Beware of Erraticism

Today NASDAQ plunged after Joe Biden claimed he would seriously consider shutting down the country completely to address Covid.

Odd, because Pfizer recently announced their new vaccination. I bought stock two days ago and disposed of it immediately because Biden’s comment sent a far more powerful message and P showed no growth.... [Read More]


Après le Débat

American campaigning is antiquated. I dislike both debates and ad campaigns because they allow the candidate to manipulate the electorate with meaningless sound bites.

New rule: Presidential nominees do rallies where they are free to express their views, their plans, their strategies to the public, free of the MSM. Spend time answering questions from the audience. Spend more time detailing their outlines for solutions.... [Read More]


NFL Franchises

So tonight I’m gearing up to watch Tom Terrific and the Gronk play their first 2020 game against the Saints as Bucs.

I’m saddened. NFL owners don’t understand their fans in the least; we don’t like the breakdown of our favorite franchises. I can’t imagine Brady without McDaniels or Belichick. I will say that Cam Newton was a good choice and I may learn to love him as I do TT. We’ll watch and see.... [Read More]



My husband mentioned this afternoon that tomorrow was 9/11. He was shocked I didn’t immediately remember but that is because after 19 years I don’t acknowledge that date any longer. I think about it every damned day.

I think about my friends at Cantor Fitzgerald and my fraternity little brother who had just started his new job after graduating. He was 22 years old when he died jumping off the 81st floor.... [Read More]


Warning: It’s Starting Now, Folks

Regardless of what we hoped for, the MSM has done a magnificent job in convincing us all that Kamala Harris will win. (Pardon that snark.)

This has had an enormous effect on a prosperous market in the last two days; I finally came to this realization last night and managed to successfully manipulate my assets today. I write this only as a warning to other members.... [Read More]


Facebook Opens today at 248 and Closes at 266

Thank goodness I had the faith in MZ after the Salem witch hunt he underwent this past week in the swamp by the very people who were more than happy to take his money over the years.

Guess what people? Nobody cares about his politics. I made $12k today and I can only wish he could know what a fiscal conservative am I.... [Read More]



My husband and I are traders and we believe there is a finite line between dividend and day trading stocks. I am responsible for the day trades and he worries about the other 70% of our portfolio. Note that my portion represents 30% of our investments but I’ve made a solid mid level 6 figure profit on two stocks in one year. Those cash profits go into my bank account and are insured immediately because to put it bluntly, I am hoarding cash and I’ll pay taxes on it in a Trump year before Biden wins and the market crashes. And it will. (I also have a great acct.)

I will never suggest what others do with their savings but I will give this advice: read, know the financials and the future of a company.
Know what will happen when AOC and the rest of the far left inhabit Biden, the POTUS puppet. I am working my ass off to make and protect my assets before this happens. ... [Read More]


NYC Expects to Lose 300 Million from Tax Flight

Please do not come here to Florida but many of you already have and this is why a once solidly red state is now a purple one. What frightens me most is that many of these ignorant ex-pats will attempt to recreate their previous environment. They will all move to Miami where it is “cool” and “diverse” and pols like DeSantis and Scott will never be seen again.

What disgusts me most is these very people were the ones who created the mess in America’s greatest city by voting in incompetents and seem blithely irresponsible for their actions.... [Read More]


Less is More

The economic and medical repercussions that have occurred with our support of Chinese merchandise I blame on the trade deals of the last five presidents (pre-Trump) but more importantly upon the American consumer who is obsessed with buying “cheap.” My sister-in-law, the “Queen of Target,” is delighted to have more…. but her wardrobe is a wreck and she is constantly having to replenish due to lack of quality. My brother told me his Target bill is $1k a month.

People tease me mercilessly about my Prada shoe fetish but I recently and tearfully had to throw away my favorite pumps that I’d worn for ten years and for which I paid $450. So who made the better long term investment by buying Milanese?... [Read More]


Let’s Throw Some Gasoline on the Fire, Shall We?

“No one reached out to me and said, ‘as a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’” Patrick said. “And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in.”

Trump needs to address this ass (Texas Lt. Gov.) for creating more panic. Did this really need to be said? 69 years old is young by today’s modern medical standards and note, those are the ones most invested in the market.