Safe Harbor Suggestions

The lovely Mrs E and I are a a coupl’a three, four years from retirement.    There is no way we can afford the NJ property taxes in retirement, so we can’t stay here.    And, after this week, neither of us wants to be anywhere near NYC or any other progressive metro area.    Things are too far gone.    There is a violent spasm coming and we don’t want to be around for it.    But neither do we want to retreat to the hinterland.    We’re kind’a citified.   We’ve spent nearly 40 years in and around NYC and DC and can’t see ourselves too far from some hub-bub.     But where to go?     Looking for a few good ideas to start investigating.


Fiscal Responsibility

I usually just assume that liberal Democrats (or is that now redundant?) will tax and spend spend or borrow and spend as their knee jerk reaction to any crisis, large or small.    That prudence was beyond them.    I may have to re-think that.
I saw a bit of Coumo’s coronavirus press conference today.    He was asked whether, to offset the pandemic’s hit to NY State’s revenues, he would consider authorizing a multi-billion dollar borrowing program for the State.   His answer was worthy of the flintiest green-eyeshade accountant.    He spoke about how borrowing should be reserved for capital projects that  would increase the State’s revenue over time … like an investment.    He spoke about the dangers of borrowing to fund day to day operations.    How borrowing for even the best projects must be prudently analyzed against the State’s ability to repay.    “Mortgaging our children’s future is not a game I’m willing to play”.    He sounded like Rand Paul.    I was shocked.    I had always assumed that the logic of fiscal responsibility was lost on Libs.    Apparently not.    He actually seemed like he got it.

But then he switched gears and argued that, because NY had to be fiscally responsibly, it was incumbent upon the Federal government to fund NY state government.    And to undertake massive infrastructure spending as well.   That fact that the Federal government has to borrow those funds to give to NY  seemed to have escaped his notice.   Or perhaps in Cuomo-land, Federal borrowing does not mortgage the nation’s children’s future like NY’s borrowing mortgages the future of NYs children.    Strange.    Somehow, the assumption underlying his position seems to be that  moving up a level of government invalidates or sidesteps all the accounting standards and principles that applied to the lower level.    Has the magical thinking of Modern Monetary Theory gone mainstream Dem?


Biden Caught In Lie About Flynn in ABC Interview

But George Stephanopolous  let him off the hook.

This morning, during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, George Stephanopolous asked Biden about the investigation of Michael Flynn.   GS asked Biden “… What did you know about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn and were they improper?”... [Read More]


What Constitutional Crisis? Or. Does the President Have the Authority to Re-Open the Economy?

The media is in its usual breathless frenzy over whether President Trump is a wanna-be king or dictator because of his assertion that he has absolute authority regarding re-opening the economy.   (This from the same media who mere hours ago was castigating him for NOT using his authority to shut down the economy sooner – but that is a separate discussion)

What interests me are two things. (1) Democrats sudden discovery of States Rights and limits on Federal authority.  And (2) whether or not President Trump is right.    Does he indeed have the authority?... [Read More]


Coronavirus – maybe a peek into the future

There is a company called Kinsa Health.   They make ‘smart thermometers’.   Apparently when you take your temperature with one, it reports that information as well as location data back to the company.   There a million or so of these things out there in America.    That being the case, the company has a couple year’s of historical data.     They do a compare and contrast with the ‘average’ flu season.   Apparently, their numbers give a pretty accurate picture of what is going on in real time.    And they are usually a week or two ahead of the CDC in determining the state of the annual flu season.
This year they have added an “Atypical” designation … highlighting areas of the country where their data are outside the usual bands.   One would think that this would capture covid-19 outbreaks.     And it seems to.
Today, they added a “Trend” designation.     In most of the country – except for a swath of the Southwest – “Atypical” readings are in the decline.   Fingers crossed.

interactive map is here:... [Read More]