John Roberts Facilitates Stolen Election

John Roberts joined the three remaining Commies on the Bench to allow for election ballots with NO post-mark to be counted three days after the election. I have been saying that the Dems will know how many “votes” they need over the course of three to ten days after the election, and here is Roberts backing me up with his gutless ruling.

Folks, you are going to be governed by the approved people even if it means complete destruction of whatever was left of our republic. Never again, will we be allowed to choose someone who does not come from the ranks of the political class. Open rigging of the election and yet we still sit on our hands. Whatever, I am going to be able to make some money as a lawyer in this stupid system we have allowed them to construct so let’s just get this over with.... [Read More]


Stepping Into History to Escape the Present

After a few short months, I find that my family’s move to Delaware has been a blessing beyond belief. My wife and I have spent the past decade and a half in and around the Washington D.C. area. We experienced the night life there, the work life there, the traffic, and buying and selling a house in the D.C. area. My memories of D.C. are 1) in general terms and 2) in personal terms. Generally speaking, D.C. is full of people who are not genuine. The majority there are folks who, upon meeting them, are sizing you up to see if you can boost their career as a bureaucrat or within the National Security State. Admittedly, in my early days in D.C. I was one of these types, but, as my desire to continue on in pursuit of government employment in the intelligence community died off, the realization hit me that most people in that town acquire friends in the same manner that normal people might acquire work experience as a resume enhancer.

Personally, there are a handful of real genuine people. These folks have no interest in what you are or what school you went to outside of knowing about you the person. Our handful of friends from D.C. did not speak of their jobs in terms of “look at me” but more in terms that I think we can all relate: the joys, the BS, the mundane. At the end of the day, most of our D.C. friends have left or are seriously contemplating how to leave the city. Which brings me back to our move to Delaware.... [Read More]


After Last Night’s Debacle, I think It’s Fitting

The sentiment I have in light of how Trump got coaxed into confirming what the Left has been saying he is these past three years–an unhinged hothead–leaves me with the urge to share with you “Dandy” Don Meredith’s singing the curtain closing song for Western Civilization. Sorry folks, it was a great run.


Why It Is So Important to Think Locally and Act Locally

There is little doubt that most of us find ourselves fretting every two years about national elections without giving much thought about the local elections down the ballot. We consume ourselves with who will be Speaker or Senate Majority Leader or President. We think of the many possibilities that a win or loss will have for “future of our country,” and, thus, turn every two years into the “most important election of our lifetime.” However, if you really want to know why much of what we have seen since May has transpired, I think you will find that it is because in many areas we failed to see the snakes in the grass that were put there down ballot. Over at The American Conservative, Pat Nolan has a great piece explaining the situation in a handful of cities and why they are going down the toilet. We have got to be more informed about those who have direct political control over us, because at the end of the day, it is at the local level where we are tyrannized or liberated.

Beware of George Soros’ Trojan Horse Prosecutors... [Read More]


Calling Mike LaRoche

As we all know, sports in the United States have become just another political advertisement for the Left in recent years. It is so bad that many of us die hards who love the sports we love have decided that it is healthier for us to completely walk away than it is to endure the nonstop crap fed to us by the powers that be in the NCAA, MLB, and NFL.

What they cannot, ever tamper with is the past, and luckily the same people who have ruined sports in the present day have preserved for us sports for all-time without the Leftist swill. So for you Mike LaRoche, I give you 1995 Texas Tech vs the A&M Aggies in Lubbock, TX. You will notice one RC Slocum on the sidelines for the Aggies.... [Read More]


It Is Finally Happening

Yesterday a federal judge in New York ordered that deposition testimony of Jeffrey Epstein mistress and co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell, be unsealed and available to the public. There are a couple of interesting observations from the story to which I have linked. First, the headline says “Maxwell documents” leading one to think that there is no legal significance to them, i.e., that they cannot be used for evidentiary purposes. However, if you read into the story, you will find that these “documents” are really over 400 pages of deposition testimony, which can be used as evidence either to impeach a witness or for substantive purposes, such as statements of an opposing party. Furthermore, the deposition was given in a civil case that pertains to the exact same facts and circumstances from which Maxwell’s criminal trial arose, so, again, these “documents” can be offered as evidence. And one last thing before moving to point number two: depositions are given under oath before a court reporter and judge. This is what gets them over the hump of being merely hearsay.

Second, the stories–at least as the New York Post presents them–are in a slow, drip, drip style. This means that if you do not follow all of the stories released by the Post, you are likely not going to see the ones that detail who was participating in what. Here is an example: the story that I linked to above only mentions Prince Andrew and nothing more. However, the Post also has stories about Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz, but you are not going to see this unless you follow the story line, as laid out by the Post, down the rabbit hole.... [Read More]


Why Republicans Suck

It is not enough that the GOP has to always oversee massive expansions of the general government’s budget. It is that when they craft spending bills–with money we do not have–they always find a way to give it to the military even when the purpose of the spending has zero, ziltch, nada to do with the military. The GOP is going to get destroyed this November and part of that reason is going to be because people like me are fed up. I am in their natural constituency group. I am someone who wants less federal government and more individual autonomy. But all I ever get from them is more government, albeit at slightly slower pace that the Dems, and no spending cuts. Yet every two years, they make “balancing the budget” an “issue” for the voters and push all the blame on Democrats. Well their credibility is shot. For those who are not like me, how can they talk about cutting budgets of social programs when they continuously shovel billions into the Pentagon furnace? And for folks like me, shoveling those billions into that furnace means that, even if there were cuts in social programs, that money would likely be shifted to largest welfare program in the history of man: the U.S. military.

Surprise! $29.4B in Pentagon Pork Tucked into GOP Relief Bill... [Read More]


The Strings That Pull You

It is time to face one serious fact: there is a cabal of powerful individuals who are well placed in our society that attempt to control how you live your life and they do it for their own benefit. In an age where Catholic priests (along with other formerly respected positions of authority) can diddle little children and face scant punishment and power elites can be involved with the sex trafficking (Epstein anyone?) of minors and face no scrutiny, the idea that we, the “little people,” are not being played by those who hold every single lever of power in our society is just no longer credible. Now, our latest example of “Wake the eff up America!!!” is this episode yesterday involving actual doctors going to Washington D.C. to tell people that there is no reason to fear this stupid virus that has spent the last five months making all of  our lives miserable. What happened? Well they simply stated that they have treated COVID patients with a very inexpensive, damned near over the counter drug that has basically cured them of COVID. And then the powerful began pulling on the strings of the marionettes in the media and the big tech industries resulting in this episode of the doctors being removed from all social media–and I would guess all network television too.

Infuriating? Most certainly. There is nothing more infuriating than knowing that someone is abusing power that negatively impacts you while knowing there is not one single thing you can do about it. Oh sure, we can all go to the little alternative sources that allow us to share this type of information with the 15 other people on these platforms, but in a country of 330 million people where some 175 million of those people vote and decide your political leadership, the impact of these alternative platforms is no more effective than you standing on top of the Empire State Building and screaming into the wind that Mises was right. Society is actively being shaped by a small cabal that has control over these various avenues of information and they are manipulating a sizable portion of the population. But why?... [Read More]


Money Talks

In this piece from the American Conservative, we are treated to the list of mega-monied folks who have brought transgenderism from a fledgling political idea to the massive war hammer it is today. You might notice that many of them have ties to Big Pharma. It leads me to wonder, what if this indulgence of deranged people and the subsequent encouragement of children to mutilate their natural bodies was a ploy just to make money? We are living in some very evil times folks.

How LGBT Nonprofits and Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping the World... [Read More]