Dead Horse MUST Be Beaten!

Bryan’s post about polling and such is getting a little long in the tooth, so here’s another foray into the noise around the campaigns.  Biden/Harris event in AZ draws zero attendees.  Zero!  As in bupkis.

For an event featuring both pieces of the ticket, that’s news! HDAHA!


Peace Between Israel & Various Arabs Is Wonderful, But…

The cause of much middle-east conflict is intra-arab tribal crap.  A huge conflict was, and still festers in many quarters, the Iran/Iraq war.  Good that arabs are chilling with the Israelis, but the region is still a hotbed of tribal barbarians covered with a very thin veneer of Western accouterments. (And, let it be ritually noted that the “Palestinians” are the worst of the whole lot.) Here, Buchanan tries to elucidate something, I’m not quite sure what; he is pretty sharp for an elderly dude, eh?


Simple Numbers, ergo Simple Decision

Viruses are small.  All filters are not created equal.  Idiocy abounds.  Our citizenry is downright ignorant about basic dimensions.  The gap between the average citizen’s entry-level scientific literacy and that necessary to function in a semi-technical society is about one parsec.

Thankfully, we have American Thinker and Andrea Widburg on duty.


So. Much. Stupid., says Derek Hunter

A pet peeve of mine, an entity I’ve actually named, is the slow and methodical violation and degradation of our precious English language.  There are innumerable reasons it is the primary language of business, worldwide, and that it helped beget Shakespeare’s trove.  But it’s not as if I’d actually shun someone who commits some minor heresy, or even comment on it.  Decline is our new norm.  Adding periods within a phrase or sentence adds no value to the words used, and only denotes a turgid cadence, at best.  Maybe more descriptive or apt words might convey the probable intent of the author to add a sense of importance or gravitas?  I’m stuck at home with a wounded leg, and further, can’t even sit out on my deck and watch the birds and my fish because our normally pristine and clean Pacific ocean air is acrid with smoke, so I’m officially grousing about this topic.

I expect, nay demand, opinions from my fellow Ratters about this linguistic travesty.


Today’s Winner

An interesting piece by Chet Richards  involving history, personalities, and hope.

A runner up, simply for constructing a great sentence, is Christopher Chantrill:   For context: “I don’t think that Joe Biden has that kind of depth. Or Kamala Harris. Or the First Black President.”  The sentence of glory: “They have no idea that their political movement is broken, lost, mindless — oh, and cruel — and that they are babbling idiots reciting slogans that had passed their sell-by date a generation ago.”


Wayne Allyn Root Sounds the Alarm

He ISN’T usually characterized as an alarmist or conspiracy nutjob.  He IS yet another important clear voice warning of the severity and implications of our current political war, and how it will evolve if unattended: Kristallnacht, redux.