Showdown over Trade and Immigration!

As impeachment moves to the Senate, Mitch McConnell gets to play to his strength. I have often speculated regarding why certain Senate Republican Committee  Chairmen behave in the ways they do. Richard Burr and Lindsey Graham come to mind with regard to their actions, or lack thereof, as the schemes to unseat President Trump were carried out. This could be interesting.

The Senate and Impeachment Dynamic…


How Will the Truth Be Known?

Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested – And Why UK Officials Obliged…

This is the latest analysis of what is known according to Sundance. Will we ever know for certain what the truth is? William Barr and John Durham have been noted to be two of the most trustworthy and unbiased federal attorneys. Some change over time has been noted in the views of Democrats. What will they deliver?


What’s Up?

Incredible – FBI Blocking Release of Unredacted Text Messages Between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok…

That’s the headline at for the story. It’s hard to believe there is a capability of resistance strong enough to do this. There must be several really big swamp creatures from both political parties being protected from exposure. I’m thinking the Senate Intel Committee must be a big player here.

I rack my brain in an attempt to reveal some rationale for why this exposure is not moving forward. The President has the authority to order this to happen and it has been reported that he has delegated this authority to the Attorney General. Devin Nunes has already stated publicly that FBI Director Wray and FBI Legal Counsel Dana Boente should face criminal referrals. And that would open inquiries into the coverups related to the Senate Intel Committee Chairman Burr and Vice-Chairman Warner. I suppose there are special considerations related to bringing criminal charges against sitting members of Congress, so maybe that complicates matters.... [Read More]


Islam as Political Ideology

Jeff Carlson, whose website is, has a post that describes his thoughts on American Nationism

In his list, there is an item where he says Islam is an Ideology. I happen to agree with his thought here and that means that in my mind I cannot accord the practice of Islam the same standing as other religions since my view of religion is that it must be separate and distinct from government.... [Read More]


Democrats Have No Intention to Govern

This background material makes it clear that all the focus by the Democrats on removing President Trump from office was set in motion even before he was elected. I would be interested in some analysis that examines whether or not there is actual criminal activity involved in this process. It is justified to pursue constitutionally supported impeachment where warranted. Is it also okay to plot an approach designed to generate an atmosphere within which an opposition political party expends almost all its available legislative effort to manufacture ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ in order to then pursue impeachment?

I posted this at the other place. I’m really interested if we have any lawyers with some knowledge of how far people with influence within existing government ranks can go in attempting a coup d’etat before their acts are already criminal.


Major Universities in Scandal

Isn’t it fun to watch all these ‘important’ universities in criminal bribery and money-laundering scandals? Oh, I’m sorry if any of you have students there, (I have a Masters Degree from Georgetown U.) or if any of you are employed there, but they seem so deserving and it looks as if it could get much worse if cases go to trial.


Why am I Never Uncomfortable with Views Expressed by this Democrat?

Mark Penn: Trump is not a dictator, Nadler is. Our political system is being weaponized against itself

Mark Penn, a long time Democrat strategist, pollster, and publicist who has always worked for the Clinton presidential campaigns, invariably gains my attention when interviewed.

Last time I saw him he stated the above opening and suggested that we should close the book on the Mueller probe and on the Clinton email probe as well. He did not say that the Attorney General’s inquiry into the predicate leading to the opening of the FBI counter-intelligence investigation resulting in the FISA warrants, supported by the ‘Steele Dossier’,  to surveil Carter Page,  the Trump Campaign, and related matters should be ended. That inquiry is more concerned with abuse of power within our law enforcement and intelligence agencies than with politics and Penn supports it.... [Read More]


Role of the Executive

I was amused today when AG William Barr was, in effect, being chastised by a congresswoman for the DoJ’s failure to defend what remains of Obamacare. I interpret the POTUS oath of office to say ‘faithfully execute the office (I take to mean including the statutory law) and preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution’.  Looks like DoJ is doing all of that.


Immunity for Assange?

This is from the New York Times:

A prosecution of Mr. Assange could pit the interests of the administration against Mr. Trump’s. Mr. Assange could help answer the central question of the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III: whether any Trump associates conspired with Russia to interfere in the presidential race. If the case against Mr. Assange includes charges that he acted as an agent of a foreign power, anyone who knowingly cooperated with him could be investigated as a co-conspirator, former senior law-enforcement officials said.... [Read More]


Influential Friends

Over the past few years it was apparent that Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham stood together on many significant political issues. Many might use even stronger terms to describe their political affiliation.

John McCain passed in August, this year. He was an avowed opponent of President Donald Trump and did all he could to thwart Trump’s presidency. And Lindsey Graham didn’t seem far away from McCain in those days.... [Read More]


President Trump and Political Corruption?

I have a question on this topic. I’m almost certain this was a major influence on Donald Trump’s decision to enter the political fray. There have been some mentions by his opponents about corruption in his administration but anything in that area takes a backseat to accusations of racism and other ism’s. My specific question: Can anyone name a specific politician that would fit as someone the President was closely associated with before his entry into the 2016 campaign. I know he made political contributions but can anyone single out any made for favorable actions, in other words, for acts beyond just policies that Trump wanted to support or to make sure he would be heard if he had an issue?