Fighting Fires!

Somebody shared this article  on Facebook today, ooohing and aaahing over Pink’s compassion and generosity – to donate half a large to help fight the wildfires in Australia.

Are there really wildfires going on in Oz?  Has anyone on Ratburger actually been there to witness them?  I’m reminded of the drama when all of the Hollywood celebs were blowing a gasket over the wildfires in the Amazon, showing all kinds of dramatic pictures last year.  Except the pics were fakes.  Even Mother Jones pointed this out.... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-1-2: I Smell Roses

This rather silly little ditty was a big hit in the Oregon Duck Community during the run-up to the 2010 Rose Bowl.  It’s apropos now as well.

The college football scene over the past dozen years has gone full blown into the Spread, Air Raid, Blur, or any number of other name offenses that focus on using speed and space to move the ball down the field.  The Oregon Ducks managed to catch lightning in a bottle in the first half of the 10’s when Chip Kelly took over the program and unleashed an attack that nobody was ready for (everyone knows who to deal with it now).  Mike Leach and his disciples developed the Air Raid where running the ball is considered odious.  The bottom line for all of these relies a great deal on “My guys are faster than your guys and we know where in space we’re going – you don’t”.  High scoring, ball moving up and down the field.... [Read More]


TOTD 2019-12-22: Travel Stories

Way back in 1996, through a series of events that can only be described as a God thing, I found myself in a new career as a consultant.  I’m often asked “What kind of consultant?” and as soon as I start describing it the inquirer’s eyes glaze over, so I won’t bore you with the details.  The thought I wanted to discuss has to do with a major side product of my career – business travel.

I’m currently sitting at approx. 1,950,000 miles on Delta airlines.  This is the actual miles flown – not the number of miles earned (which is much higher).  Add in another 200K or so on other airlines and I’m easily over the 2 million mark total.  Marriott has given me Lifetime Titanium Elite status.  Hertz gives me automatic upgrades.  And all of it just means I have to and do spend a lot of time away from home.... [Read More]


The Integrity of Organized Labor

This story has been floating around the Portland media for the past 5 years, but it is always treated as a sort of mystery- why would the shipping companies pull out of Portland? 

This article originated in the LA Times so I suppose there wasn’t as much danger of angering the local union mafiosos.  I can’t help feeling a high level of schadenfreude about the possibility of the Longshoremen going bankrupt.... [Read More]


College Football – Week 10

It’s Week 10 for College Football Folks!  You will all be pleased to hear that this is probably my last week writing this post – everyone, particularly 10 Cents, is anxiously awaiting the return of Mike LaRoche.  That would also mean a return of copious numbers of cheerleader pics.

That thing that was going on in baseball seemed to end last night.  I think Alex Ovechkin won the Stanley cup again or something.  In the NFL the San Francisco 49ers are still undefeated.  Latest sign of the apocalypse.... [Read More]


College Football – Week 9

Greetings Fellow Sports Fans (and that includes those misguided enough to cheer for teams from the state of Washington)!  Yes, I stole that gag line format.

Week 9 of the college football season is upon us!  I think there’s something to do with baseball going on, and the “WE LOVE CHINA!” league apparently started their season.  Yawn.  Personally I don’t even pay much attention to that other football league – the one that doesn’t have tenuous connections to colleges.  No, September through early January is all about COLLEGE FOOTBALL, BABY!!... [Read More]


Is There A Doctor In The House?

My friends – I’m very concerned about 10 Cents today.  I fear he is suffering from a severe case of PTSD over his disappointment at the results of the Border War game between Oregon and Washington Saturday.  Even more concerning is that I believe he is also a fan of the Washington State Cougars who are next up on the Oregon slate.

If there is a physician on Ratburger who could prescribe Zoloft or Xanax  for him, it might help him through.  Either that or some cheerleader pics from Mike LaRoche.


College Football 2019 – Week 8

Here we go boys & girls!  Amazingly enough, the College Football Experts (employees of ESPN who have designated themselves Experts) are still able to find what they think are original thoughts about THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF!!! {cue dramatic music}.  There are 130 schools fielding teams in the “FBS” division – considered the highest level.  The buzzing noise generators are convinced that the entire 12 game regular season for all 130 teams, plus conference championships, are completely and totally irrelevant outside of figuring out the 4 teams that are going to play in the final 3 games of the season.

Contrary to what those clowns think, your average college football fan isn’t that stupid.  Watching sports, much like politics, is a much more personal endeavor.  You choose your team and – if you are a REAL fan – you cheer for that team regardless of how well they perform, how many games they win.  Yes, you complain about them vociferously, but you still cheer for them to win.  When I happened to attend college, my college’s team was bad.  I mean in my 4 years on campus their best record was 4-7 bad.  There is a satirical column that’s been around for years called The Bottom Ten.  My school’s team made regular appearances on that list.  The only consolation was that our in-state rival was worse.  In the decades since, however, my boys have climbed into the higher levels, even making it to the National Championship game twice in the past 10 years (lost both times ☹ ).  And I still honestly don’t pay much attention to THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF!!! Unless my boys have a shot at making it.... [Read More]


I’m #1! And #2!

I’m rather notorious for claiming both American and Canadian roots.  I was born in Portland as a 4th generation Oregonian but moved to Canada when I was 6 and lived there through high school before returning to the States for college.  I also received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications so my father always accused me of having a BS in BS.

So with that background, I proudly claim positions 1 AND 2 in the following study!... [Read More]