TOTD 2020-2-18: It wasn’t in the box.

I am trying to get a system up and running and need some codes. It wasn’t in the box so I was looking all over the Internet trying to find a solution. I figured it was some digital code that was connected to an online account. Finally I went to the place that I ordered it from and looked at my invoice. It was written in Japanese and said I had an image and something else with the character for “box”.  I translated some more and it was telling me that what I needed was “Attached to the outside of the box.” It was.  How is a Sock suppose to think outside of a carton?


TOTD 2020-2-12: I Was a Bad Sock

I had a driving infraction so instead of getting my Gold Card driver’s license which is 5 years per renewal, I got a license with a blue streek in it. Instead of an easy peasy 30 minute lecture I got a longer lecture. Here is what I want you to guess.

How many years is my license good for now?... [Read More]


Out of the Woods

James Woods is back on Twitter. Here is a tweet.

Top Lawmaker Doesn’t Understand Acquittal

I don’t know about you but it is gross incompetence for the nations top lawmaker, Nancy Pelosi, doesn’t understand that acquittal means a person prior charge is dropped. The system doesn’t keep bringing up the prior trials or the accusations. This is dumb.

I agree with Scott Adams from his most recent vodcast that Nancy looks unhinged. She doesn’t come off as stable. Walking out of meeting for a photo op; tearing up a speech; wishing ill while spouting “love”, and unable to look the camera in the eye during the SOTU.