A Bad Day for Junior

Junior was the name we gave our resident Hummingbird, not knowing it was a girl.  Over the past few years she became almost tame, following us around the yard.  This year, for the first time, she built a nest in our front yard, as you can see in the picture.  Unfortunately, her nest was vandalized by some predator, so no babies for us to see, but she survived.  Also, she has decamped, likely for safer environs, but who will ever know.    We miss putting out warm food for her every morning.  Gorgeous nest:

Junior, warming her eggs.


Instant Mental Health w/vid added

Yesterday I finished my basic regimen of pre-spring yard biz, and was sprawled on my deck chaise enjoying the fruits of several days of my cleaning and pruning labors, whilst sipping some fruit of the vine, with my trusty iPhone at hand to record whatever my enfeebled mind desired, on a perfect 60+ sunny afternoon, when Gwyneth provided the capper of capers.  One simply cannot hold any thought of political dread or other source of anxiety while watching her roll on her back on freshly mowed grass.  I finally figured out how to reduce the size of the video.  Audio courtesy of KQAC All Classical Portland.



Not sure why Victor Davis Hanson has lately invested so much energy in political analysis, but given that he’s extraordinarily clear-eyed, it’s difficult to argue with his theses.  Underneath his latest analysis published on American Greatness is a ray of hope.  Of course the Left has  reached a monumental level of mediocrity, stupidity, mendacity, and hubris, but he maintains that it is unsustainable, with the usual caveat about violence as a persuasive tool.  As per my usual campaign promoting optimism, I believe VDH is on the correct scent trail.  Enjoy!



American Thinker Plants a Seed

An interesting political point of view at American Thinker, by Ben Voth; maybe it’s a start, or maybe just a ray of hope.  As always, read the whole thing.

“The Axis of San Francisco to D.C. was broken on Tuesday night. The ability to dictate to flyover country the terms of political discussion appears to be as broken as the Iowa caucus software. Breaking the deceptive interpretive paradigm and epistemology of a reactionary elite is the most important potential development for America in this century.”... [Read More]