Short Survey: PSAs. And what else …

It started earlier this week.  PSAs on our mobile telephones – 3 so far this week.  The messages say something similar to:   You are safer at home — maintain social distancing of 6 feet.    All residents urged to remain in their homes except for essential activities.

The messages have come from the State/FL Surgeon General, sometimes the Mayor.  And we have had a couple of Amber Alerts involving children (more in a week than we usually get in a year or so)... [Read More]


I Liked This.

Good Morning, Everyone.   Having a tedious house chore to attend to this morning, I decided I would need to find something to keep me on task and help keep me from getting sidetracked.   (The risk of being sidetracked, in my semi-retirement is very high, especially when there are tedious chores to do.)

I decided music was just the right tool I needed.  So of course, I turned to the Internet to find some ‘focus music’, but thought perhaps I should check-up on the latest news first.... [Read More]