Economics Uber Alles

I’m trying to understand some logic. Maybe I just don’t get it. I mean, I’m weak on economics… however, I think it’s a lot to do with modern economics simply not being logical. There are assumptions that just don’t fit together.

For instance, the concept of state intervention is bad and horrible if the government imposes protective tarriffs on an industry or regulates or trust busts. The economy should be allowed to succeed or fail on it’s own merits. If it can’t afford to compete… it dies.... [Read More]


Time to Buycott Salvation Army

In a rather disheartening twist, Chick fil a just spit in the face of every customer they had supporting them through the LGBTQ nonsense.

It appears to me that instead of standing by their positions, they have decided to cut funding to one of the more honest charities (highest ratio of donations goes to charity) that specializes in homeless shelters, shelters for abused women and children, and drug addict rehabilitation.... [Read More]


Baptism and Nationalism Part II – Catholic Imperialism vs Protestant Nationalism

This is the second post in a series. For Part I of Baptism and Nationalism, click here.

When Yoram Hazony released The Virtues of Nationalism, I was quite excited. I have identified as a nationalist in my personal life since 11th grade. As it had developed as a general feeling of rightness based on history and religion, I was very excited that the nationalist movements in the west, and the backlash against them, brought about an intellectual case for nationalism.... [Read More]


Baptism and Nationalism Part I – Comparing Paedo vs Credo Baptism

I have been studying baptism for a while now. Though I only recently joined the Baptist church, it wasn’t the only time my beliefs on baptism had been challenged. My first debate on Baptism was at a meager 10 years old. My second true debate was at 23, after spending my teen years trying to understand the meaning of my own baptism and what it means to be a born-again Christian. I’ve revisited it multiple times in the last 12 years, as I have been re-introduced to the debate and teaching my children the apologetics to justify their own baptisms when I find credo-Baptists the best at teaching kids to read the Bible.

Over the last year, it has struck me that the theologies of Credo and Paedo baptism follow the arguments on nationalism really closely. I’d like to share my thoughts with you on this subject. First, I’ll start with outlining the different theologies of baptism.... [Read More]


How Many Angels – The Importance of Foundational Thinking

Arguing the fundamentals and foundational thinking can be tedious for a great number of people. However, some find it to be great sport. But does it have any value?

If the center of a circle is the most perfect foundation, when we get our foundation really close to it – or even not that close (relatively speaking), our foundational thinking might not appear to be very different from someone else’s foundational thinking… but if you drew a line from the point of perfect foundation through my foundation and did the same to the other’s foundation, what is built on those foundations starts to deviate a great deal. The distance between those lines grows the more we build onto those foundations.... [Read More]


I’m Not Conservative

When I first got to the other site, it was a bit if a rude awakening. My view of what conservatism was was very different from the very moderate ideas of The Other Place. It has taken me some time to figure out what was so off, but I think I have enough for a broad sketch.

Modern Conservatism is very libertarian. It promotes the ideas 0f free markets and individualism to extremes that the founding philosophers of these ideas did not hold to. Their promotion of limited government is more in keeping with traditional conservatism, but there appears to be a very undefined blurring between federalist and anti-federalist in that small government thinking – and small seems to predominantly be limited to domestic governance, not foreign policy.... [Read More]


Confessions of an Angry, Suburban Mom

I confess I have not been faithful to you, Ratlings. I hope you can forgive me for my wayward heart.

Perhaps this is an appropriate place to post this – perhaps no appropriate place exists. But I am angry. I am angry that I live in a world that has driven me from my parents due to economic opportunity. I longingly dream of a non-existent future where a job magically materializes and we can relocate to them. Raising young children away from your mother is not an easy task. But maybe it isn’t the lack of my mother that drives the consternation.... [Read More]