A Problem with Trump’s Campaign Messaging

Despite Trump wanting to make this election about Joe Biden, his dementia/fitness for office, and his corruption, every election for an incumbent is a referendum on the incumbent’s performance. Setting aside everything else from the last four years, the current situation with riots and vandalism going unaddressed presents a serious problem for the Trump campaign.  Regardless of whether you think Trump should be stepping in and acting with force or not, his messaging is out of step with his actions, and he is creating a vulnerable point by doing so.

Trump has been tweeting “Law and order!” over the last few weeks and declaring himself to be the law and order President. There is clearly a breakdown in law and order right now while he is President, and nothing is being done about it. This creates the problem: if he can’t or won’t enforce law and order right now while he’s already President, why should we re-elect him to enforce law and order? What will change by re-electing him? Why should we who support him, or more importantly swing voters, expect anything other than more of the same?... [Read More]


VDH on the Origins of Our Second Civil War

I found this passage from Hanson’s latest essay particularly insightful:

Religious and spiritual reawakening is crucial. The masters of the universe of Silicon Valley did not, as promised, bring us new-age tranquility, but rather only greater speed and intensity to do what we always do. Trolling, doxing, and phishing were just new versions of what Jesus warned about in the Sermon on the Mount. Spiritual transcendence is the timeless water of life; technology is simply the delivery pump. We confused the two. That water can be delivered ever more rapidly does not mean it ever changes its essence. High tech has become the great delusion.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-5-12: To Know and Be Known

A recently released song by two dead men has been weighing on my mind since it came out. The song is entitled “You Never Knew My Mind” off the new anthology album Forever Words. The album consists of songs that were originally poems written by Johnny Cash and adapted into songs by various artists at the request of the Cash family. This particular song was done by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame.

... [Read More]


The Continued Decay of National Review

For a magazine which claims to be the voice of conservatism, it becomes less and less obvious what they’re trying to conserve beyond their own positions as pliant suck-ups to the Left at cocktail parties. The latest inanity, https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/05/transgenderism-compromise-necessary-to-preserve-social-order/ reinforces the belief I made a good decision canceling my subscription years ago.


VDH on the different strains of populism

Excellent new article from Victor Davis Hanson on the varying, classical historical origins of populism and how they manifest themselves still today. Always appreciate his takes when they incorporate a long-term view encompassing antiquity to show humanity faces the same problems continually throughout history.


Tax Relief Already Taking Effect

Get ready for more good news. I just got my pay stub for this week’s check, and federal tax withholding went down $50. That’s going to give me $100-$150 extra a month net (depending on whether it’s a 2 or 3 paycheck month). Pace elitist politicians and media, that’s a significant bump for me with no change to my salary. These are the concrete numbers you’re going to start seeing as people begin getting paid under the new rates in the coming weeks. #MAGA


The Old Dominion Goes Old School Election

The Virginia House of Delegates has been decided by drawing a name from a bowl.  Wildest election I’ve seen. Democrats flipped a number of seats pulling into a virtual tie with it sitting at 50-49 pending the outcome of district 94. Yancey (R) initially won by 10 votes. Simonds (D) won the recount by one vote. Yancey filed a legal motion to include a disputed vote which a three-judge panel agreed with making the race a tie. Under VA law, the winner was then decided by random, in this case drawing the names out of a bowl. Of course, now Democrats are being their normal hypocritical selves going from “every vote counts” when they thought they won to “that vote shouldn’t count” when it cost them the election.  It’s about as hypocritical as their crying about gerrymandering when they practiced it for decades when they ran the commonwealth (and still practice it where they’re in power in other states).


As the Vote Turns

Lost amid all the other news recently, is that VA still hasn’t certified all of the Commonwealth’s state races due to a number of races requiring recounts.  The 94th district was closest. David Yancey (R) initially led by 10 votes after election night. After the recount, Shelly Simonds (D) led by one vote. Now a three-judge panel has declared the contest a tie after one additional contested vote was determined to have been uncounted for Yancey. Control of the House of Delegates rests on this contest (either 51-49 [R] or 50-50), and under VA law, the winner is decided by lot in the event of a tie. The loser can then demand a second recount. I’ve never seen an election so crazy.

There is still a wild card in the 28th district where Democrats are petitioning for a new election when it was realized around over 100 voters were registered in the wrong district by the registrar in a race that was only 82 votes apart. The twist? The registrar has since died so no one has an explanation why she registered people incorrectly, but the Department of Elections conclusions were developed by manually checking addresses of voters, which identified at least 384 registered voters wrongly assigned to either the 28th or 88th district, then comparing those names against voter rolls from Nov. 7. Of the 384 voters, 110 were wrongly assigned to the 88th District but should be in the 28th; 207 were wrongly assigned to the 28th but should be in the 88th; and 67 were wrongly assigned to the 28th but should be in a third neighboring district, the 2nd. The analysis concludes 125 voters incorrectly voted in the 28th District, where the State Board of Elections was due to certify results that show Republican Bob Thomas leading Democrat Joshua Cole by 82 votes. It finds 22 voters wrongly cast ballots in the 88th House of Delegates District, where Republican Mark Cole won re-election by 4,104 votes. There is no way for elections officials to know which candidate any of these voters cast ballots for.... [Read More]