Dear GOP: It’s Trump or Nothing

If Trump should lose this election, I will hold the GOP responsible.  From the first two years in which the Paul Ryan House worked against Trump to the bitter end of this first term wherein political Generals are throwing off civilian control of the military, I will hold the GOP responsible for not supporting to President we elected.

We’ve had an uneasy relationship ever since you all went to war against the Tea Party.  Trump is where the Tea Party went — did you think we simply stopped existing?  If Trump goes, it will be the end of the GOP .


Fire-Breathing Commentary Magazine’s Stentorian Roar!

SO uh, Commentary magazine has decided that riots are bad, m’kay?  They posted a magnificent editorial piece, full of vim and vigor.  We stand with Western Civilization, We Oppose the Lawlessness and Destruction, etc.

Sounds great, right?  Man, if only there had been some sort of referendum recently on, oh I don’t know, maybe a national scale, about whether to defend our civilization, indeed, whether it is even under attack, and if so, by whom?... [Read More]


How Would Jeb! Have Done?

Nevermind the obvious Hillary X Presidency.  How would Jeb! have done with these riots?  In the interest of controlling infinite nonsense, let’s just say that no Republican President would have had better or worse results leading up to the assumption of curb temperature by the vicious thug George Floyd.  So Low-energy Jeb!, Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco and the rest of the GOPe clown-car would are assumed to have the same conditions on the ground at the time Saint George went to his drug-induced reward.

I assume for starters that none of the rest would have tweeted “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”  On the other hand, who among them would have said less and done more?  Who would have called out the guard and deployed it to various cities?  Any of them?  Who would have made George Floyd Day a national holiday embedded in a week of mandatory mourning, sackcloth and ashes?... [Read More]


Defend Western Civilization

There really isn’t much middle ground about it, although there’s a lot of camouflage and mud-slinging about just who is doing what.

If we rule out as impossible a libertarian utopia (which would of course be desirable) and as undesirable an anarchist hell (which would of course be possible), we are left with a polity which for pragmatic reasons accepts some degree of government — that is, for the mass to be governed.... [Read More]


I Expect Derek Chauvin to Walk

Derek Chauvin is the officer charged with murder for the death in custody of violent criminal George Floyd.  So why would he walk?  Wait for now-hamstrung Minnesota AG Keith X Ellison to finally release the officer’s bodycam videos.  They will reveal what has so far been hidden but widely reported — George Floyd was hopped up on drugs that caused his death, and violently resisted arrest more than once which *resulted* in him being sat on in a policy-approved (in fact mandated) hold until paramedics arrived.  Floyd was going to die no matter what — the hold contribited little to nothing to his demise.  He had drugged himself out of the physical condition it would have taken to support the demands placed on his respiratory system by his remarkably poor decision-making.

I believe that what we will see is that Derek Chauvin followed policy and committed no crime.... [Read More]


On Kneeling

Remember all the hub-bub about Obama bowing before various potentates, meanwhile giving the stiff upper forearm to our friends and relatives the British?

Now vast swathes of the population bow and literally kneel to a new master.  We should encourage no person to kneel to any other — now we condition ourselves to accept this servile position.  Once you kneel before a man, it does not matter who it is.  You have accepted a master and will always have one.... [Read More]


Tim Pool on Soymalia, Police Resignations, and a Funny Story

Tim Pool has settled into a routine of drawn-out fluffy part-podcast part-radio show YouTube videos in near-continuous delivery — it gets old fast.  So much the better then that this comes along with a jaunty pitch and couple of good stories to attain.  Highly recommended, especially the funny story at the end.


When Biden is your Candidate, Riots are your Campaign

I don’t suppose it’s even worth the effort to develop these themes, but I just want to lay a marker down here.

The unrest we are seeing is the combination of things.  Obama’s shadow administration reacting to threats to expose/prosecute aspects of it, Obama’s Occupy/Ferguson army-in-being, a country pissed off with COVID fatigue, actual outrage at a particular incident, and the fact that the DNC has a literally senile candidate who excites exactly nobody.... [Read More]