Incredible Hulks

I have an idea….it’s crazy, just..might…WORK!  Okay, you know all those vacant cruise ships?  Well, fortunately both NY and Fla are coastal cities.  Let’s use them as prison vessels, like they used decommissioned ships in 19th Century England !  (See Great Expectations, if you don’t get the “hulks” reference. ). Evacuate the population of New York City, and of Florida (pretty much the same people, after all)  off-shore and onto these floating concentration camps.

Fox reported this morning that police (police!) in Rhode Island are going door to door inquiring whether the residents are hiding any New Yorkers.... [Read More]


Get it Off Your Chest!

Brassieres would make great face masks.   And you get two every time you buy  a bra!
There’s  nothing magical,or particularly hi-tech,  about these little paper burkas everybody is sporting, is there?  (And thanks,  no, I don’t need another lecture about  N95 or R2D2  masks, or whatever. ) Most people are desperate to get those little paper strips in health-care-baby-blue that hook over your ears.  That’s what they’re struggling to manufacture.

Run out to Walmart and buy up  the A cups!  Trust me, those underendowed girls don’t need ‘em. If they’re padded, that’s probably all the better!   Cut ‘em down the middle, staple rubber bands to each side, and voila!... [Read More]


Dispatch From Brooklyn II: No Country for Old Men

Travel and travel photography has always been  my brother-in-law’s passion.  I think of him as a seasoned, debonair  peripatetic, a citoyen  du monde.   

But people who don’t know him would see the, ah, seasoned aspect.  Especially right now.   Definitely in the “most vulnerable to Cv19” subset.... [Read More]


School Goes Back To Us

My daughter has always done her schoolwork at the end of our dining room table. God willing, she will get back here from Boston before they close the interstates, and from then on, classes will be online.  I wouldn’t want to mess with success: she has diligently forged a stellar  academic record at our humble family board! So I reckon she’ll be finishing up this year of law school in that same spot.

That means ALL of us will be in law school! Noah Feldman and Lawrence  and his tribe will be holding forth in my dining room, the unseen guests at every meal, the silent listeners to every conversation, as a framed prayer, which has hung above the dining room door since my grandfather’s day,  says about the Almighty.... [Read More]


I Herd the News Today, oh Boy….

BoJo is saying he wants to just let everybody in the UK contract the Coronavirus.  Get it over with, and acquire herd immunity.  My BMD has been saying the same thing.  It’s kind of an attractive idea, most people who get it won’t need hospitalization, so save the ICU beds for the elderly and immunocompromised.  And then of course, all viruses seem to get less virulent as they become widespread in the population.
But,  I just read an article whose author says “herd immunity” can’t  occur without vaccinations. It says America isn’t doing  anything about the virus “because it can’t:it’s a broken society with no public goods” (oh, go eff yourself!)    But Britain could, and it’s instead just adopting this insane Anti-vaccination policy.

Well, I mean, we don’t have a vaccine yet, so this seems a tad premature. Let’s  hope Israel comes up with one next week. If we get one, it will take a while to make enough of it for everyone.  Should it be given to the old and debilitated first? That seems like a good start, since there will be fewer of them than of the young, middle aged,  and healthy. .... [Read More]