Soviet of California gaslights 2020 election

Soviet of California Senate Bill 739 (Elections):
… Amend Elections code
… You may return your voted ballot by mailing it to your county elections official;
… Vote-by-mail ballots that are mailed must be postmarked on or before [03 November 2020]Election Day and received by your county elections office no later than 17 days after Election Day.... [Read More]


‘Burn Congress down’
… “SCOTUS battle prompts threats, calls for arson: ‘Burn Congress down'”

Hey there Nasty Pelosi, RED TERROR is a premutation not a combination. The order matters:
… 1) Pillage
… 2) Plunder
… 3) Rape
… 4) THEN burn.
I would not trust DemSoc with a wooden bar of soap.


New Supreme Court nominee nuked!

Democrats today disclosed that Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court has been outed by reputable anonymous whistle blowers for having engaged in psychopolitical invalidity, ideologized reality, dialogic praxis, gnostical turpitude, behavioral economics, marginalized subjectivity, pleonasm with underage males, and moral protuberance.

Senator Stuck Schumer (D-Pouch of Douglas) declaimed, “Until Trump’s nominee is convicted of these high crimes, we will not know what they are.”


DemSoc Sedition

Strip, clean, and reassemble your weapons.  It’s clobbering time.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Sides with Democrats: Mail-In Ballot Deadline Extended 3 Days After Election

Voting is meaningless
                                            Borderless, timeless, unbounded voting,


Harris-Biden precedent

¡Warning! NSFW, filthy, salacious, anti-American negritudinal Latinx wannabe Slo’ Joe gets down wid it.  Unnamed witnesses, I saw the video, it must be true.  (¿No había un perro llamado “Todos” en El Mago de Rezumar?)

Wuhan vaccination

As thermonuclear medico-politico-industrial horror larceny proceeds, we wonder “in what shall the double-dose vaccine ship?”  The standard is medical-grade borosilicate (no internal microspalling re injection). Consider  minimum 600 million vials.  At 20 grams each, that would be 12,ooo tonnes of fabricated borosilicate glass plus cull, trim, and processing downstream.

Imagine the carbon footprint – and ever so special Enviro-taxes thereupon, reallocation to crack vials,  then hysterical tirades of whales being blasted from the seas by ingestion.  Trump did it.... [Read More]


DemSoc unity


Democrat Socialism
            Transformative Democrat Socialism

False News is Demsoc’s Lysenko refuting Age of Enlightenment genes and chromosomes with Intelligent Design.  False news is Truth everlasting shot from a muzzle – ceaseless, boundless,  timeless, and ever self-perfecting moment to moment within an eternal NOW.  The Earth is flat and kind.... [Read More]


Canadian Healthcare

Free Canadian healthcare costs Canadian money to make it happen at all.  There’s a queue.    Cataract out/IOL in is a 30 minute surgical procedure.  Eyes are done on consecutive weeks.  In the Soviet of California, total cost is low five figures.  If you were clever with your insurance, net about $30 (antibiotic and steroid eyedrops).  From diagnostic tests to pre-op happy juice is less than a month – or my ophthalmologist starts from scratch.  Let’s try BC, Canada.
… Cases waiting as of Jul 31, 2020: 22,994
… 90% of cases completed within 43.1 weeks... [Read More]



Southern California is under a high thick pall of smoke from summed 70 years of Smokey the Bear preventing little forest fires. It’s great! What would be relentless skin-searing heat is spring cool. The pale pink light does wonders for women’s skin displays. I suddenly support massive Eco-geoengineering to save the Earth from Global Warming by creating a cooling stratospheric white reflective layer of sulfuric acid mist encasing our planet. It works for Venus, doesn’t it?

1) Transport planetary masses of liquefied (-10 °C) SO2 into the meso-stratosphere about 8 miles in altitude, presumably using battery-powered supertanker planes or ground laser-powered rockets. Then, spontaneous oxidation. SO2 is 50 wt-% oxygen, suggesting a certain inefficiency of cost versus net delivery.... [Read More]


Kancel Kulture

  1. Kill your past, kill your present, kill your future.
  2. Kill your governance, kill your competition, kill your parents.
  3. Save the Earth.

The USSR gulag system had apparatchik managers drunk in their dachas, the most violent criminals in Russia in administrative charge, and 20 million political prisoners free of return tickets. Canada has 38 million people begging for Supreme Control – less a quarter million dissenters to be detained – and they will get it, [Read More]


You are too beautiful, my dear, to be true

Empirically deeply qualified academic admissions candidates can now be deeply failed, without examination, by algorithm and “virtual” grading.  The system is displayed as being imperfect for allowing the disgraced example to keep the ñ in her surname.  Rip out that tilde, that scarlet letter!

... [Read More]


Social science

MOFs flop
Trained seal plus ball.

Management tells science what to discover and how to discover it.          Social Justice tells science to go to Hell.  Same destination, quicker arrival.

“To date, applications of MOFs in use and under investigation include microelectronics, fuel storage – including hydrogen storage, CO2 capture, catalysis, absorption of pollutants, water desalination, drug delivery and protein encapsulation”


“Bright Boy” alert
California Braces for More Rolling Blackouts

“Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) lacked capacity in the late afternoon and early evening. Part of the problem was attributed to the lack of available solar and wind power” It’s the Officially first time the sun has set on the Soviet of California’s Green New Swindle, except for all the priors.... [Read More]


Möbius failure

The other side of social collapse is social collapse. The highest ranks of Princeton University cannot write a literate URL. It is both turgidly steatopygian and wholly vacuous. (Dark energy?} [Read More]


Guard your childen

The Soviet of California has put a positive end to child molestation.  It is now legislated OK…but only if it is biblically forbidden.
… “California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for [debauched] with Willing Children”... [Read More]