End the Left, with Ignominy

Moo U is my undergrad alma mater.  It gleefully abused furiously recruited  space alien-smart out-of-state students.  It was a giant in chemistry, physics, and computer science – fueled by those it administratively despised.  MSU is now a diversity hellhole, presumably with feelings.  Erode into the Red Sewer River, Moo U.  You couldn’t drown us all, and still can’t.

On Steve Hsu and the Campaign to Thwart Free Inquiry... [Read More]


Effect and Cause

The Left always loudly condemns others for what the Left in fact executes as policy.  Therefore… China ex post facto infected the Wuhan Wet Market to prove that it was the zoonotic  source and not Wuhan research lab the industrial source.  The Sverdlosk anthrax spore dispersion pattern made sense – wind.  The Wuhan Wet Market makes no sense at all for having no dispersion pattern at all – wind, drainage, sewage, roads, trains.

pathology dispersion pattern
Wind dispersion pattern


Pancake Make Up


AUNT JEMIMA DEAD! The fat mammy with a do-rag who was liberated into a slim Black activist community leader was found stomped in her Hillsborough. CA estate this morning, an apparent suicide. White racist oppressor Quaker Foods embraces her granddaughter, strong Lesbian pegger-who-matters Shashaquua “Itchy” Jemima, to carry on the brand.... [Read More]


Quota-Abusive Racism

2Black 2Be aAllowed
Overreaching malignant racism

Dear Reader will surmise that some decoration has been added to the original now exposed racial quota article.  The only chemical employments for US BS/Chem not fluent in Chinese are hand sanitizer and crystal meth.  Earn an MBA and you are the slave master not the slave…if you are six feet tall or taller.


A Vote for Civilization

I had a cataract surgically removed yesterday, replaced with a Bausch & Lomb model MX60E enVista intraocular lens.    The 30 minute procedure is anointed with happy juice.  Wake up, look through the room.  It is transformative.  If you are 60 or older, you are past your sell-by date.

I was Senior Research Scientist / material and process at two IOL manufacturers.  We were very good indeed.  Current plain vanilla IOLS are beyond anything we imagined.  The fancy ones are Sales and Marketing hallucinations, SOP.  Buyer beware.... [Read More]



“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.  Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984.

Conservatives denounce actions, Liberals denounce people.  The Right targets radical behavior, the Left butchers political opposition.  Simple as that.  Those who trade freedom for security shall have neither.


Political Endeavor

Physics Today 73(5) 22 (2020),  p. 26: “NIH spent $700 million in the past 20 years to study SARS and MERS.  And we have no antiviral, no antibodies, no vaccine for SARS and MERS.”  NIH, CDC…the vast Federal alphabet soup of incompetence, diversity, guaranteed employment, and suborning extortion  will defeat the Wuhan virus (or maybe snuggle with it).

The NIH Bethesda campus is expansive and truly beautiful  It hosts a Brobdingnagian punctiliously managed administratively disgorged nihility.  More studies are needed.... [Read More]


I Can Play That Game

Able Lives Matter.
White Lives Matter.
Gifted Lives Matter.
Citizen Lives Matter.
Taxpayer Lives Matter.
Homeowner Lives Matter.
Saluting the Flag Matters.
Heterosexual Lives Matter.
Respecting the police Matters.
Standing for the National Anthem Matters.
Treating veterans with honor and medical care Matters.

Strive for intellectual puberty, crush your enemies, then date.
“…it is not right that matters, but victory.”... [Read More]