The Fire Next Time

Just wait until the young folks figure out what this shutdown has cost them.  It’s been a largely good-faith effort followed now by a largely bad-faith effort, which will all look like bad faith in a little while.

I am optimistic that the next time the government tries this, it will be met with stiff resistance.  The young are already in debt for $5T *extra* for a virus that wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and culpably so.  I figure the next time, they’ll do the math and figure that they have less to lose taking our collective chances with the virus than upending the economy and letting government swoop in to push our houses over and then stone us with our own bricks.


Three More Trillion, Huh?

Is there any doubt that this thing will pass and be signed?  Kennedy Center got their $25 million or whatever, and it’s the only line item that any of us can even recall being objected to in the last batch.  Cosmetic changes will be made after Potemkin protests are raised.  And our kids get ANOTHER $3T tacked on to the bill.

Sorry to be such a downer.  Where does it stop?... [Read More]


Seven Minutes to Mid-Day

Things could get mighty rough here in Gomorrah-by-the-Sea (h/t Don Henley) as the NYC Virus dead-enders lose their grip on power.   The Obama conspiracies to weaponize thoroughly politicized government organizations have begun to collapse at about the same time that folks like decent, hard-working Virginia farmers, who are armed, decide they’ve had about enough of this crap.

In 2020, we are all Virginia farmers, and a string of pinko-media abuses of power and position are unraveling in a way that may finally explore the lost continent of Benghazi.... [Read More]


Emergencies and Laws

Emergency powers are designed to fill the gap in emergencies, wherein we the people still want our government to be effective and empowered to perform actions which it may, due to the *emergent* nature of a situation, not already be equipped by law to perform.  Lighter weight is given to protections against government action due specifically to the emergency.

I’ll just be brief and blunt: if the government wishes to continue with emergency measures two months in, it should be required to cover the ground already claimed with sober, well-weighed laws.  One course would be to require a two-thirds majority to pass laws originating in an emergency.  Another might be to require short-horizon sunsets.  A third might be to separately sever all such laws from any power to compel action or revenue past a remarkably short timeframe.... [Read More]


Edited: Protest Pics —Truckers

I went to DC just for a drive.

I had gone grocery shopping as the afternoon turned to evening, and had wolfed down a chicken salad sammich in the parking lot along with a sugar-free Red Bull.  I wanted to go somewhere beyond my little quarantine groove, before driving literally a block away (car hauls groceries without ripping bags, and I had my little handi-cart in the vee-hickle and everything).  I thought that I might catch some scenery in the fading rays, and since I live so close to all the famous granite, I thought What the Heck, I’ll go across the river to the hated not-Virginia territories (the kind of Hell-hole infested by the likes of Robert McRoyalist) and soak up some scenery.... [Read More]


She Who Must Be Okay

I had a nice internets conversation with “She”, and I am happy to pass along her well-wishes for everybody here.    Obviously, there’s a good deal of actual membership overlap between this place and the cafe across the street (ATS), and there remain a great number of people who get along just fine tween here and there.

When I was in high school, I fought the same guy three years running.  He won the first two, and I won the third.  “Mortal enemies”, as far as high school goes.  Years later (perhaps four), I passed him going the other way on an escalator in a shopping mall.  We exchanged head nods of grudging recognition — life is short and we had become people from the same tribe.


A Public Service Message

Trafficking Victims Protection  Reauthorization Act (TVPRA)   2013

The TVPRA 2013 is a reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) 2000, which established a comprehensive approach to trafficking in persons by creating new criminal offenses, and establishing protection and assistance for victims. The most recent update expands the definition of sex trafficking to include those patronizing and soliciting commercial sex. Among other things, the TVPRA 2013 also  provides resources for holistic services for survivors, prohibits United States funds going to any country using child soldiers, and imposes reporting and compliance requirements on federal agencies, including the Department of Defense to ensure United States Government taxpayer money does not support human trafficking.... [Read More]


Facebook SDK Busted Stealing Data

Not that anybody cares, or will change their behavior, but your iPhone app crashes starting yesterday or today are caused by the Facebook SDK puking app core.  When you fire up an app (in my case the Audible app) and it crashes right away, this may be the cause:

A number of popular apps including Spotify, GroupMe, Pinterest and TikTok were fielding user iOS crash reports Wednesday evening, the result of an apparent issues with Facebook’s SDK according to a lengthy GitHub thread on the topic.... [Read More]