You Have Gotta Be Freaking Kidding Me

I can see a future where whites will not be allowed to hold government jobs, visit government parks, or participate in government functions. Stories like this really make me wish we would have recolonized the blacks after the Civil War. I’m sorry but if you see this story and think “yeah that’s right,” then go back.


If You Have an Hour, It Is Worth It

This interview with Gen. Flynn defense attorney Sidney Powell is worth your time. In it she explains a little bit of the perplexing actions of Judge Emmitt Sullivan even after the DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued a writ of mandamus ordering him to accept the DOJ’s dismissal of the case. She al explains who Andrew Wiessman is and why his inclusion on the Mueller Inquisition was a clue to its complete corruption. Seriously, give it a watch and hear for yourself why the federal “law” enforcement branch has zero credibility.

Sidney Powell Discusses In-Depth Background of Michael Flynn Case….


An Update From Bubba’s Neck of the Woods

In a gross demonstration of why government is per se wicked, a church that was burned down in Tennessee still faces prosecution for violating the stay at home orders on Easter.


June 4, 2020: Eat Your Heart Out Dime

Inspired by our fearless leader, 10 Cents, I am offering some pictures taken recently at Jefferson Patterson Park in Maryland. This is a wonderful, historical region of the Chesapeake Bay area and offers splendid walking trails, modest public beaches, and a little bit of history. Below are some photographs from a couple of weeks ago while on a walk with the family.

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What We Haven’t Seen Amidst the Chaos

I have been monitoring Drudge Report throughout the COVID-19 (self-made) crisis, and all during this time, the COVID news was up-front and the first thing you saw upon the page loading or the app opening on your phone. Well, that has suddenly changed in the past week since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis, MN police. This is a strange occurrence given that just three to four weeks ago, when another set of protestors hit the scene to demand that state governors allow for the opening of markets so that people can go back to work, Drudge not only kept the COVID news front and center, but linked to numerous stories about how these freedom protests were going to further the spread of the invisible killer. If you look at his page now, you will be hard pressed to find a single COVID story. Now, as of yesterday (Sunday, May 31, 2020), he did have a single link to a story about how these riots could spread COVID. However, it was nothing like it was earlier in the month of May.

Another thing that is quite striking is how the riots have completely blown the COVID news off the front page of news. Not only on Drudge, but on other sites that I frequent, like PJ Media, The American Conservative, and Real Clear Politics have all refocused their attention to riots instead of COVID. I am wondering if all this COVID news prior to last week was just another blunt object with which the press bludgeoned Trump? I mean if COVID can spread amongst a mostly white crowd of people protesting the complete strangling of the open markets in various States, then surely COVID can spread among a mostly black crowd of people protesting the complete strangling of a man for nothing more than passing a counterfeit $20? (Also, a pro-tip, with nearly $25 trillion in public debt and the contemplation of adding another $3 trillion on that, ALL of the 20s are counterfeit, as are the ones, the fives, and the quarters.)... [Read More]


Is Trump Actually Doing Something For Liberty?

After being subjected to what millions of Americans have been subject to since, at least, 2002, President Donald Trump has managed to engineer the thwarting of the National Security State’s demand that the FISA Reauthorization bill be passed. And he is using the rationale of the spygate-Obama scandal to make his case for short circuiting this affront to liberty.

Folks this is big news to me, and a huge win.... [Read More]


An Understanding of Libertarianism

No one person can say to have the entire knowledge of an ideology understood and synthesized such that he or she could definitively define what that ideology stands for. In any set of political principles there will always be debate about what those principles actually mean and even what those principles actually are. It is said that William F. Buckley Jr. did that for the Conservative Movement, and yet there are still folks like Irving Kristol, Pat Buchanan, and Pat Robertson who could be considered contributors to the definition of “Conservative.” There are certainly figure heads who seem more worthy of praise and discipleship, but this does not ultimately define anything. It is merely a resemblance of a high school popularity contest. This is true of libertarianism.

