Looking Out My Office Window and Taking In the Scene

So here I am, musing and wondering.

It has been a heckuva week. The dental products business was beginning to blossom and now has hit a stall due to dental offices being closed. My other main income source is construction in the state below where the Governor issues cryptic edits which leave business owners confused. I had the owner call me looking for advice on how to handle an employee who faked having Coronavirus.... [Read More]


So What Is the POTUS Strategy?

From early statements it seemed POTUS was trying to portray Corona as another version of the seasonal corona virus, which it is. However, he sensed the media, the rogue IC, the Deep State on the Chinese payroll and such would try and make it the panic of the century.

He shifted gears, set fire to the best economy ever and decided to create a new show for us all. Wartime President, with fireside chats and team photos. All hands on deck, all well know brand names jumping on board for PR and a taste of the stimulus package. ... [Read More]


We Just Hit The Society Reset Button

If you read stories about the plague years, you will see Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in isolation from the Plague, Isaac Newton hunkered down and came up with his theory of motion and the calculus. (No cable or PlayStation available)

Just like Pearl Harbor, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the retreat from Vietnam, the racial riots in the 1960s, the Iran Hostage crisis, the Oil Shocks, the Berlin Wall coming down and 9-11, such events can cause a redirection, a rethinking and much else on a very personal level.... [Read More]


A Masterstroke Yet The Strain Is Showing

I have been waiting for the masterstroke on the Corona_corona situation. I listen to a lot of folks such as Scott Adams , Cernovitch and others and I have noticed a singular failing on their part , due to the immediacy of social media. All analysis from these very perceptive folks and most of the punditsphere seems to be focused on “Winning the Moment”. All analysis assumes you must win every encounter, every moment of every day.

Strategically, that is childish and stupid. ... [Read More]


We Need A New Collar Color

As the populace geographically disperses, as robotics and AI embed in everyday life in production, service and leisure, traditional white collar/blue collar (and the sexist pink collar) no longer works, just as rural/urban no longer describes our population.

Jobs that used to require minimal training by rote now require analytical understanding of what the technology is capable of and what it is not good at.... [Read More]


A Cultural Turning Point- Thanks Coronavirus

I am sitting here at home in southwest Washington State, run by a hack governor and silly politicians tempered by the need to keep actual industry working, and backed by a fairly efficient set of state bureaucracies. (It seems states without income taxes seem to run their state departments with a lot more efficiency than the ones with a large money flow).

It is my birthday and due to the fears of the virus, my grandchildren in Seattle are staying away as they fear infecting the old man. My other grandson in Eugene is home with a cold. I am quite content with video calls from all in the family, a leisurely lunch at a keto bakery, a nice Thai dinner out tonight and with better weather tomorrow a drive to the north Oregon coast to take the truck on a beach run.... [Read More]


Mini Mike Versus The Donald

I have come to a working theory on the emergence of Bloomberg. I watched the clips of the debate last night and saw what I had expected.

Scott Adams has a concept called “The Talent Stack” in his writings, which he uses to size up people . It is blindingly simple , and I have yet to hear anyone challenge it. The more diverse skills and disciplines you acquire, the more you will succeed at what you do. If you are trained in engineering, accounting and psychology, you will do better than a person gifted in any single talent over the long run. Adams reasons it is due to the ability to use multiple mental frames to analyze your situation and find a winning path.... [Read More]