Expanding Earth — Clarity first

Two things that never occurred to me before about Pangea is that :

  1. That Pangea is normally shown to fit together from the continents only across the Atlantic Ocean. The video below claims that they can be seen to fit across the Pacific Ocean, also. See what you think.
  2. That mountain ranges could be explained by trying to fit the continent on a larger earth diameter. Think of an orange peel and imagine wrapping a large swath of it around a cantaloupe. The periphery of that peel would have to expand and cause large rifts and the center would bunch up and cause mountain ranges.

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Christopher Wray — Nothing to see here

The IG report is out and the issue of intent is on the table again. When Wray says that the IG didn’t find any political bias, he’s basically saying that nothing extraordinary happened, that nobody intended to do anything wrong. Why? Because they didn’t operate from bias. So, all of these minor missteps were not intended, they were inadvertent but always going against the president or for Hillary. Every one of the unintentional mistakes. Here’s ABC:

“[It’s] important to note what the Inspector General did not find,” Wray told reporters inside the FBI, marking one of the first times he’s taken questions from media representatives since becoming the agency’s director. “This report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations actually impacting the investigation under review,” namely the FBI’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.... [Read More]


Otto Warmbier’s treatment and death resulted in this summit

From Breitbart: President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the death of American hostage Otto Warmbier led to the summit with Kim Jong-un taking place.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the death of American hostage Otto Warmbier led to the summit with Kim Jong-un taking place.... [Read More]


Reincarnation: the Answer to the Question

Dennis Prager often talks about the most common question that he gets when religion is the topic. He speaks all over the country and the world and often speaks of religion. Here’s the gist of the questions: “How can God allow such suffering for some people and yet let others skate through life.” Prager also states that most religious teachers get this question often.

This post has been gestating for several years but I remember when it first came to me. It was while I was listening to Dennis Prager interviewing Eben Alexander (36 minutes). Alexander and Dennis were having a wonderful discussion until Alexander brought up reincarnation and how that explains so many things. Prager immediately was surprised and thrown off his stride but recovered and the rest of the discussion is great. Take a listen — it’s toward the end at 29:18.... [Read More]


The Genome Politics – Let the Laymen Talk (Experts are quite welcome, too)

@drlorentz put up a post called Leftism as Religion that I highly endorse. I started a branching thread within that about how I see Darwinism as being driven by similar (and very natural, of course) thinking.

Here’s what I said:... [Read More]


My Sayonara Message to Ricochet’s Happy Warriors Group

Sayonara to all:
This is my last full day at Ricochet. Tomorrow morning is the end of my subscription.
Thanks to all of you who have gone through all of the travails and joys and discoveries that Ricochet has brought into our lives. Ricochet is a great experiment and I wish it and you all well.
I think the biggest single problem that I see here is the tone deafness of the management regarding the stakes we are facing as a country. I’ve written a lot about the ineptness and the incompetence of the major leaders in the conservative movement. I think that this is the result of the success of libertarianism’s influence on the conservative and traditional elements in America.
The early relationship of Ricochet with National Review seems to be where the problem was born and where it lies now. There’s a cabal here that is determined to insist that: “Winning isn’t everything, you know.”
Second on the list is the way that moderators are used here. From TKC’s dismissal to MJBubba’s to Robert MacReynolds’ I watched these ridiculous and immature and too personal attacks go badly awry. I especially hated seeing them dismissed for what ended up being process crimes during the back and forth.
And finally, I think it’s the old absentee landlords’ problem of getting a strong leader in the day to day work — the COO, so to speak. Sorry to say this but this place needs a strong editor and one with a vision, clearly expressed. But, these types are busy elsewhere and I doubt they would move here to be in what is effectively a middle management slot with hard limits on what can be said and done.
Thanks again and God bless you all. I hope to meet many of you over the years in real life.


The Special Counsel Law – 28 CFR 600.1 – Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel

Here’s the wording of this law:

§ 600.1 Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.

The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted and –... [Read More]


Nice Acapella Version of Loch Lomond

The soloist here is my nephew, Malcolm. I don’t know the details of the Swedish group doing the choral work but they have a nice blend of voices.

It’s only right that the Swedes give homage to a Scottish classic after all the raping and pillaging they did there over a millennium ago.


Conrad Black’s New Book – Hugh Hewitt Interview Part 2

This is part 2 of Hugh’s interview with Conrad Black on his new book, Donald J Trump, A President Like No Other. (12 minutes)

(The first post on this I used my Dropbox and put in a link to the mp3 file. Please let me know which is preferred or if we need both this embedded player and a download link so you can keep it and listen to it later offline.... [Read More]


1940 – Minor skirmishes in the skies of southern England

News Excerpts of the time:

Prime Minister Lord Halifax tried again to tamp down wild speculation and unfounded rumors about what has been going on at the docklands and military aerodromes all around southern England. Though there have been some reports of bombs hitting London and some military bases the PM says that the extent of the damage is overblown.... [Read More]


Who’s really at fault for the coarseness in the public sphere?

In listening to Scott Adams (here’s his periscope feed) this morning he pointed out that the media has turned into the very thing that they pretend to hate about President Trump. In reality, they have always been like the Trump fantasy as they portray him. I think Trump just used his natural personality and recognized that it works well in the political field — the political field that was created by the media. These are the people who instead of calling Jeb “low energy” called many many Republicans racists when they know it’s not true. But they did it for what they consider good causes.

This is slanderous behavior and far worse than anything Trump said about anyone. Even the kerfuffle with John McCain and calling him a loser for getting shot down (or however he phrased it) wasn’t as damning and evil and libelous as falsely calling someone a racist.... [Read More]


What Happened with President George W. Bush with Regard to Scooter Libby?

I know that much of this is already known but I want to put things into perspective. In reading Louie Gohmert’s 48-page document on Robert Mueller and other deep-state recent history, it’s clear that:

  1. Scooter Libby didn’t do anything wrong yet he was hounded and successfully prosecuted by Patrick Fitzgerald in order to get at Libby’s boss, VP Cheney.
  2. That Libby told the truth but was still convicted on a perjury charge regarding his memory of what he told a reporter versus what the reporter had in her notes taken some years earlier.
  3. That the reporter, Judith Miller, later discovered that she had misremembered things and that the lie that Libby had lied was planted in her mind by Patrick Fitzgerald.
  4. That Judith Miller went to prison because Patrick Fitzgerald wanted her private notes. That she was hounded until she gave her notes to Fitzgerald.
  5. That Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed by James Comey after AG John Ashcroft recused himself. Fitzgerald was a close friend of Comey’s.
  6. That Richard Armitage broke the law (if anyone did) and leaked Plame’s name to reporters.
  7. That Richard Armitage wasn’t investigated nor indicted nor accused of any wrongdoing. This was because the real target of the “investigation” was the Republican leadership.
  8. That President Trump is not afraid of the media and is willing to do what is right. He was willing to clean up what President Bush left festering.

What’s wrong with our Republican leaders in general? Are they traumatized by the beatings they have taken from the media and the Democrats and the hard left Marxists in this country?... [Read More]