Back Off, Man! I’m a scientist!

For the benefit of anyone who missed this priceless contribution to the debate over the CoronaScam:

NAS and NAM Presidents Alarmed By Political Interference in Science Amid Pandemic

As advisers to the nation on all matters of science, medicine, and public health, we are compelled to underscore the value of science-based decision-making at all levels of government.  Our nation is at a critical time in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic with important decisions ahead of us, especially concerning the efficacy and safety of vaccines.  Policymaking must be informed by the best available evidence without it being distorted, concealed, or otherwise deliberately miscommunicated.  We find ongoing reports and incidents of the politicization of science, particularly the overriding of evidence and advice from public health officials and derision of government scientists, to be alarming.  It undermines the credibility of public health agencies and the public’s confidence in them when we need it most.  Ending the pandemic will require decision-making that is not only based on science but also sufficiently transparent to ensure public trust in, and adherence to, sound public-health instructions.  Any efforts to discredit the best science and scientists threaten the health and welfare of us all.
Marcia McNutt
President, National Academy of Sciences
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Joseph Knight — A Black Life that Really Mattered

Joseph Knight, by James Robertson;  ISBN 0-00-715025-3  (2003)

Occasionally, one comes across a book so well written that the reader is left awestruck at the skill of the author.  This is such a book – a meticulously-researched fictionalized account of an historical event in 1700s Scotland.... [Read More]


Sometimes, one has to smile

My spam filter caught an entertaining e-mail offer today:

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Why would this make a cynic smile?  Well, it was the unsolicited sender’s e-mail address:... [Read More]


Musings on the Battle of Omdurman

In 1898, Omdurman was a village north of Khartoum in Sudan, 3,100 miles from London as the crow flies.  English General Kitchener led a force of 8,000 Brits (including a young Lieutenant Winston Churchill) supported by an army of 17,000 Egyptians & Sudanese against a Madhist army of about 50,000 Muslim warriors (called Dervishes by the English).

This was in part a campaign of reprisal against the forces of the Madhi who had previously inflicted defeats on the Brits, and in part an element in the competition between England and France for colonial possessions.  However, the wider geopolitical considerations need not detain us here.... [Read More]


The Missing Sputnik Moment

History records the USSR launched Mankind’s first satellite in 1957 — triggering a massive reaction from a US Establishment which realized it was falling behind the Communist opposition.  Suddenly, it became cool to study engineering.  Balls were kicked into motion, leading later to Democrat President JFK raising the stakes by setting the objective of putting a man on the Moon — and securing the open-ended budget to achieve that goal.  The US pushed technology to the limits, creating a “Brain Drain” from Europe to the US as smart people from around the world flocked to where the action was.  That was then.

The Covid Scam should have triggered a similar massive reaction, when the US public was suddenly made aware that most of the medications (and a lot of the medical equipment) used in the US comes directly or indirectly from Communist China.  We have been told so often that the US cannot compete with low-wage low-skill Chinese workers — but medications are not labor-intensive;  they are high-tech, capital-intensive, knowledge-intensive, skill-intensive.   Why has the US lost the industries in which it should theoretically have a Comparative Advantage (to use the “Free Traders” jargon)?  And why has the US Political Class lost the ability to respond to an existential challenge?... [Read More]


Remembrance of Earth’s Past

Seeking advice from the Rat Pack:

Niall Ferguson (I know!  I know!) recommends the sci-fi novel “The Dark Forest” by Chinese author Liu Cixin as good insight into what Ferguson describes as the New Cold War which China launched against the US around 2012, and which many of our Best & Brightest still refuse to admit is happening.... [Read More]


Read it and weep

Many denizens of Ratburger will be familiar with ZeroHedge — a financially-oriented website that buries occasional gems of information in a wide sea of anti-Western propaganda with possible Russian & Chinese connections.  But it is worth taking the time to look at this ZeroHedge post: [Read More]