What does “low viral load” mean in the context of COVID-19?

A friend in Cairo and her spouse were both diagnosed positive and instructed to self-isolate, which they did willingly enough, as they were tested because of feeling unwell.  They were re-tested at the end of the statutory fortnight.  He has been given the all clear but she has been told that because she has ‘low viral load’ she must isolate for an additonal week and again be tested.

Trustingly, she asked me what, exactly, ‘low viral load’ means, implying that she’s concerned about this and , frankly, just a tad scared.  I’ve tried researching this and had no joy.  Asking for a friend: what does ‘low viral load’ mean in the context of COVID-19?


“Not Marie Antoinette” Gnarly Lambing Post

Corgi and lambDue to the need to evict an unsatisfactory tenant last autumn, I purchased all his livestock, which comprised six tups (rams) of various breeds and over a hundred ewes in lamb.  Hired professional shepherds to manage, not least because I was already committed to take part in two six-week field seasons in Cairo between mid-October and 1 March.  The inside of the large shed, normally dedicated to farm machinery, was converted to a livestock (sheep and ponies) management and emergency lambing facility. I arrived home on 28 February and lambing started on 9 March.  Most lambings were uneventful, with only a few cases where due to severe weather or distressed ewes or lambs we brought affected animals into the shed pens for warmth and closer monitoring.  We did have a case of a ewe preferring life outside the pen and requiring more stringent measures.

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