71 years ago, Yeager made history

On October 14th, 1947, a young Air Force captain from West Virginia strapped himself into the Bell X-1 rocket plane, and made history by breaking the Sound Barrier for the first time. The General recounted the days leading up to the flight on his Twitter account (where he’s very quick to tell you if you’re WRONG! about something aviation related… perhaps Twitterdom’s best crotchety grandpa account), and of course, it was most famously acted out by Sam Sheppard as Yeager in The Right Stuff. The aircraft now hangs in the Air and Space Smithsonian in Washington DC, and you can see a 360 degree view of its cockpit here, where you can observe just how cramped it was.... [Read More]


But by all means, keep pouring tax money into the colleges

DOJ: Drexel Professor Spent Hundreds of Thousands in Taxpayer Money at Strip Clubs

“Drexel University has agreed to pay the United States federal government back nearly $190,000 in grant money after authorities discovered that a professor at the school had been fraudulently spending the money at strip clubs for nearly a decade.
The Department of Justice announced on Monday that Dr. Chikaodinaka D. Nwankpa “the head of Drexel’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has “submitted improper charges against federal grants. The majority of the charges were made to gentlemen’s clubs and sports bars in the Philadelphia area.”... [Read More]


Academia is lost. Time to burn it all down and rebuild from the ground-up.

Cambridge has rescinded an offer for a fellowship to Jordan Peterson, after faculty and students raged. “No hate at Cambridge! We’re inclusive here!”. Yeah, inclusive unless…. oh hell, I’m tired of even saying it. It’s beyond obvious by now. The Academy is at best a farce, and at worst, a threat. It’s time to end it.

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Notre Dame to cover up their Christopher Columbus murals

I’m absolutely sick of this. I’m absolutely sick of liberals… mostly amongst my own people… that are ashamed and hate our own rich heritage, accomplishments, and heroes. While it’d be satisfying to kick these people in the nads… and I’m not ruling that out… the proper response to this is building Columbus statues 30 ft high.


Louisiana school famous for getting minority kids into the Ivy League turns out to be a fraud

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a lot of buzz about T.M. Landry College Preparatory School in Louisiana. It was started specifically to get poor black kids into elite colleges, and that was the sales pitch to black families: yes, tuition is steep, but we’ll get your kids into the big leagues. And it appeared to be working. Viral videos of students getting acceptance emails/letters to Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc, were the toast of YouTube.

Until now.... [Read More]


There Are No Free Markets

Capitalist theory states that as long as there are willing buyers, willing sellers, and governments that enforce property rights without interfering in sales, then you have free markets. It’s a bedrock plank of Adam Smith’s theories. I’ve bought into this all my life, even when things like NAFTA bothered me when I was younger. “OK, the appliance factories close, but we sell more software, and the market fixes everything eventually”.

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