Boredom is Our Best Friend, Cold Anger is our Solution

Like all things of the moment, enthusiasm and fear passes. Humans cannot sustain a highly agitated state for long, our bodies eventually tamp it down with chemicals.

The Globalists and their shock troops keep hitting us with concept assaults, wanting us to frenzy out , panic and become deer in the headlights.... [Read More]


The Great Divide

Musing over the real fracture lines in America, which are very fundamentally different then the shiny object media generated ones is usually like chasing an imaginary gray cat in the fog. Things are becoming clearer and the imaginary cat is now a probability cat.

The systemic racism, social justice, and fascist anti fascist distractions are fluff. Dangerous fluff but lacking in reality power with a broad audience.... [Read More]


The Choice

I am sensing a spectacular case of tunnel vision by the opposition to the concept of America.

Let me get this straight.
Working is illegal unless you are a large company who makes donations. Who gets to work is up to politicians who despise you.
Riots and looting are justified. Some deaths are ok, some are horrible based on the narrative.
We need less police if any at all. Let Antifa be the actual police
Covid social distancing and economic damage was necessary until it was not for their goals and people
Whites need to kneel before Blacks
Rioters and Looters are arrested and immediately set free
Workers need to pay for the damage done by non workers and corrupt politicians
Schools are shut but we continue to pay for them
We paid for our military but it cannot be used to maintain order when the police fail
Funerals for nursing home victims are illegal but we have a three city media extravaganza for a media victim of choice
This manufactured mess is the fault of all white people everywhere including the unborn.
Nothing will stop until the mob says so.... [Read More]


Musings on a good day after a depressing night

I got very tired of the protest turned riot porn being fed by our “media” yesterday. We have become a nation that has been conditioned to react to bright shiny objects that are fed to us. The latest crisis of the day is a sterling example. In a nation of over 300 million, some very bad things happen to a fair number of people every hour of every day. We lose all perspective as one event is packaged, scripted and given immense airtime.

Nonetheless, today ended well in my mind. The rapid escalation of ‘riot events” , staged in cities with Democrat administrations who have a history of ‘let it burn rather than confront, as long it is in “their” neighborhood’ as well as collaboration with Antifa and such groups , the ready media response all proved that we were seeing a well orchestrated event. ... [Read More]


A Series of Small Awakenings Adds Up To …..What?

A significant number of the American population is over their reaction and concern about the VIRUS. Traffic is up, people are going outside, there is chafing at the restrictions and conversation has turned to examine the necessity of the Government edicts coming from various Governors.

It is easy to bemoan the extreme idiots who are huddling inside, willing to embrace freedom restrictions because they have fear, fear of the illness and fear of not being a socially responsible person. It is easy to bemoan by pointing to these folks and extrapolating that they constitute a majority of active voters.... [Read More]


Encounter With The New Madness

I made the bi-weekly insertion into the infected (by social science model) environment outside the bunker/castle/keep/freehold a few days ago.

Given I live in a Blue state with a cornered wuss for a governor who has significance issues and a keen overestimation of his societal worth, I donned the N95 mask and my tactile gloves (I can use the touchscreen with them as well as pickup up stuff off the floor) and walked into the Sanctioned Safeway, laid out with six foot floor tiles and warning signs everywhere with masked and gloved employees using social distancing as a damn good excuse to stand around and wait as any customer got within twelve feet. 78% stood around and slacked off with a broad smile while the remainder had the usual entitled surly snarl at not yet being a social media influencer and living the good life.... [Read More]