The Paradox of Privacy

We’ve had all these statutes  protecting information about people: financial, medical, and the like, in the name of protecting their “privacy”.  But I’ve always known there are TWO kinds of privacy.  And Jeffrey TooBin has just illustrated the difference.
It was only a matter of time before something like this happened!   The kind of privacy I’m talking about is the  basic knowledge we all have, even though we very seldom talk about it: Everybody does certain things we don’t want anybody else to SEE us doing.  Solitary pleasures: picking our noses, scratching our asses, urinating and defecation, and: masturbating.  Fiddling with our privates is, indeed, the final bastion of privacy.

In Dave Eggers ’ great book the Circle,  which I heartily recommend,   The stalwarts of the company representing a thinly disguised Google live by the slogan: Privacy is Theft.  People go “transparent” meaning everything they do, all day and night long, is live-streamed to..millions.  The one exception is they may turn off the camera when they go to the bathroom. I really dk why stop there.... [Read More]


Accomplish Fate!

“..Know that,when all words are said/And a man is fighting mad,/Something drops from eyes long blind/He completes his partial mind!/ For an instant stands at ease,/ Laughs aloud, his heart at peace./Even the wisest man grows tense/With some sort of violence/Before he can accomplish Fate/Know his work, or choose his mate.”

(Yeats, from Under Ben Bulben)... [Read More]


Say Again!

B. Hussein is holding a drive-in rally on Independence Mall?  How is that even possible?
Sheesh, I reckon they’ll hafta drape the nearby Constitution Center in black…..
Do you know the story of the  Unknown Speaker, the mysterious gent who stood up in Carpenters’ Hall, (its doors and windows locked despite the summer heat) while the treasonous Declaration was being debated.?  He gave a thrilling exhortation to the assembly.
There are many mysterious, mystical theories about the identity of the golden-tongued orator, the very midwife of our  nation, who seems to have been able to walk through walls and pass unnoticed among the fairly small group of tense, sweaty patriots steeling themselves  to risk the noose or the firing squad fir the sake of their children and children’s children, as he encouraged them to do. I’ve read that Reagan used to quote from his oration.
Was this an eternal being who has appeared and intervened many times in history?  Was he Samuel, was he St. Joseph, was he the Comte de St. Germain? (Yeah I know you’ll be wondering what Le Comte is doing in this illustrious company, but there is an entire church, the “I Am” church,  centered around worship of him as an “ascended master” and his later earthly incarnations— and it has a large shrine and chapter in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park on the Wissahickon, near Valley  Forge.)

What-EVS!    It’s time for this Speaker- Be he who he may!  to revisit the scene of his American triumph: let him take over the car radios of the assembled Biden-bumper-sticker-bozos, let him cast the Woke into a magical slumber!
Okay, I’m desperate,  yes.  Has-been Hussein must not he suffered to pee into the cradle of our liberty, unmolested.


Shut up About Court Packing!

…because it’s a winner for  the Dems, remember?  FDR was elected  to a Fourth (4th) term in spite  of that infamous effort—or was it because  of it?

And don’t forget: it worked! It totally cowed the Supreme Court! They stopped ruling against New Deal projects and they backed off trying to protect separation of powers.... [Read More]


Inertia Overcome

I got my mail-in ballot in the mail a few days ago.  I didn’t ask for it.  But here it is, in my hand…I blackened the little boxes like on our SAT exams.  Felt good..why not just drop it in the mail, after all?
My daughter is compromising; she intends to drop hers off today at the County Election office.  Covid-respectful yet secure, she thinks. I could ride along with mine….
But I woke up this morning having decided:

no.  I am going to go to the polls.... [Read More]



Wha’?!?  WTF is that?  I’ve never heard that term before.  As far as I know, there’s only ONE “super-precedential” decision: Marburg vs. Madison, establishing the right of judicial review.    Meaning: the Supreme Court gets to measure the actions of the other 2 branches against the Constitution.  And, it gets to “review” its own prior decisions too.
There are 3 things you can do with precedent: follow it, or distinguish it, or yes, overrule it.  I don’t care about Roe.  But I keep hearing in my mind something I read once: the definition of tyranny is to make a fluid situation static.


Captain America!

…that’s Trump!  He has faced and survived the great enemy of his people, shown us that we shall not  surely die!
I hope he gets the ovation of his entire political career tonight at his rally in Florida.  That may be all he’s gonna get, though.
A vote for Biden is a vote AGAINST  America.  And that seems to be the sentiment of a majority of the electorate.  As Andrea Widburg points out on Am Thinker today, the massive crowds at Trump’s rallies are dwarfed by the crowds in the streets in May supporting BLM. Those people aren’t enthusiastic about Biden.  Not in the least.
But they hate Trump.  Precisely because  he is the very prototype of an American hero. A champion, yes, but a champion of the enemy.
Today is Columbus Day.  But no one dares say that without at least mentioning “Indigenous  People’s Day”. A decade ago this  would have been laughable.  This is a clear indication that the haters have, at the very least, pulled even with the patriots.


The WHO: We DO Get Fooled Again!

Okay now the WHO is saying lockdowns are not “the answer” to The Sinos’ Infection.
At the outset: what is the question?  But never mind that now.  This is another example of a pronouncement by “the science” which represents a complete reversal of the former dogma.
idk, maybe the WHO realizes that eventually lockdowns will threaten its funding.  Somebody has to go out and create wealth, if those bozos’ salaries are to be paid in perpetuity.
“Follow the science” ?
Go chase your own tail; it’ll make you just as dizzy, but at least it’ll keep you occupied trying to stick your head up your own butt.


Cognitive Test

Good morning America!  I’d just like to ask you a few simple questions, just friendly question, you know, so I and the other nice doctors here can determine how, um, oriented you are to your surroundings.

If you’ve still got any gray matter, you probably think I’m going to ask you the name of our current President!   But no, don’t worry, I’m not going to deliberately traumatize you by making you say the dread name that rhymes with do-si—I mean, with lump!  We don’t believe in those inhumane methods any more.... [Read More]


Primum Non Nocere

Among the “many changing things/ in dreary dancing past us hurled“ as Yeats wrote, in these days of 24 hour news, I heard some whitecoat mention yesterday that “we now know that it isnt necessary to put everybody on ventilators early“ in the course of  Covid.
Back in March, I remember seeing some exhausted young medic in scrubs outside Maimonides Hospital saying:”It’s hell.  People come in, they’re intubated, and they die.”
I wonder how many people were killed by the traumatic process?   If Trump had contracted the virus back in March, he would undoubtedly have been subjected to this invasive procedure, and,  if he had lived,  his recovery would have been  slow and feeble.  You do not  lie in bed in an ICU  for even a week , not even breathing on your own, without becoming drastically de-conditioned. I have seen it, to my sorrow.

Remember the dark, interminable days A few months ago when all that mattered was ventilator manufacture?  Was that an example of the cliché that, when all you’ve got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?  Will the ventilator frenzy be regarded in hindsight with the same horror as practices like “cupping” patients who were already haemhorraging to death?... [Read More]


Everybody doesn’t love a parade

…evidently, because I can’t find any coverage of what I saw yesterday afternoon on Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pa.,USA.
As we sipped our wine at the sidewalk tables, a cavalcade of trucks and cars streamed by, waving American flags, trailing  giant Trump banners, plastered with Trump stickers, their passengers waving, honking, cheering.

I was too busy waving and cheering myself to take much note of my fellow diners.  But I didn’t hear any boos or catcalls.... [Read More]