Short Survey: PSAs. And what else …

It started earlier this week.  PSAs on our mobile telephones – 3 so far this week.  The messages say something similar to:   You are safer at home — maintain social distancing of 6 feet.    All residents urged to remain in their homes except for essential activities.

The messages have come from the State/FL Surgeon General, sometimes the Mayor.  And we have had a couple of Amber Alerts involving children (more in a week than we usually get in a year or so)... [Read More]


I Liked This.

Good Morning, Everyone.   Having a tedious house chore to attend to this morning, I decided I would need to find something to keep me on task and help keep me from getting sidetracked.   (The risk of being sidetracked, in my semi-retirement is very high, especially when there are tedious chores to do.)

I decided music was just the right tool I needed.  So of course, I turned to the Internet to find some ‘focus music’, but thought perhaps I should check-up on the latest news first.... [Read More]


When Will the Chickens Go Home and Roost?

I had read the other day that Project Veritas had put together another documentary.   The topic this time?  Google and the tactics/strategies It is utilizing to force feed its political agenda on the ignorant, gullible masses as well as its renewed efforts to control the outcome of the 2020 elections (having botched the outcome of the 2016 elections).

Today, reading the news that the Veritas video had been taken down, I was immediately annoyed as I had hoped to watch it (I’ve never been a G00gle fan) and I was looking forward to the opportunity to tease my Other Half (a G00gle fan) with, “I remember saying long ago that G00gle was evil.”... [Read More]