Lock of the I Wish

Notice the “Vinus Bridge” on the sign. This happens in Japan all the time. The maker of the sign transliterates because they don’t know the English word is “Venus”.
Venus Bridge is a lover’s lookout. Couples go their and some put a lock there.

Here is a closer look.

Let’s look at one. They often have writing.

“I love you. Always be near me. In the future I will also support you.”

Time to see the “bridge”.


Semi Loud

The word for cicadas in Japanese is semi.  They have been chirping or is it singing lately. I will put up a picture of the bug behind a spoiler so some people won’t get creeped out. For others who just want to hear the semi symphony here is a video.

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A Non-Narnian Monopod Arrives Soon

I am “buying” a monopod by paying shipment and a future lunch. (How long can I milk the pandemic to get out of treating? I am not asking for a friend.)
I put up this post to place your orders for things you want me to photograph. What in Japan do you want to see?

I will try the moon shot again. And maybe the “house on the hill”.... [Read More]



It is funny how “appeasement” popped into my mind. Isn’t that what is happening now? If only one side with disarm the other side would settle down and not make more demands. It didn’t work so well the last time, did it? Who are the Neville Chamberlains of this generation? I remember Chameberlain was quite popular for a time till his “peace” went to pieces.

Would you describe it with a different word?


Tripod, Monopod, or ?

I thought I would ask the Ratz about the easiest way to stabilize an image. There are three ways that I know of. They are a monopod, tripod, or a gimbal steadycam. Each one has its merits and demerits. I am leaning toward getting a light monopod since it is light and quickly sets up. Have you had experience with these methods or with something else? If so please share.  I bet Trin has a quadropod because he usually does one better.


Fitness Watch Won’t Run

My Garmin watch doesn’t connect to its app anymore. It has been down for days. “Down for Maintenance. Check back later.” It appears it is under a ransom ware attack. What is one to do when the fitness watch doesn’t run anymore?

This is a foretaste of the future of the nightmare of interconnectivity. I had no idea that a lot of functions on the app needed to contact the “mothership”.