I remember when…

I like to tell my kids about how loose things were when I was growing up. My sister and her husband like these little vignettes too. They are ten years younger than me, and a lot of laws/customs changed by the time they got older. Because things are so much different today (and have been for quite some time), they all get a kick out of the following.

Open containers of alcohol in the car. I remember my dad asking his wife to make him a “roadie,” which was their word for a cocktail in a plastic tumbler. They would make their roadies and drink them in the car when taking us out to dinner or going other places in the evenings. Seemed perfectly normal at the time.... [Read More]


The Screwtape Letters

The Screwtape Letters, by CS Lewis

Have you ever read The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis? I’ve read the whole thing a couple times. The audio version, which is brilliantly narrated by John Cleese, is also available on Youtube. I’ve listened to that as well.

In this book, Lewis created a character called Screwtape who is the uncle of a junior tempter named Wormwood. They are both demons, in the traditionally Christian sense. The setting is entirely Christian, but from a demonic point of view. Screwtape has some position of authority within the demon hierarchy, “an under-secretary of a department.” The nephew has been assigned to tempt a young man so that he ends up in hell. Screwtape writes letters to his nephew containing instructions and advice towards that end, and he does this as both an uncle and as an under-secretary.... [Read More]


Won’t you be my neighbor?

Did any of you see the Mr. Rogers movie with Tom Hanks? It wasn’t really even about Mr. Rogers. It was about a man who interviewed him for Esquire magazine in about 1998, and is based on that story. I made sure I had tissues in my purse because I suspected I’d need them, and sure enough I did. Reminded me of me when my life was a lot more simple, before it got really complex and lonely. The main character undergoes some spiritual and emotional growth as a result of spending time with Rogers. It’s a good story, wholesome and true.

Anyway, did you see it? Did you like it?... [Read More]


Epoch Times interview with Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute

This Epoch Times interview with Steve Mosher is worth watching. Among other things, Mosher describes some of the organ harvesting practices in China that use advanced medical technology to keep people’s bodies alive for extended periods, while killing their brains. VERY DISTURBING.

... [Read More]


I have seen too much to ever leave the Catholic Church

This morning I was reading over at the other place, as I do from time to time. I read Brian Watt’s post, The Church’s Ongoing Gay Orgy, and the first page of the comments. The first comment was Bryan’s, and he proposed a solution to the gay-clergy crisis:

The laity should abandon the church. Stop giving money. Leave it. Only that will force it to change. It was so 500 years ago.... [Read More]


Detective time: can you find the lie?

I came across this New York Times article about abortion and wanted to show it to you. It is by somebody named Cindi Leivi and it is called, “Let’s Talk About My Abortion (and Yours).”

If you like playing detective, I’d like you to read it, and to try to find the lie that I see. The lie I’m referring to is a big lie, actually, but if you’re not paying attention you might breeze right past it. So think carefully as you read. I will put the lie below. Here is a hint: it appears in the first half of the essay. Continue reading “Detective time: can you find the lie?”


President Trump delivers on pro-life promise, but needs our help

RE: diversion of Title X funding from Planned Parenthood to health clinics that don’t perform abortions. From the National Catholic Register:

“On May 18 the Trump Administration proposed new rules that would direct taxpayer funding away from abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood. In proposing the new rules to the Title X family planning program, President Trump has delivered on a key promise to pro-life voters who worked to elect him.... [Read More]


Plug for my book

I read Scott Wilmot’s essay today over at R. He wrote about an incident at a Catholic college, where one of the students was harassed and intimidated “‘for affirming on a bulletin board the truth and beauty of marriage according to nature, the Church, and Jesus Christ.'” It is outrageous and deeply troubling that such a thing would happen at a Catholic school. It is not the first time this sort of thing has happened at a Catholic school, I fully realize. But I am always shocked when it does.

During the marriage wars that raged online before Obergefell, the most popular argument my side put forward is known as the complementarity argument. I won’t go into its details since readers here probably already know what it is. I think it is a fine argument, but it has a weakness. It requires those on the opposing side to accept a presupposition that they have already rejected. They have already rejected the idea that sex differences matter (of course, they are not consistent in that rejection, but that is basically what they say they believe). So to rely on an argument that requires them to accept sex differences as a legitimate phenomenon may have been asking too much.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-01-16: Higher education as an older adult

I started my bachelor’s right out of high school, but dropped out in my second year (I’ve written about why over at R and won’t go into the details now).

For decades, the fact that I didn’t finish always lingered in the back of my mind.  It bothered me a lot, and try as I could, I just couldn’t let it go. So in 2010, I began working on it again, and worked on it off and on until finishing it in 2016. I have a BSBA from Edison State University (with a concentration in accounting).... [Read More]


TOTD 2018/01/11: Googling for ancestors

I have a couple recent ancestors that I can find mentions of online. I like this because they died before the explosion of the internet.

My great-grandmother was the executive director for the Easter Seals of California in the 1960s. I can find references to her name in various Easter Seal documents and newspaper articles. For a number of years, the Easter Seals also gave an annual volunteer award in her name, and there are mentions of people who received that award.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018/01/09: Chicken Pot Pie for dinner tonight!

I just love a good chicken pot pie. I used to make them pretty regularly when my kids were little. For a long time I made them with pie crusts, which is the normal way most people make them. At first I bought the pie crusts, but after some time I taught myself how to make them from scratch. They are not hard to make at all, and are much better than the store bought crusts. Cheaper too, which matters when you’re raising three kids and don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around.

One day I came across a different recipe, and my world has never been the same. Instead of pie crusts, this recipe called for biscuits on top. Oh my. Sooo gooood.... [Read More]