A Nation of (beauty ) Shop Keepers

The Sinos Infection has proved to be the occasion of revealing  the true backbone of this country, like an X-ray which pictures the spine through the soft integument.

I’m kinda surprised at the tattoo parlor owners .  If you think tattooing is a non-essential business, you have never been on a  Caribbean cruise.  ( I wrote about this  in March, in a post titled  Ink(an) Nation.)   Believe you me, there is a vast stratum of our countrymen ‘n’ women who have made a vast investment of time and money in indelible body calligraphy to adorn their vast bodies .  My BMD thinks the  designs weren’t originally  so large; they’ve expanded along with the flesh.  But,  if it’s true that people got needled  back when they were young and slender, that only makes it more puzzling that young people of that social class aren’t out there demanding access to body art in defiance of the lockdown. The kids have a lot of catching up to do.... [Read More]



If we wait for the Dem governors to tell us how we may reopen the country, it won’t be only “breadlines“  we see.  It’ll be dining lines, gym lines, clothes shopping lines…Queues everywhere!  Because, if you close off half or more of the seats in an establishment, or mandate that stores and other establishments maintain huge patches of customer-free space—

then necessarily, Americans will hafta queue up, wait in line.  To do, or buy anything.  To enter, or leave,  anywhere.... [Read More]


“Clown in the Graveyard”

What does that phrase mean to you?  Think for a minute before you read on: it does  mean something to you, doesn’t it?
When I first encountered the phrase, it didn’t.  But within a few minutes it hit me: my best friend volunteered as a hospital clown!  And now he’s dead!  

It actually felt like a revelation,  even though I was just reading a Wiki article about various techniques used by people performing “cold readings” in front of an audience.  Imagine the effect it would have  if I’d been part of an audience to a psychic performance: a group of people probably inclined to believe in the phenomenon of ESP, (or at least curious about it, else they wouldn’t be there). Is that him?  Is he trying to get through to me? ... [Read More]


The Moore the Merrier!

Do you miss Terry Pratchett as much as I do?  His books are the last time I can remember actually laughing out loud as I read.  In fact the kind of laughter I’m talking about, sheer silly delight, has become  a very rare experience for me lately.  I mean yes, Greg  Gutfeld is a laffriot,  And thank God for him, but  it’s a kinda snarky, gotcha type laughter.  And it’s all I’ve experienced for …a looong time now.

Until yesterday, when I read Christopher Moore’s latest book, Shakespeare for Squirrels. ... [Read More]


Ordure in the Court!

Emmet-ic Sullivan has now added Flynn’s former law firm ,the one that got him into this mess, as an “interested party” in the criminal prosecution  (or rather the former criminal,prosecution; it’s moot, over, but nobody seems to wanna interrupt Hizzoner’s reverie..)  involving General Flynn.

um…on what basis?  See, I’m pretty sure that in  a criminal case, the “parties” are: the accused(s) and the prosecution.  If anybody wants to add an additional criminal defendant, that has to be done by the prosecution, in a separate charge.  Only  the prosecution can do it, and even they  can’t do it just by typing up an order.... [Read More]


Get Back on The Bench II

I published a post by that name on 2/18/20, in response to a report that a buncha fed judges had convened an “emergency conference” to discuss their “concern” over Trump intervening in criminal cases.

I pointed out that judges don’t discuss, opine, or rule on any  issues unless litigants bring a dispute before them.   They cannot act when there is no case or controversy which has been voluntarily submitted to them.  They simply have no power to do so.... [Read More]


Still in Like Flynn

Yeah….I wasn’t able to rejoice at the DOJ’s motion to dismiss.  Somehow I didn’t think that was the end.
Then I researched it: the only circumstances under which a judge is supposed to deny prosecution’s motion to dismiss is if it is part of a pattern of harassment against the defendant: dropping the case then re-filing, etc.

So I felt better.
It only took me like 5 minutes to find that out.  So surely, an eminent federal judge already knows it, right?... [Read More]


License to Kill

More and more Pa counties are mutinying against Gov.Wolf’s arbitrary decrees of continued invalidism.  He actually called any local officials who do so”cowards”.  That seems to have been the magic word, the Open  Sesame of the floodgates of resentment.

When Schuylkill County officials informed him it was going to open May 15, reminding him that the purpose of the lockdown: to give hospitals time to prepare— had been accomplished, he retaliated by threatening to revoke all liquor  licenses  issued in the county.... [Read More]


Heckuva Mother

….I must be!  In addition to my husband and my daughter, I got  Mother’s Day greetings from 4 people NOT my kid!

I hope all you Ratty dams  were similarly greeted (since we can’t really be fêted as we deserve in this Year of Covid) and : May we see a speedy issue out of this present adversity, for us and for our issue.
O Ratty, whether you are a mother, or you have one, or you’re married to one:  Happy Mother’s Day!