700 Years, Minimum, to Go!

In connection with the catchphrase “white supremacy“, I’ve been trying to ascertain when the Left thinks it allegedly started.    We recently had a little contretemps  here about BC and AD vs. BCE and CE.  That would suggest that what they’re saying is alleged global (or aspirationally global)  hegemony of “whites”coincides with Classical Greek and Roman civilization,  and  (brace yourself) Christianity.
Okay, even if we take it back  to Alexander’s Hellenization of as much of the world as he could conquer.thats about 320 BC.  2340 years ago.  Ci siamo?

The non-white civilizations of Mesopotamia, India, China and Egypt (MICE, if you want to commit this to memory—easy for US, O Ratty!)   all dominated the globe, or as much of it as they knew about, for at least 3000 years.... [Read More]


“…I Will Wear Him in My Heart’s Core..”

“Since my dear soul was mistress of her choice/And could of men distinguish, her election/Hath sealed thee for herself, for thou hast been—/As one in suffering all that suffers nothing—/A man that fortune’s buffets and rewards/Hast ta’en with equal thanks. And blessed are those/ Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled/That they are not a pipe for Fortune’s finger/To sound what stop she please.  Give me that man/ That is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him/In my heart’s core, ay, in my heart of heart..”     —Hamlet, III, 2

….As one in suffering all that suffers nothing! Give me that man, indeed:  TRUMP 2020!!


Feel the Fear!

I don’t know why, but when the Left goes all hair-on-Fire (like April Fool Ryan fantasizing about Trump being hauled out of the Oval On Jan 20 by the otherwise despiséd  “police and  armed forces”)—nobody  laughs.  The Right can’t get away with that kinda overt paranoia.   Or maybe we don’t want to; it’s ….embarrassing.

The Right suffers (probably fatally) from a “normalcy bias“.... [Read More]


Sick Un(to/til) Death

Well over 90% of sexually active  adults have,  or at sometime had, human papilloma virus (HPV) infection. It’s often minimally or non- symptomatic.  It often clears up in its own, but it is one of those viruses like herpes which  never leaves the body once you’ve hosted it.

Some of those women also get cervical cancer.  Some of those men get throat cancer.  Most do not, or the death rates of these cancers would be astronomically high.... [Read More]


Batting Average

It seems to be occurring  to many people simultaneously  that what  we’re watching In Portland, Seattle, etc., is a lot like what happens in Gotham when the inhabitants of Arkham take over the city.  The gates of the asylum breached!  The criminally insane swarm out to impose their own version of reality on the city.
(it occurs to me that I don’t know where the criminally insane are warehoused these days.  I know there must be such institutions, since certain kinds of offenders face “civil commitments “ on top of whatever term of incarceration they serve—but where are those places?)

I’m thinking both of the Joaquin Phoenix movie and of the recent eponymous  TV series, Gotham, which I really liked, set while Bruce Wayne is still a callow adolescent.  In that Gotham, the sun never seemed to shine.  There were fires everywhere: always in the fireplace at Wayne Manor,  and throughout the Ravaged city, in the shells of buildings,  on the streets.  In the film of the Present riots, it’s always late at night;  then we’ll see a reporter standing alone in the sunshine next morning, in front of a battered fence and a building covered with obscene graffiti.  Where did the violent avengers disappear to?  Back to the asylum?  Mom and Dad’s basement?  Are they all at IHOP breakfasting together?  Why doesn’t anybody ever film the early dawn hour and find out where they go?  And is there some signal,or is light itself the cue to disburse?... [Read More]


Dog Day

My dog has climbed onto the lounge chair with me as I sit by our lake here, between dips ( for it is hot, my brothers and sisters, and Summer  may it last long!). She very seldom looks into my eyes.  (That’s kind of a last resort for dogs, innit, like “Okay, WHAT are you trying  to tell me?“ ) No, she grandly and vigilantly surveys the distance, gazing expectantly  toward the house, over the fields, like  someone who has ascended  to  a belvidere .  (That spelling seems to be wrong, but I mean a scenic  overlook.)  She  is idle, she is merely observant, yet she has a purpose, she is expectant, she is in waiting..a magnificent fangéd, pluméd, taloned, richly furred creature,  content at my side!
Well, that’s  all O Ratty….just a brief meditation on how it feels to be one of the crowns of creation.  I like it!


