Coronavirus – maybe a peek into the future

There is a company called Kinsa Health.   They make ‘smart thermometers’.   Apparently when you take your temperature with one, it reports that information as well as location data back to the company.   There a million or so of these things out there in America.    That being the case, the company has a couple year’s of historical data.     They do a compare and contrast with the ‘average’ flu season.   Apparently, their numbers give a pretty accurate picture of what is going on in real time.    And they are usually a week or two ahead of the CDC in determining the state of the annual flu season.
This year they have added an “Atypical” designation … highlighting areas of the country where their data are outside the usual bands.   One would think that this would capture covid-19 outbreaks.     And it seems to.
Today, they added a “Trend” designation.     In most of the country – except for a swath of the Southwest – “Atypical” readings are in the decline.   Fingers crossed.

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