New York and Chill

The Grand Ave subway station in northeast Queens is a madhouse at 7:15 am. Young people tryna get to school, grownups tryna get to work; it’s crowded; it’s uncivil; nobody gives way; nobody is polite; elbows are out; people are squished; if I don’t get on this train I’m gonna be LATE. (Continual delays and disruptions  are a microagression against all New Yorkers, but I’ll let others moan about that).

However, the same station at 7:00 am is nice. It’s tranquil. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. There’s a place to stand, maybe even a seat.... [Read More]


The Heart of a Teacher

Dave Ramsey often encourages people to look for an investment advisor with the heart of a teacher. I’m learning more about what that means.

Some people are in the position of training a new person, on the job, for example. But they don’t enjoy it. They hope the person will learn the new skills as quickly as possible, and go away and not ask for any more training. They want the new person to do their job, and do it well, so that the reluctant trainer won’t get in trouble with their supervisor.... [Read More]


Doing Rich Lady Things Like Using Uber and Seamless Are the Modern Way of Giving to the Poor

I feel guilty when I order takeout. Why? Because that’s money I could be saving for a rainy day. The frugal American we-don’t-have-servants mindset is that anything you can do for yourself, you should, and paying others to do something because you’re too lazy, is wasteful. 

When my sister’s washing machine broke, she had to send out her laundry for a while as they waited on repairs. She said, “Olive, it’s great. I may never go back. I know it’s such a Rich Lady thing to do, but….” ... [Read More]


What Could Our Benevolent Overlords Mean By This? Part 2

The Museum of Sex has graphic advertising all over the NYC subway system. My late friend wrote to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), informing them that children use public transportation and their images and message are not appropriate.

She was told that their advertising does not violate MTA policies.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... [Read More]


What Could Our Benevolent Overlords Mean by This?

Phase One: We don’t push one lifestyle choice over another. All choices are equal.
Phase Two: Some choices as more equal than others. The LBGTQWXYZ youth need our tax-funded support.
Phase Three: You’re a bigot if you don’t endorse this.


No Toxic Masculinity Here, Just Regular Masculinity

To be honest, I’ve been concerned about this boy. We’ll call him David. He’s turning twelve and his father left the family to go start a better one. He struggles to pay attention and get along in every class.

His fascination with Michael Jackson has reached the level of obsession. He knows every song and every move to every dance. He has lots of trouble sitting still or retaining information; he makes it through a typical class with a water break, a restroom break, a drawing break, and a go-stand-by-the-window-and-look-outside-for-2-minutes break. ... [Read More]


What I’ve Been Doing Lately

It’s great to be back among friends. I was an avid Ricocheteer back in the day. Some of you may remember my mom passed away in late 2014, and many were so supportive of me during that time. Especially Ten Cent. I <3 u Dime Bag; you are so much fun to make fun of. (smiley face)

After my mom passed, there wasn’t much left for me in my small Texas town. So I decided to move to New York City and pal around with my best friend!... [Read More]