“Public Health” is an Oxymoron!

No, I’m not going to talk about masks.  They’re every  bit as as effective as the good manners we were always taught: sneeze or cough into your handkerchief, or your sleeve in an emergency, and not on ,or at, another person.

I just read an article in American Family Physician,  7/15/20: Syphilis: Far From Ancient History  by Drs. Rocco and Westby.  “Rates of primary, secondary, and congenital syphilis are increasing in the United States..” Congenital syphilis is particularly horrifying : stillbirth (for a lucky fetus),  Rash, seizures, cranial nerve abnormalities, tooth abnormalities, facial deformities.... [Read More]


Where We Go One…?

I was thinking about the “whiteness” chart JW put up yesterday, especially the part about “rugged individualism” and self-reliance.  The alternative, the unspoken amelioration for those now pathological Ideas, seems to be “community”. That means other people who are just like you.

At least I think it’s s’posed to mean that.  Hmm…To anybody from a small town, like me, this is Ludicrous.  Geographical “community” means only that you’re occupying thebsame general area.  Isn’t the phrase “wider community” kinda an oxymoron?... [Read More]


A White Supremacist Named Lee!

If he hadn’t been white I don’t think the Supreme Court woulda used  this case to reinstate  the federal death penalty.  I’m sure being named Lee didn’t hurt either.
Is that why nobody even cares about this decision?
In my opinion the death penalty is cruel and unusual per se.
It cannot restore.  It does not  deter.  And carried  out 20+ (often more), years after the act,  it does not even punish the same actor.


Debt and Taxes

I never took any economics courses; it sounded all math-y  to me.  😱 But I wish I had, because I see now that the discipline is more like my own undergraduate major (anthropology)—or ….not  quite, because it does  more than observe, it predicts and pontificates.  It is not “simple math”, no way!   and,  you don’t actually have to do any calculations in order to tbeorize about it.
Having no idea what I was getting into, I  conjured up Stephanie Kelton’s book The Deficit Myth.  I did it because she promised to reassure me about the deficit.  I mean, just from studying anthro I am already convinced that when a society measures value in terms of something abstract (or ubiquitous and intrinsically  valueless, like cowrie shells) instead of something tangible and finite (like gold)  then the entire economic system is artificial and precariously dependent on public confidence (or ignorance, or willing complicity.)   I don’t understand and never have understood all this doomsaying about “burdening our children with our debt“.    So overnight ( literally, just since last night! I find myself afloat on a sea of modern monetary theory (MMT).

Basically  ( I think, and I’m writing this to humblysolicit guidance from the money-Rattys) ;it’s that when a sovereign nation creates its own currency by fiat (as US has been doing since 1971) it can never go  bankrupt.  It can’t run out of money.  (It CAN get into hyperinflationary trouble, like Venezuela and Zimbabwe, if it can’t provision its own people; what both of those newly-minted dungpits did  was take land away from the farmers and redistribute it to non-farmers, so food was nonexistent and the price of it spiraled outta control.)  Taxes do not provide money the govt needs for its spending.  Taxes are instead a way of making sure there is demand among the citizenry for the currency.  Because Altho the govt could create an infinite amount of it,  if it didn’t also remove some from the system, the result again would be hyperinflation.  (Taxes are of course also useful as a tool of social policy.)
Also, as long as our foreign debt is expressed, or owed, in our own fiat currency, it could be wiped out instantly if the govt chose to do so.  Okay China: here’s  $1.1 Trillion,  newly printed!  We now owe you zilch: go suck a duck-egg!  And the govt does not have to tax us to get that money: it can simply command it into being. It doesn’t even really have to print or mint it: this is simply a matter of a few keyboard strokes.... [Read More]