Mini Mike Versus The Donald

I have come to a working theory on the emergence of Bloomberg. I watched the clips of the debate last night and saw what I had expected.

Scott Adams has a concept called “The Talent Stack” in his writings, which he uses to size up people . It is blindingly simple , and I have yet to hear anyone challenge it. The more diverse skills and disciplines you acquire, the more you will succeed at what you do. If you are trained in engineering, accounting and psychology, you will do better than a person gifted in any single talent over the long run. Adams reasons it is due to the ability to use multiple mental frames to analyze your situation and find a winning path.... [Read More]


Slow Motion Reducing of The Enemy Forces….

Over a three year timeframe I have seen an effective and unbelievable communications suicide by the Progressive politicians.

They have an opponent who has cajoled them to embrace post birth abortion, defend tyrannical genocidal regimes, embrace the impoverishment of the working and middle classes to support a climate crisis which still refuses to appear on stage, promote illegal immigrants rights as superior to citizen rights, embrace farming out US labor to cheap imports for Big Ag and Big Tech, Postpone trade deals which create jobs, propose killing all industrial development and demand the access of their favored form of transgenders access to your children’s bathrooms and showers.... [Read More]


Impeachy Counter Programming

We have achieved the Marshall McLuhan Singularity Point of No Return Event Horizon of History.

Not “The Medium is the Message” but the best Woody Allen scene ever in Annie Hall where in response to a loudmouth jerk pontificating on McLuhan’s theories on a movie line, Woody’s character stops him and says “I have Marshall McLuhan right here” and pulls the man out from behind a movie poster. McLuhan then begins to dismantle the self important jerk.... [Read More]


Global Strategic Change in Sound Bite Form

The best part of the UK Election result is it is the last linchpin for a new economics of the planet. The post Nixon era of globalists buying congress and the Federal Bureaucracy to keep the money , assets, skills , intellectual property and jobs flowing out of the US is crashing down. With the incentives for relocation of the supply chains out of China (both from tariffs by the USA and Chinese blatant piracy), the rejection of NAFTA and TPP, we are forming a group of the USA, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and now the UK , with potential for Australia and Brazil to join who will implement fair trade and real win win economics. Canada will eventually come along politically out of necessity. The UK -US deal will begin the complete destruction of the EU as an economic cartel.

The implications are staggering for the chance of keeping freedom alive for a few more generations.... [Read More]


Talkin’ bout the boys from New York City…

It looks like the two uncouth and crazy outsiders are beginning to shake the trees. So far, the UK results look promising, and a solid swell of rejection of the worst elite class in two generations is underway in the USA.

Amazing that the culprits behind this effort are both born in New York City… I swear, it must be the water or something…... [Read More]


Curmudgeon Muses While Writing More Checks

I am sitting in my home office/lair/fortress of solitude/batcave trying to catch up on the dental companies supply chain backlog after the holiday while also searching Amazon for sharks with freaking lasers on their heads (No lair complete without them) and keeping the notifications of the Nadler-Pelosi remake of 12 Angry Men in the background processor of my brain stem.

Meanwhile, I have a very young and competent installer for my new water treatment system who knows what he is doing and is service oriented to a fault drilling holes in my garage and sewer runoff pipes. (Only surprise expense in the whole move. Not bad) I feel confident the blue collar gen z folks are our future. This one was telling me about how he is doing well with a full plate of work and feels sorry for his friends who went to college.... [Read More]


Curmudgeonry in the 21st Century

Most definitions of the word are done by people who are not curmudgeons, so therefore have little to no significance in reality.

Mark Twain may have been the best example. A person with experience and insight and little patience to gloss over the silliness most people accept. To most, this comes off as “grumpy , ill tempered old man”. What else could be expected from the safe spaces, participation trophy crowd? (Female Curmudgeonry has a very different persona but shares the outcomes described here.)... [Read More]