There was a strange occurrence on the site.

Someone with the avatar name, “So I was bangen’ this Supreme Court Clerk from BKK, Thailand when all of a sudden…” was on the site. Clearly this someone was wanting to spam the site therefore I marked the account as such. I will also delete the group this person made.


Candace Owens Gets Suspended From Twitter

Candace Owens was suspended for 12 hours for unspecified reasons. The guess is she reversed colors from white to black on prior tweets by the new New York Times writer, Sarah Jeong. Candace Owens has 663,000 followers that were denied her tweets. If it was for political reasons and allowing only one side privileges that the other side doesn’t have will hurt our democracy. ... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-8-5: Olympic Joke

I was reminded of the wonderful jokes that razzed a particular country. The punchline always surprised and caused a chuckle. How about we steal and make that country Ratburgia?

This will be an old joke so I will pick an old Olympics. There was a Swede, a Frenchman, and a Ratburgian who wanted to go to the LA Olympics but they had no money. The Swede said, “I’ve got an idea. We will get in as athletes.” The Frenchman went, “Oui, oui.” The Ratburgian squeaked and nodded.... [Read More]


Texty Logo Contest (Thanks to Haakon)

Haakon put up a post that had a good idea, what is the best texty logo for Unfortunately, the post went a different direction so this is a second try.

His logo was this, (>R<).  I will put this in comment #1. Click like to vote for it. I will put others in other comments to “vote” on.  Please add your one if you have one.


What is Ratburger?

“What is Ratburger?” is a good question but it was not high on the priority list when we started. The big thing was just to see if something would work. John got the site up on his test domain. And it just so happened his test domain name was My first thought was “RATBURGER.ORG?!!!!” (I often think in capital letters with four exclamation points.) Then I realized the name was in line or is it online with my thinking. I wanted something memorable and down to earth. Something with a smirk and fun in it. Well, it does that, doesn’t it?

I have talked to John on a conference call weekly for a few years. (It is rumored he used to have a full head of hair before he started talking to me.) I got to know him so I knew a site done with him would be technically good and be interesting. He has always been open to the ideas of others and even has some ideas of his own.... [Read More]


Finding the Right Word

I know there are some writers on this site. Or should I say scribblers lurking? I am Dime and I am not very bright. You might say lacking in luminescence. I digress or in other words I am off track again. Well I am trying to find the right word. But I might be just searching for it. How does one look for the right lingo? You know, pick the proper vocabulary. Or sling the slang at the target audience. Do I want a tetragrammaton or something polysyllabic? Do I go for the Germanic word or the Latin one? Is it best to copy or plagiarize? Do I quote or cite? I am asking for help. Or is it requiring for aid? It’s not that I am ignorant for I don’t know what that word means. If you would be so kind and suggest helpful ways. In other words those truly challenged in cruelty and impatience kick in some light bulbs. If you have an Edison, type.