“GPS Declassified” in softcover

I just heard that my publisher is releasing a paperback version of my book next spring.  I’m going to try to get them to send an advance copy to Seawriter for him to review in his paper if he’s interested.

I just recorded a podcast with Cold War Conversations which will be released in about two months. https://coldwarconversations.com... [Read More]


Why is Setting up WiFi so Inefficient

A couple of months ago, I moved to a new apartment. I had AT&T in my old place and transferred it to my new one. I couldn’t make a reservation for the new place until the previous tenant canceled service because he had AT&T. The installer had to do a lot of searching for connections. Why wouldn’t they have that in the systems since the previous person had AT&T. The whole process was very inefficient. Dime supposedly lives in Japan so it’s hard to blame it on him.