Echo into the Future

Dateline: Paris, October 17, 2021: The trial of Salvatore Savini commenced today for the alleged arson hoax of the Notre Dame Cathedral in April of 2019.

The fanatic Christian is charged with arson, fraud and a hate crime for planting Islamic artifacts in an attempt to mislead investigators into believing the arson of the Notre Dame Cathedral was perpetrated by Islamic radicals.... [Read More]


Connecticut Morality

Apparently Trump doesn’t have a monopoly on immorality in Republican politics. It seems that George HW lgbtq Bush ( who will henceforth be referred to as George Copafeel Bush to differentiate him from George W) had a brazen affair for 12 years, humiliating his wife Barbara to the point of contemplating suicide. ( But the big news, folks, is that she believed Trump caused her heart problems).

By the way. Barbara no longer considered herself a Republican after Trump was nominated. How deep their conservative principles!... [Read More]


Spectacular Women (and Men)

This is a spectacular performance of a (very) original song by the singer Stevie Nicks. I heard this song when it was out. It was a hit but I didn’t appreciate like I do now.
These were the days (or a strange period) where musicians write and express their own through music and lyrics. It’s direct.
Musically and structurally, this is a very interesting song. But let’s just say it’s operatic.The musical line carries us through the dream, the poem and the expression of this woman.

Watch Stevie express herself. These are her words.
The cinematography is excellent, it focuses a bit too much on Stevie, but how can you not?
The band and back-up singers are great and the harmonies by Stevie and the back-up singer at the end was a musical bombshell. This was clearly live, and if you watch it to the end you see why she gave such a great performance.... [Read More]


Romney Backstabs Trump; Returns as Moral Scold

Romney’s best feature as a politician was his near squeaky-clean record. He is the quintessential  nice guy type, and has the polished demeanor of President from central casting. He has a good resume. He comes from a good family, and let’s not forget his Dad was a famous politician.... [Read More]