New Entrant in the Fusion Power Race

Popular Mechanics noticed a patent application filed by and with the U.S. Navy for a “Wild” fusion power concept.  Wild is right–I’ve read the patent and find it both plausible and mind-blowing.  The key is a new idea for producing magnetic field confinement from rapidly spinning charged components.  The key to the new idea is that these charged spinning heads rapidly accelerate and decelerate, yielding a corresponding motion in the induced magnetic fields, magnifying their compressive effect.

The predicted input/output power ratio, per the patent application, is 1018. Yeah, break-even is not expected to be a problem. It seems the problem will be most likely be operator safety. The related statements in the patent are particularly dry. /:... [Read More]


Monday Meals, August 20: Mom’s Meatloaf

As of late Saturday evening, I’ve been visiting my 80-year-old mother, who is recovering from a severe broken leg (eight weeks ago, spiral break of the femur just above the knee — plate and ten screws).  My mom is in remarkably good shape, and is actually a couple weeks ahead of schedule in her recovery, having been allowed to put 40lbs of foot pressure on the leg this week.  She’s still homebound (no stairs allowed), but there’s light at the end of the tunnel now.

Anyways, my mom and I fell into an informal tradition years ago where she would make me a tuna-fish casserole, 70’s retro-style (corn flakes on top instead of crushed potato chips), any time I’d visit, after once expressing delight (actual) when she made it.  Apparently, I’m the only one of her seven children that is fond of it.  I live outside of Atlanta, and she’s in the woods of Western Maine, so it doesn’t happen all that often.  I fully expected her to make one for me on Sunday, to be the subject of this post.  It didn’t happen — she can’t do her own groceries, and the last sibling to do so failed to note that mom had cleaned out her tuna supply. /-:

The fallback plan was her low-carb meatloaf recipe:

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TOTD Feb 13, 2018: Celebrating Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras — literally “Tuesday, Fat” — is simply the day before Ash Wednesday, when us Roman Catholics and a few relations begin a period of self-deprivation and critical self-reflection.

The idea is that one must get in a good dose of revelry (and maybe even some debauchery) to tide one through the 40-day drought.  And it is more than just tacitly endorsed by the church hierarchy, as many parishes host a varieties of parties.  Well, they endorse the revelry, at least.... [Read More]


TOTD 1/2: Small Business

Mine, that is.  Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the startup of my LLC, and also marks the year my total of independent employment exceeds my years as an employee of others.  Although the legal details were prepared and registered (quietly) in December of ’02, fifteen years ago today, three of my peers and I simultaneously resigned from the industrial systems integration firm of which we were senior employees.

We each had discussed our frustrations with the 51% owner’s management style, and his apparent intention to never yield any more ownership to future partners.  Gaining ownership was a five-year goal I had stated outright when I interviewed for that job, with that owner, four years before.  Or more precisely, when asked for my five year goal, I answered “Ownership of or partnership in a company like yours.”... [Read More]


TOTD 12/27: Appeasement Then and Now

My wife was clearly paying attention some weeks ago when I was waxing eloquent over a Victor Davis Hanson podcast appearance, where he was expounding on his latest published work, The Second World Wars.  Not that she was paying attention to any of my commentary on the content of the podcast, but rather was noting my interest in acquiring the subject of the podcast.  After 29 years of marriage, she doesn’t quite read my mind, but one sometimes thinks so.  Christmas was good:

Even better, she rolled the dice and picked up some of his prior works, not realizing that I have a couple already.  Fortunately, his oeuvre is large enough that the odds of a duplicate were low, and indeed did not happen.  So Ripples of  Battle, The Savior Generals, and Why The West Was Won have also joined A War Like No Other and Mexifornia on my shelf.... [Read More]


TOTD 12/18: Forging Our Future

Progressives around the world are bound and determined to destroy the family as the core of society.  What they haven’t factored into their plans is that the future belongs to those who show up, and that means families.

The Next Generation

This photo from July includes my daughter-in-law, who was carrying my grandson at the time.  And recently arrived:... [Read More]