I have been told that there are all sorts of libertarian ideals, from the contradictory Left libertarians to the more expected anarcho-capitalists. There is no doubt a wide range of clowns from which to pick in an attempt to hold that clown up as the epitome of libertarian. (“What is Aleppo?” comes to mind in this regard.) And, although I am ill equipped to flush out for you, dear readers, what each strand of libertarian stands for and why one strand is superior to the others, I do feel comfortable explaining to you why the particular group of self described libertarians I respect are deserving of yours as well. I will call this group Misesian Libertarians.... [Read More]


You Should be Worried About a COVID-19 Vaccine

I want to begin this by emphasizing that I am not an anti-vaccer. I have had vaccines my whole life, from my childhood vaccines to the germ martini cooked up by the U.S. Navy during bootcamp. However, I will go on the record and say that failure to provide me 100 percent full transparency into the COVID-19 vaccine that is being worked on at this very moment will force me into refusal of taking it. Now, I am not a doctor and I am not a scientist, but I understand certain things like slight of hand and euphemism. I just competed four years of law school where they teach you how to manipulate language to meet your desired goal, so when I see medical “experts” saying certain things that really have no meaning, my Spidey-sense begins to tingle.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Out in Palo Alto, California, a bioengineering lab is using CRISPR technology to develop a genetically modified approach to fighting COVID-19. CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats and “is a family of DNA sequences found in the genomes of prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria and archaea.” What this bioengineering lab is using it for is to “attack the coronavirus by directing a Crispr (sic) torpedo at it, attacking the virus’s genetic makeup that allows it to penetrate human cells and then use the cell’s machinery to self-replicate.” The method by which this lab is deploying this “torpedo” is called PAC-MAN, which stands for Prophylactic Antiviral Crispr in huMAN cells. Yes, it is easy to miss but what these scientists want to do is genetically modify you to implant an unnatural means of fighting COVID-19. It is in the early phases of research and none of the lab rats behind this PAC-MAN have actually tested it on actual COVID-19, but they are pressing forward as hard as they can to meet the desired deployment time period of Spring 2021. One of the areas in which they are having trouble is “deploying” it. What is meant by “deploy” in this sense is injecting into humans.... [Read More]


Last Night’s Call Touched on Some Great Music

If you weren’t able to tune in to the La RAMU last night, you missed a pretty good, if too brief, discussion about musicians paying homage to other musicians. Up first, is a tribute to George Harrison featuring a slew of Rock stars. Among them is the best stage performing rock star ever, Prince. The song these folks do is While My Guitar Gently Weeps (which also happens to be the only good song from the Beatles), and there is a reason why they waited until the end to feature Prince.

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While Pelosi Wants You to Eat Cake, Rubio Just Wants to Set Things Up

The recently passed CARES Act has turned out to be a prime example of what is wrong with Washington D.C.’s consensus party made up of the political leadership of both parties. When people claim that both parties are the same, it usually gets tisk-tisked by people pointing out trans-bathrooms, rainbow marriages, and just the sheer debauching of culture in general that serves as the divergence between the parties. However, when it comes to issues that actually get taken seriously in the Congress, there is absolutely zero difference. What are these issues that I speak of? First and foremost, war. Second, financial corporatism. And the CARES Act proves it.

Among the many items within the CARES Act is a provision that was supposed to assist small businesses suffering a tremendous loss with the statewide lockdowns. According to Forbes, “$350 billion is being dedicated to preventing layoffs and business closures while workers have to stay home during the outbreak. Companies with 500 employees or fewer that maintain their payroll during coronavirus can receive up to 8 weeks of cash-flow assistance. If employers maintain payroll, the portion of the loans used for covered payroll costs, interest on mortgage obligations, rent, and utilities would be forgiven.” (Emphasis added.) The ceiling for this assistance was 500 employees. Anything above that would not qualify as a “small business.” Furthermore, businesses above 500 employees had access to a separate fund to keep them afloat. Again from Forbes: “$500 billion will be allotted to provide loans, loan guarantees, and other investments, these will be overseen by a Treasury Department inspector general. These loans will not exceed five years and cannot be forgiven. Airlines will receive $50 billion (of the $500 billion) for passenger air carriers, and $8 billion for cargo air carriers.” However, Forbes leaves this key piece of information out of its write-up of the CARES Act.... [Read More]