Wayne Allyn Root Sounds the Alarm

He ISN’T usually characterized as an alarmist or conspiracy nutjob.  He IS yet another important clear voice warning of the severity and implications of our current political war, and how it will evolve if unattended: Kristallnacht, redux.



They’re Baaaack, We Hope

We haven’t had a Mallard pair as regular visitors for a couple of years.  Maybe this pair is scoping the pond for suitability as a swimming hole for the upcoming ducklings?  Hope so!  Newborn ducklings are like brown bobbing ping-pong balls with teeny beaks.  Hilarious gift from Mother Nature.  We had a pair of Mallards we named Desi & Lucy hang out for several years, a few years ago.

A new Desi & Lucy?



These are individual photos, via iPhone 11, of my better half’s plantings that live on our deck for our joy and amusement whilst sipping the fruit of the vine, listening to classical music, and totally ignoring the meretricious current news.  With even Tucker Carlson firmly seated in the exaggeration and fear mongering train, it’s time to meld with the natural world’s bounty.  Pix are from yesterday; Ma Nature is definitely waking up!

An overview from my perch.
Our totem guards the Wa.
Koi-themed succulent group.
My Bonsai, half pruned.
Yabu, our latest adoptee.
Gwinnie views it all from warm comfort.