ISIS news Nov 2020

ISIS.  “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”  Remember those guys?  They were very popular among Muslim jihadiis.  Many little jihadist groups affiliated with ISIS while they were at their peak.  Several of them are still flying the ISIS flag.  They found that they get better press coverage in western media when they use the ISIS name.  Illiterate western journalists were unwilling to cover events when they had to use complicated names like “Jemaa e Islamia” and “Lashkar e Tayyiba.”

Did you see them in the headlines last week?  No?  Well, recent ISIS violence has gone unnoticed by the Fake News Media, and, since the dead are all people of color, our vaunted conservative niche media also has mostly taken a pass, though Breitbart did cover one of these items.  But there were a couple of notable events in the past few days.

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A more perfect union.

OK, now I am thinking that unless Trump’s legal challenges overturn this horrible state of affairs, I am ready to begin thinking about secession and how to re-form an American remnant without the Blue Cities.

They would not be a viable entity on their own.  Do we have to abandon our rural brothers in the blue states in order to form a more perfect union?


Do something

Over on American Thinker, they attributed this thought to Dick Morris.  Here is their paraphrase:

It seems that virtually all the battleground states — Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona — have GOP legislatures. …

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Christian Zionists for Trump

I heard the Christian Zionists’ show on Radio Tupelo (AFR) today.

They were enthusiastically repeating their endorsement of President Trump.  They spoke about how, after 30 years of Republican promises, President Trump actually relocated the American Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem.... [Read More]


Drain the Swamp

Even while keeping up a very demanding campaign, President Trump is continuing to work on longstanding campaign pledges.  He issued a new Executive Order to expose more upper policy-making positions in the Executive Branch to management correction.

Go, Trump, go.

Drain the Swamp.

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Schismatic Bubba

Yesterday we managed to skate perilously close to the Reformation at Hypatia’s post, which was about the latest remarks from Pope Francis that exhibited his brinkmanship; tippy-toeing as close to the line as possible. With today being the celebration of Reformation Day, I am crashing in to those troubled waters.

It is unfortunate that Christians are divided, but that is our circumstance. Since we need each other in order to pull together to save western civilization, we need to find an understanding in which we acknowledge our differences even as we take up the struggle against the Left in good spirits and brotherhood.... [Read More]


Naked Brexit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday claimed Brussels had “abandoned the idea of a free trade deal”.

And the UK’s chief negotiator, Lord Frost, told Mr Barnier not to bother travelling to London on Monday – as he had intended – as there was “no basis” on which to continue negotiations.... [Read More]


Hunter’s laptop

You all saw it, right?   Because your social media pals alerted you to the story.

The New York Post got the scoop.   Hunter Biden’s laptop went unclaimed for over 90 days at a repair shop, and so under Delaware law it became fair game for the shop.  They hacked in and found Hunter’s e-mails.  They handed the laptop over to the FBI, after copying out some e-mails about Hunter’s business deals.  They appear to be very damaging to Hunter and Joe Biden, indicating a thriving business of influence peddling.... [Read More]



I don’t know who broke this story.  So far it looks like it was first noticed by Steve Krakauer.  National Review jumped on it early, as did

At the Confirmation Hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, there was this exchange.  Mazie Hirono was on the attack and offered this criticism:... [Read More]


Trump abortion treatment

Fake News alert. I suppose you all saw that thing about President Trump’s Regeneron cocktail being made from fetal cells.

Not true; the test is made from hamster cells.... [Read More]


Bob Dole is not sure it is over

Bob Dole !

A true American war hero, disabled veteran, former Senate Majority Leader, statesman, and the GOP presidential nominee in 1996.

He is still kicking around at age 97.   Good for him.  I was surprised to see his name, and also surprised because he was tweeting about the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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