in American oil production.

    Public relations outreach campaigns by environmentalists became very popular in Big Ed, which launched a decades-long effort that has resulted in most schoolhouses being Panentheist Temples that worship Mother Earth.

    Increased American oil production during the Reagan years soon changed the energy landscape, leading to the “Oil Bust” of 1986.

  6. Yes, Gavin and MJB, I remember all the actual historical events.  It’s just, why are Dems always so happy about that kinda thing?
    Also, to anybody who lived through that, you’d think the decisive breaking of those Arab bozos’ stranglehold would have Americans dancing in the streets!  “End our dependence on foreign oil!”   All our lives we heard politicians of both parties say that, to bipartisan applause.  Now Trump did it, but ho-hum cuz Orange Man Bad.
    BTW it’s now Orange Man v. Yellow Man: Biden’s lookin’ jaundiced as a cuppa piss.

  7. MJB:  “Increased American oil production during the Reagan years soon changed the energy landscape, leading to the “Oil Bust” of 1986.

    There is another interpretation of the oil price plunge in 1986 — wish I could remember the name of the book.

    In the years before 1986, Saudi Arabia had been shutting in increasing volumes of oil production to maintain the high oil price while its OPEC “partners” were  taking advantage of the high price by producing far in excess of their agreed quotas.  Saudi was getting tired of taking the hit on behalf of OPEC.  At the same time, Reagan recognized that the USSR depended on exporting high-price oil to pay for its imports of food.  A collapse in the price of oil would cripple the USSR, and Saudi had the available shut-in capacity to flood the oil market.

    Reportedly a secret deal was struck — the US committed to protect the Saudi Royal Family from all enemies, foreign & domestic.  In exchange, Saudi opened up some of its shut-in oil production capacity.  The increased supply crushed the oil price, undermining the USSR, and also punishing Saudi Arabia’s OPEC “partners”.  Collateral damage — the resulting low oil prices crushed much of the US oil industry.

    Also reportedly, this deal was later extended to the Kuwati Royal Family.  Thus when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, the US had to respond.

  8. Gavin Longmuir:
    Reportedly a secret deal was struck

    I have heard this before.  Is it a credible account, or a conspiracy theory?  Some aspects of this tale sound very plausible, but the only accounts seem to be in fringe sorts of places.


  9. MJB:  “Is it a credible account, or a conspiracy theory?

    I think it is credible.  It fits with observable facts.  Per BP’s Annual Statistical Review, Saudi Arabia had been producing 10.3 Million Barrels of oil per day back in 1980.  Trying to defend the high oil price, they had cut back all the way to only 3.6 Million Barrels per day in 1985, when they started to open the taps again.  The USSR did collapse in 1990, with lots of documentation that the critical issue was the inability to pay for essential food imports because of the reduced oil export revenues.  The domestic US oil industry was indeed crushed by the drop in oil price.  And the US did go to war against Iraq to restore the Kuwaiti Royal Family to the throne.

    The book, by the way, is: “Victory: The Reagan Administration’s Secret Strategy That Hastened the Collapse of the Soviet Union“, by Peter Schweizer (1996), ISBN 978-0871136336.  It is not the best-written book you will ever come across, but it provides a lot of details which make the story seem credible.

  10. Why does the US endure the imbecility of gasohol?  A fool believes fuel can be grown at net energy and money profit.  If the whole of Louisiana were leveled to an oil palm farm for biodiesel…so what vs. national consumption.

    Gasohol sucks up corn.  Mexico and Arabia live on corn.  Gasohol purchased Arab Spring.  Wheels within wheels.


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