Can we just ask Dr Fauci to retire?

Ok, so a week or two ago the illustrious Dr Fauci was arguing with Dr. Rand Paul, about the risk of opening up too fast.

NOW, he is saying that if we don’t open up it would cause irreputable damage“. First he says no mask, then he says to wear a mask. Can we just ask Dr. Fauci to just retire and move along, because he’s been in his position for over 30 years and just might be a bit out of touch with trying to run the country during a pandemic. The is proably the best move at this point because as insane as this lockdown has been. Putting so much power into the hands of a tiny doctor from Brooklyn was a MASSIVE mistake.... [Read More]


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says the coronavirus “does not spread easily” through touching surfaces or objects

Can we stop being required to wear a freaking mask when going to the store then. This is ridiculous. I only wear a mask when I HAVE TO. That means as soon as I step into the store until I step out of the door. I also resent having to wear it the entire time, because I KNEW, that it is a pointless gesture that has nothing to do with preventing the spread of the virus.

At least this can shut the uptight busybody Karen’s up. You know those ladies who have appointed themselves the Mask Police on Next Door.... [Read More]


Sharyl Attkisson Reports on the politics around Hydroxychloroquine

Sharyl Attkisson did a great report on the politics surrounding the drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir. It’s a report worth watching how there might be financial incentives in pushing one drug over the other (huge shock).

Also (and this is my opinion) it is possible media companies can be persuaded to push a certain story regarding a drug due to pharmaceutical companies who advertise on those media channels may be producers of the drugs. There are way too many conflicts of interest going on for my comfort level.... [Read More]


Mollie Asks a Question

Mollie@MZHemingway Serious question: What is the appropriate remedy or response for the years of fake news being peddled by most of major media? They’ve caused major damage to domestic health and foreign relations. They are continuing the fake news even now. What can be done? What should be done?

Good Question Mollie. As Rush said the majority of the mainstream media is basically a bunch of leftist activists organization that are there to promote the Democrat Party. All this with Constitutional protections. So, what will they do now that they have evidence that a sitting president weaponized his Justice department to attempt to unseat a duly elected president? What will they do when they know that the media will carry water, lie and manipulate the news to protect those who blatantly abused their power  and are probably going to get away with it? How can this anyone in this country continue to believe that we are a “nation of laws” or that “justice is blind” or whatever slogans they toss out there that are obviously false, except those who have been brainwashed by the mainstream press?... [Read More]


Left and Right Feel Attacked on Social Media

Thank you @drlorentz for introducing me to this chick. Dr Karlyn Borysenko is one of the more recent example of a lefty being mugged by reality. Apparently she had, in her words, “Trump derangement syndrome” Then went to a Trump rally and met actual Trump supporters and realized “WOW, these people are actually normal. Nice, even”. So she wrote an article about it. Then it went viral and now she’s another of the more left leaning type trying to understand what the heck is going on. She’s in the same vein of Brandon Straka from the Walkaway movement or Dave Rubin. In that she’s still pretty left leaning but realizes the left have lost their collective minds.

Anyway, I found this video of hers to be very enlightening and actually really sweet of her to do. Although left wingers still really don’t understand is how bad the attacks are from those in power on those on the right who dissent.  I mean the left throws people they don’t like in jail, ruin their lives and reputation and bankrupt them. The right might call you mean names, but that really is it.... [Read More]


Sheryl Attkisson’s coverage of the corruption in our medical system

Sheryl Attkisson’s reporting has recently been my go to, to get some semblance of facts about …..: well anything these days. Especially with my increasingly dubious impression of the medical industry, which started before this Coronavirus stuff, I became suspicious due to too many of the professional associations within the medical community’s acceptance of the whole trans thing particularly when it came to children. Nothing about the medical intervention regarding the transgender phenomenon is scientific. It’s just not. You can’t change your sex… period.
Anyway, turns out Sheryl has been covering the corruption going on regarding the medical community for years. That there definitely is corruption going on. From the pharmaceutical companies handing over their liability cases for injuries due to the vaccines they manufacture to the DOJ. Did you know that, cause I didn’t? In the rare cases of injury  from a vaccine and you file suit for damages. Your case is not handled by the pharmaceutical company, it is handled by the DOJ. You have  to sue the federal government for damages and good luck going up against the DOJ with their record. Last I checked they don’t lose often.

Also she had reported the corruption in peer reviewed journals. That studies that go against a certain agenda aren’t published. I knew that was going on but still nice to be verified.... [Read More]



Look. I don’t know what the hell to believe anymore. All I know is that I watched this movie and I think she’s telling the truth. WHY? Would you ask. Because you can’t keep this freaking movie on social media. I’ve seen it shared a bunch of times on Facebook and it keeps being taken down from YouTube. Now all the mainstream sources are working hard to debunk this thing.

