I Am Not A Victim?

An oft-heard objection to confronting leftist attacks, especially well-meaning ones, with the damage their schemes inflict on traditionalists is that we would then be playing “the victimization card.” Many talk-radio hosts have claimed as the motto for their shows, “I am not a victim,” to separate themselves and their audiences from the left, which relentlessly preaches how hidden, malevolent forces hamstring the members of their electoral coalition. 

We can’t be like that, we are told. We have control over our lives, agency. We have hope. ... [Read More]


Christianity Today — and Yesterday

The magazine “Christianity Today,” like the old abolitionists, claims religion’s sway over Christians’ voting preferences and instructs the faithful how to vote. Conservative Christians, like defensive conservatives generally, beg to differ and respond by telling “Christianity Today” to stay out of politics. “We are not voting for Preacher-in-Chief,” the conservatives say. “Stay in your lane.”

But staying out of politics was not the conservative Christians’ stance 21 years ago, nor was it the position of conservative Christians during the temperance crusade which, after decades of effort, resulted in Prohibition. ... [Read More]


Stuff the Data — It’s Time to Make it Personal

Talk-radio in America has never embraced its function as propaganda for right-wing political and cultural victory. It prefers “defending the traditions that made this country great,” even though talk-radio hosts acknowledge that “when you’re defending, you’re losing,” and all agree that the culture is in decline. 

For example, today a local (Pennsylvania) morning man was playing excerpts from last night’s Democratic debate and making the point that the economic plans of the candidates imperiled fracking, jobs and growth. Then he let his listeners draw their own conclusion, which clearly was “don’t vote for these people.” Duh! ... [Read More]


The Bias That Dare Not Be Named

The mainstream media is suddenly aware that Mayor Pete has a problem with black people. And they have a dilemma with that.

Since a Quinnipiac poll of Democratic voters in SC came out a few days ago showing Pete Buttigieg’s support among blacks at zero — as in “Zip, zero, nada” — the MSM have been scratching their collective skulls trying to fathom out why, as well as prescribe a cure.... [Read More]


NYC’s Homeless Children

There is an interesting pictorial story about homeless schoolchildren in Tuesday’s NY Times. It covers two kids, a boy and a girl.

The story is written by Eliza Shapiro, a young woman who against all the odds managed to land a position with the Times, strangely enough where her mother has been employed for decades. What a weird coincidence in our meritocratic days!... [Read More]


Segregation Now

You’re white, in your early 30s and you have a 6-year-old child. For ten years you and your wife (you got married four years ago) have been living in a “rehabbing” neighborhood close to the downtown of a large American city. You pioneered this area (along with other couples, singles and homosexuals) when it was heavily inner-city poor and have been a part of the revitalization — bars, boutiques, coffee houses, museums, new residential construction — that turned it into an attractive venue for new migrants and visitors.

But your child is now school age and therein lies a problem. The local elementary school is three blocks away. It is an old building staffed by the typical collection of unionized, mediocre teachers. The school has no academic distinction at all. Test scores are pitiful. It has been labeled a failing school by the State Board of Ed. There have been some “incidents” that your wife has heard about, not in the local newspaper, but at the organic food store and at the farm-to-table restaurant where she sometimes meets friends for lunch. The elementary school student body is overwhelmingly black. ... [Read More]