Former Head of French Intelligence Out of Closet on UFOs

Someone should inform M. Juillet that I have essentially solved this mystery.
“Top physicist claims USS Nimitz UFO ‘time travelled’ to reach 19,000mph
Dr Jack Sarfatti, a world-renowned expert in quantum physics, believes a metamaterial that not from our time allowed the speed of light to “slow down” on the infamous UFO”
On 4/11/20, 2:02 PM, “Sid Goldberg”  (TV producer)
    The former head of the French Intelligence Service has publicly declared, for the first time, that UFO phenomena “goes beyond the dimension of the Earth” and includes a “non human intelligence”. He states that we might expect ‘official’ disclosure albeit there are more clues that invite reflection rather than any certainties to be given. Indeed it is not about being right or certain but open minded.
    Interestingly, Mr. Juillet draws a parallel to adapting to the phenomena with Covid-19: he considers that people do and will calmly adapt to new such realities.
    The highly decorated military and intelligence head also urges politics and science to embrace the subject. He underlines that simply because we do not have the elements to imagine or understand observable phenomena today, does not mean they cannot be explained tomorrow.
    Alain Juillet’s comments tie-in nicely with those of the former British Secret Intelligence chief, Sir John Sawyer, whereby he stated that “nothing on this planet is unique”.
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Tucker Carlson celebrates the end of many colleges and universities

They have become Communist Indoctrination Camps and the worst of them should go under in the CV-19 pandemic. Even Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Stanford have seriously declined with all the phony liberal arts professors. I have a friend at Cal State – full physics professor who says it’s even happening in physics.

Most people who cannot pay off their student debts should not have gone to college in the first place. It’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the corrupt Commies like Angela Davis, Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren. David Horowitz has written about it. I witnessed its beginning in the 1960s.


Trump is now War Time POTUS

Day Two: Trump today invoked Defense Production Act and he now says US on war footing. Gavin Newsom is activating California Guard and mentions possibility of martial law. It’s unclear whether the release of C-19 was an accident or deliberate.

Streets of San Francisco delightfully almost empty this AM as I drove back to Chestnut Market now fully stocked with normal amount of customers. Picked up two croissants at Marais French Cafe – open only for take out and customers asked to stay 6 feet apart.... [Read More]



From: david mosier
Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 9:01 AM
To: Jack Sarfatti <>

You might want to read this, Savage too . As more data on the new coronavirus circulating in China emerges, it’s becoming clear that whatever the country is experiencing now—dozens of deaths, hundreds of people hospitalized, cities of millions quarantined—is just the tip of the outbreak. On Friday, a team of researchers based in the UK and US reported in a preliminary paper that the number of confirmed cases at the outbreak’s epicenter in Wuhan reflects only 5 percent of people who are actually infected.That would mean that for Tuesday, the last day they included in their analysis, the real number of cases is not 440, as has been reported, but is more like 12,000. The paper, which has not yet undergone peer review, appeared on the Medrxiv preprint server.... [Read More]