Isolation Skills: How to Make Sourdough Bread

Homemade, Sourdough-Risen, Caraway and Onion Rye.

Today, President Trump extended the federally recommended period for isolation against the Wuhan virus until the end of April. In light of that extension, I’d like to share some personal, practical knowledge with as wide an audience as possible.

Ten years ago, I actively sought out a low-tech, hands-on hobby – something that I could do to fully unwind from a stressful day working in I.T.. I eventually settled on baking bread. Two years into that hobby, I grew and used my first sourdough culture. I have never looked back.... [Read More]


Private: WordPress Color Palette Question

The other day, my computer mouse was acting a little wonky. I tried to select the menu option for my unread notifications and somehow ended up on a page with color palettes.

Now, when I go to create a new post, the page is rendered in this weird, brown color palette.... [Read More]


Obama Meets with Merkel?

So, let me get this straight.

With the Russian Collusion narrative collapsing, and with Trump about to declassify, and with investigative roads now leading back to Obama’s Oval Office, Obama pops his head up for the first time in months and meets with a globalist leader, outside of the U.S., in private…... [Read More]




As some of you may have read in a post yesterday, I have decided to cancel my subscription at another site and spend a lot more time here. As part of that decision, I have given a group that I used to run there a domum novam (new home) here on Ratburger.

The group S.P.Q.Ratburger, a Latin language group, is now open to all diners. So, if you can read, write, or even speak Latin, then stop on by.... [Read More]