My Little Red Island . . . Sank

When I moved back to New Jersey in 2004, I settle in Morris County. While New Jersey as whole is a Democrat state, my area was a little red island in that sea of blue. The mayor and town council where I live were all GOP. The county government had a solid Republican majority and we had a Republican congressman representing our district. At first it seemed like the “real” election was the GOP primary and then November was just a chance to rubber-stamp those results.

Of course, in state wide elections conservatives still felt ignored. Don’t recall when NJ last sent a Republican to the US Senate. Despite that, we did  get two terms out of a moderate GOP governor. But Christie was reelected in 2013, I don’t see where even a squishy Republican could win today.... [Read More]


Health or Control?

If you return to Washington DC after “non-essential” travel to certain states you must self-quarantine for 14 days. If you travel to the same place on “essential” business then you are not under the same restrictions. Does that mean the virus will be more or less deadly based on why you decided to travel? Probably not, but it does mean that going to Georgia for a Democrat’s funeral is definitely an “essential” activity.

In Nevada, churches cannot have more than 50 people in them at a time, regardless of how large the church is. Casinos, on the other hand, are allowed to have up to 50% capacity. So, if your church can seat 1,000 you can only have 50 people but if your casino fits 1,000 people you can have up to 500 gamblers at a time. Again, does the virus know if you are a worshipper or a degenerate gambler? No, it does not. Casinos pay more taxes, but we are still going with the “public health” argument for the lockdowns, right?... [Read More]


License to Lather . . . Rinse & Repeat

With unemployment rates already high from coronavirus and the state’s response, the New York Senate is looking into adding another barrier to employment, a shampoo license.

NY State Senate Bill S8862 would require 500 hours of course study in order for someone to get a job as a “Shampoo Assistant.” In addition to the cost for taking such classes, shampooers would also have to pay a fee to the state to obtain their certification. I assume part of the training is, “try to avoid getting soap in the eyes.” Not sure what the other 499.9 will be spent on.... [Read More]


“Read the Bible!”

Woke White woman decides that she needs to “teach’ police officers (both White and Black) about racism. In her self-righteousness, she honestly believes she has a valuable lesson for them. First, she tells the white office that it doesn’t matter that his wife is black, then she tells him he is lying. When a black officer takes few steps towards her she jumps back. Realizing how that looks she then said, as much for herself as for anyone else, that she moved away because of “COVID.” OK. Anyway, near the end, where some (like me) might be tempted to tell the woman to “shut the [expletive] up!” the one officer gives a much more Christian response. Well done, sir.


Women Statues in NYC

The First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, decided to do something about the fact that there are very few statues of women in the city. She asked New Yorkers to nominate females that were worthy of having a statue in New York. The most nominated woman was Mother Frances Cabrini. Cabrini is a Catholic saint. She came to New York in the 1800’s and set up missions for Italian immigrants. Italian Americans have had a huge impact on the city and Mother Cabrini played an important role in assisting this immigrant community.

When finally selecting seven statue-worthy women, McCray left Cabrini off her list. Many in the Italian American community felt slighted. Actor Chazz Palminteri went so far as calling McCray a racist for snubbing the Italian woman. Now McCray is married to Bill de Blasio, so maybe she hasn’t had a great example of Italian Americans. Still, is the mother of two half Italian kids really racists against Italians? Let’s take a look at who did make the cut.... [Read More]


She’s Baaack!!?

In the next week Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be on Stephen Colbert, The View, and CBS Sunday Morning. Why the sudden interest in Mrs. Clinton?

With talk of impeachment, they could be reaching out to Clinton as someone who knows the impeachment process better than most. Better than she ever wished. While that is possible, I think she sees Biden floundering and believes she can jump in and try for a third time to become president.... [Read More]


Escape From New York

According to recent Census data, 277 people move away from the New York metropolitan area every day. That is over 100,000 people a year. After seeing this data my first thought was, “Why isn’t it more?”

Don’t get me wrong, New York City has a lot to offer. It also has high real estate costs, high city taxes, high state taxes, and all sorts of costly regulations.... [Read More]