Welcoming John Yoo into the fold…

Former anti-Trumper John Yoo sees the light:

“His many personal and professional flaws, including his bankruptcies, sexual scandals, crude and cruel language, repelled me. I saw him as a populist, even a demagogue, who had not prepared for the heavy responsibilities of the presidency…. My study of the separation of powers, and my time in the three branches of government, led me to worry that Trump would test, evade, or even violate the Constitution….”... [Read More]


Wrongful Convictions – A podcast you should be listening to

Here’s a weekly podcast featuring individuals who have been unjustly imprisoned and later found not guilty.  In some cases, they were in prison for decades.  In a few cases they were facing execution.

If you were disturbed by “Making a Murderer”, these stories will make your blood boil.  Search for “Wrongful Convictions” in your podcast player, or listen online at their website.... [Read More]