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An American Story -incredibly powerful

A Curmudgeon Muses As The Battle Goes On

The artillery has stopped and the ground forces are moving. It seems like all the bombs are dropped and the combatants are fighting in the rubble.

I have done what I can, sent money, explained my support for MAGA to those who listened, flew the colors and dropped our ballots in the fairly secure drop box. (despite being run by crazy nutters, Washington state bureaucracy does seem to have the mechanics of mail in voting down.)... [Read More]



My pace is calmer, my stress is high but my anxiety is low. Contrary to popular thought, stress is good, it is the anxiety during it that kills you. We need stress to grow and maintain.

Celebrating the Red Headed Irish Wisecracker’s return to walking without cane we took our road trip. No longer tethered to an office by today’s technology, we did the minimum to keep our business running from 7 different motels, drove 3100 miles over 10 days, celebrated eldest grandaughters 12th birthday in person and covered five western states.... [Read More]


Winning decisively

Given the shenanigans of the PA Supreme Court on three day post election voting without a postmark. it seems the Opposition is going to make a run at Pennsylvania and North Carolina on mail in fraud, two linchpins of the 2016 victory.

The best way to succeed in the post election fiasco coming our way is to win the electoral college without these two states. At that point rigorous policing of the corruption can be sustained to hold the Senate and win the House in contested states.... [Read More]


Musings on The Weakness Of Elites

We stand at a crossroads as a country with a distinct fork in the road ahead . When confronted with such a situation, Americans often heed the sage advice of Yogi Berra, the Philosopher “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”. A comic wit added “You never know when you might need a fork…”

For reasons known only to themselves, our elite class decided that the american middle class was not worth lording over, to expensive, too free, too unpredictable and so they decided to reduce us to worthless lotus eaters who are divided by gender, race, religion and values and replace us with better educated, striving overseas labor who worked for less and could be ruled by force.... [Read More]


Mordor Across the River

The fires out here have finally blown the virus out of the government topic of the day. Something about imminent danger and the fact that a poor response is immediately visible to politicians and the voting public seems to change the topic.

We here across the river have smoke and foul air but nothing compared to our former home.... [Read More]


Presidents and Communication

I tried to watch the DNC and gave up, life is short and it was too depressing. No uplift even for the true believers. It was the locker room of the losing team at halftime with a pissed off team owner.

The message was “You are not voting hard enough! The problem is you!”... [Read More]


Why The Large , Non Founder Driven Corporation Is A Dinosaur

I did my time in the large corporate sector, over three decades after a few years in the reality of small manufacturing businesses.

With few exceptions, we have decoupled the energy and vision that grew them to huge heights to the committee run temporary placeholder CEOs who manage to the next quarter to the latest live in the woke bubble idiots who went to college after 1980.... [Read More]


Boredom is Our Best Friend, Cold Anger is our Solution

Like all things of the moment, enthusiasm and fear passes. Humans cannot sustain a highly agitated state for long, our bodies eventually tamp it down with chemicals.

The Globalists and their shock troops keep hitting us with concept assaults, wanting us to frenzy out , panic and become deer in the headlights.... [Read More]