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where [id] is the ID of the comment?v... [Read More]


How can the people on the right still be OK with the Mueller Investigation?


The Muller witch hunt did its level best to destroy lives just to get at Trump. David French defended Muller. Come to think of it, a lot of people on the right did.... [Read More]


George Conway is “unfaithful” to his wife

No one would even listen to what George Conway said if his wife were not loyal too and working for Trump. As such, to trade on that marriage to trash Trump is to be unfaithful to the spirit of that union.

It is funny, that the same people who complain about Trump cheating on his wife (still not technically proven, but let’s let that slide), these are the same people who have not a word to say about George Conway and his disrespect for his own wife.... [Read More]


Labors in the Afternoon

Labors in the Afternoon

The height of a Man’s Labor comes in the Afternoon.
Morning’s running gait gives way
to the slow, sure steps of diligence.
He wipes his brow, feeling the waning sun,
its waxing heat, and brilliant light.
Morning’s promises are burned away
forging what tasks remain, chosen and unchosen.
Stooping and sighing, (while no one is looking), his eyes
gaze West, and he feels the Truth of Evening:
Many tasks of Morning will go unfinished ere the failing of the light.
Standing straight, he lays aside tools unneeded and
takes ones not touched since sunrise.
In the Afternoon, he will do what can be done,
accepting Wisdoms not seen in the Dawn.
His chores are not less; he will yet sweat and strain.
But a song escapes his lips, and he feels alive again,
as he Labors in the Afternoon.... [Read More]


Why I am grateful for the Reformation and Martin Luther

We have just had a big thread about the Catholic Church and it has brought something into focus for me. I do not believe the modern world would have happened without the Reformation. The Catholic Church supported Monarchy, centralized control, and a few men accumulating power.

As conservatives we talk about Scottish and French Enlightenments. Well, one was in a Catholic country and one was not. We know how they turned out. Northern Europe, with its Protestant Work Ethic has long been less corrupt in function that Southern, Catholic, Europe. Capitalism as we understand it was born in Northern Europe, with the Dutch, and later spread to England. Would a Catholic England have taken it up?... [Read More]