All this talk about the coronavirus but we are forgetting something…

All this talk about the coronavirus but we are forgetting something…

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Voices from the Past

AutoCAD version 2.5 audio cassette (July 1986)In July, 1986, Autodesk, Inc. launched version 2.5 of AutoCAD, our principal (and, in terms of revenue, effectively only product).  This was a major new feature release, and the first such release after the company’s initial public stock offering (IPO) in May, 1985 (memo to younger self: don’t do an IPO at the same time you’re trying to ship a major product update—it hurts).

I had always believed an essential component of success in the software business was a close and ongoing connection and collaboration between the software developer and our customers.  It was the customers who continually amazed us with the new ways in which they applied our product, their insight in recommending changes and new features which would benefit themselves and other users, and their ability to discover and document flaws in our products which had escaped our own testing.... [Read More]


Half a Million Spammers

Pumpkin spice SPAMEarlier today, on the last day of 2019, blocked the 500,000th attempt to pollute the site with spam comments or to register new user accounts in order to make spam postings.  As of this post, the total spam blocked has already climbed to 500,254.

The site opened to the public on December 10th, 2017, and thus has been in operation for 752 days.  There have, then, been an average of 665 attempts to spam the site per day over that period.  The vast majority of these have been caught by a plug-in we run, Stop Spammers, which checks the IP address and E-mail address of users attempting to register an account against a number of blacklists of known spammers, and also enforces correct use of the HTTP protocol which some high-volume spam robots violate in order to hit more targets per second.  In addition, thousands of other suspicious attempts to access the site have been flagged and rejected manually—these do not appear in the totals above.... [Read More]


I have not been around lately…

I have not been around lately, my computer seems to be crashing a lot lately. I did memory, hard drive and CPU tests and all come up OK. The only new thing is I have noticed some new nag programs from Microsoft reminding me that support for windows 7 is ending. Funny thing, these seem to hang in memory.

Firefox seems to use somewhere around 3 Gig of RAM and the operating system is over 1 Gig of RAM and I can only put 4 Gig in this machine. Time for a new machine I guess. But not a Windows Machine.... [Read More]