Half a Million Spammers

Pumpkin spice SPAMEarlier today, on the last day of 2019, Ratburger.org blocked the 500,000th attempt to pollute the site with spam comments or to register new user accounts in order to make spam postings.  As of this post, the total spam blocked has already climbed to 500,254.

The site opened to the public on December 10th, 2017, and thus has been in operation for 752 days.  There have, then, been an average of 665 attempts to spam the site per day over that period.  The vast majority of these have been caught by a plug-in we run, Stop Spammers, which checks the IP address and E-mail address of users attempting to register an account against a number of blacklists of known spammers, and also enforces correct use of the HTTP protocol which some high-volume spam robots violate in order to hit more targets per second.  In addition, thousands of other suspicious attempts to access the site have been flagged and rejected manually—these do not appear in the totals above.... [Read More]


I have not been around lately…

I have not been around lately, my computer seems to be crashing a lot lately. I did memory, hard drive and CPU tests and all come up OK. The only new thing is I have noticed some new nag programs from Microsoft reminding me that support for windows 7 is ending. Funny thing, these seem to hang in memory.

Firefox seems to use somewhere around 3 Gig of RAM and the operating system is over 1 Gig of RAM and I can only put 4 Gig in this machine. Time for a new machine I guess. But not a Windows Machine.... [Read More]


Just like California’s rolling blackouts, except…

Just like California’s rolling blackouts, except mine are barely a second long.

Well here’s the long story shortened. I have an UPS, an uninterrupted power supply, It WAS connected to two outlets upstairs, (my computer and the UPS is in the basement), it had a massive battery failure a few years ago. The two matched car batteries it ran off sort of decided that they will out-gas hydrogen sulfide and just die. I disconnected it and hoped for the best. We had another failure for a few hours just recently and that prompted me to buy a generator. But a generator will not help with a drop out of only a second. The second drop outs are because of the high winds we are experiencing in NE PA.

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Giving a Tele-Monster, a taste of his own medicine.

Hello Ratburgers!

Most of you know I hate “tele-monsters” with a passion that is unequaled.

I’ve subscribed to NOMOROBO.com  for my home phone and they take care of 99% of the “tele-monsters”. But there was that single ring before NOMOROBO would pick up the line and then disconnect the “tele-monster”. So I found a “First Ring Eliminator” on Amazon and installed that. Now I don’t hear that annoying first ring. (It’s unfortunately not available right now.)

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Science Security

China is stealing our science. They steal copyrighted material, they steal proprietary information, they steal research, they steal research results, and they are grooming a large number of U.S. university researchers to be poached to staff Chinese labs in China.

There was a confab on “Science Security” at the recent meeting of the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities. It was written up for Inside Higher Ed, but it is on the public side of their paywall so you can all read it. I found it to be a fascinating read. Here is the intro:... [Read More]


Jeff Bezos in 1997: The Origin, Concept, and Promise of Amazon.com

In June, 1997, Jeff Bezos, who still had hair, gave a brief interview during the Special Libraries conference in Seattle.  He explains why he chose books as the first product on which to concentrate, and how building something on-line which couldn’t exist in the real world (a bookstore with access to every book available anywhere) distinguished Amazon from other early E-commerce ventures and generated large amounts of free publicity and word-of-mouth referrals.


California wind event in Pennsylvania?

Well we had five brief outages of the power tonight, so brief that the clocks on the stove, toaster and alarm clock did not reset. I thought I was in a California wind event! But no, just storms passing through Pennsylvania. I was reading some very old Popular Science articles via google archives and I got rebooted five times.  The wife ain’t too happy either, waiting for the cable TV box to reload takes five minutes.

So next available couple of extra bucks I get I will either buy new car batteries for my big UPS, and run a line from there to my computer area, or buy two little UPSs, one for the TV and Cable box and One for my computer.