Also, what she has said about how the department of Justice took away her due processes rights, sounds pretty familiar. Hello, Mike Flynn, Roger Stone, etc… Heck even Dinesh D’Souza or that Nakoula Nakoula guy that they threw in jail for a year cause they wanted to blame Benghazi on the video he made, that no one saw. The government has a way of getting rid of dissenters when it wants to. So her story rings true to me about her being tossed in jail for no reason.... [Read More]


Harvard Professor Arrested in January

I have been hearing about this arrest back in January of a Harvard Professor. Dr Charles Leiber and Two Chinese Nationals who have a link to the Wuhan University of Technology. The professor has been charged with “making a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement”. One of his assistants? (I guess) was a member of the Chinese Communist party and charged with “one count each of visa fraud, making false statements, acting as an agent of a foreign government and conspiracy” and is back in China.

However, the other arrest makes it the story more interesting. That guy was arrested “with attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research to China.  On Jan. 21, 2020, Zheng was indicted on one count of smuggling goods from the United States and one count of making false, fictitious or fraudulent statements.”... [Read More]


Out of the Shadows Documentary

A former Hollywood stunt man searches for the truth that some of the content that Hollywood puts out may be influenced by our Government. .

Now, this wasn’t news to me but I was surprised when this popped up on my Facebook newsfeed by Evie Magazine. Which is a conservative women’s magazine but this usually isn’t content that they would normally get into.... [Read More]


Bird Post April 21

Dime has his tree, I’ve got something far cuter. Baby birds. This is the third time some welfare queen bird decided to build her nest in my garage to have her babies. Obviously her baby daddy was a deadbeat and now they’ve become my problem. Also My daughter broke the window to the door and we haven’t gotten around to fixing it so it’s our fault. However the little birds have hatched and my heart has softened to the gross little hatchings. I usually can’t stand birds but for some reason baby birds just warms my heart. Here is a video I took of them and I’ll post their progress since most of us have nothing better to do right now.

i hope it works... [Read More]


Oh Boy, The Left is in a Pickle now

Since I live in the People’s Republic of Connecticut, the past year we had town after town ban single use plastic bags at the grocery store. Basically because a bunch of bored, rich housewives from Westport decided to take up the cause. I guess their Yoga classes weren’t fulfilling enough for them. Same with the plastic straw ban. Some 9 year old tried his hand at statistics, and the rest of us had to suffer with these horrible PAPER straws. So a 9 year old calls up a bunch of straw companies and did some math, and that makes him right. OK. Aren’t teachers always telling kids to “check their work”? I guess in this case, no. Also there was a poor turtle  with a straw up his nose of course they must be banned. BAN IT ALL???

How quickly that changed with the Coronovirus pandemic. All the plastic bag bans have been lifted. Don’t know about the plastic straw ban, but I assume so. But it looks like we have a problem. All the coronavirus PPE is now polluting the oceans, and in many states like NY and now Connecticut (cause our governor just does whatever Cuomo does) have mandated everyone has to wear a mask when out. Remember when they told us a mask wasn’t necessary? But that was, like, 2 whole weeks ago, apparently things have changed.... [Read More]


Sharyl Attkisson report from 2009 that the CDC Overestimated Cases of Swine FLu

Probably no other journalist has been more Red pilled than Sharyl Attkisson, well, Maybe Lara Logan. But I just found this report that she did on Swine Flu back in 2009. That the CDC intentionally overestimated the cases of Swine flu. Check out the article [Read More]


Democratic Governor of NJ says “Each life lost is a precious life lost” while keeping abortion clinics open

The NJ Governor went on Tucker last night, we can give him credit for that. Tucker did push back on some of the measures taken in shutting down businesses in the state of New Jersey. At the end of the interview the Governor says that “Each life lost is a precious life lost”. Of course not those unborn babies, or people who may lose their life due to the shutdown and not the virus. The big take away from this interview is that our rights are being eroded and the politicians making these decisions are not taking our constitutional rights into consideration. We are being run by tyrants, and very unimpressive ones at that.


Dr Brix Admits They are Inflating the Numbers

“I think in this country, we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality,” said Dr. Birx.“There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU [intensive care unit] and then have a heart or kidney problem. Some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death.”

“The intent is if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death,” concluded Birx.... [Read More]


Biting The Hand That Feeds

I still don’t know why I go onto Yahoo News. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I saw this article and thought “you know maybe NYC deserves this pandemic”. Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian humanitarian organization. So that means they believe in the biblical definition of marriage and likely believe the limits God has placed on sexual activity. So of course during a pandemic where a Christian organization sets up tents in Central Park to help people who are sick no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation..ETC, they have to be protested by LGBT activists. [Read More]