Replacement for his royal highness….

Ya’ know, this has gone too far. Now he wants us to call him; “Your royal highness”! Impeachment is too good for him and if we let the democrats in this forum in charge of it, well you know how that goes, it will take forever.

I propose we just look for a replacement, and I have just the puppets in mind that will fill the bill nicely. They once stared on a segment of MTV and now they say they are ready to come out of retirement! Isn’t that great?... [Read More]


Global Strategic Change in Sound Bite Form

The best part of the UK Election result is it is the last linchpin for a new economics of the planet. The post Nixon era of globalists buying congress and the Federal Bureaucracy to keep the money , assets, skills , intellectual property and jobs flowing out of the US is crashing down. With the incentives for relocation of the supply chains out of China (both from tariffs by the USA and Chinese blatant piracy), the rejection of NAFTA and TPP, we are forming a group of the USA, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and now the UK , with potential for Australia and Brazil to join who will implement fair trade and real win win economics. Canada will eventually come along politically out of necessity. The UK -US deal will begin the complete destruction of the EU as an economic cartel.

The implications are staggering for the chance of keeping freedom alive for a few more generations.... [Read More]


The Canadian Federal Election

I spent yesterday evening watching the Canadian election returns, hoping that the fool Justin Trudeau might be turned out of office.  Alas, it was not to be.  While the Liberals lost their governing majority (a governing majority requires at least 170 seats), they finished with a plurality of seats (157), followed by the Conservatives (121), the Bloc Québécois (32), the New Democratic Party (24), the Green Party (3), and one independent.

The upstart People’s Party of Canada (PPC), founded by former Conservative foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier, failed to win a single seat.  Bernier himself lost his seat for the riding of Beauce in Quebec.... [Read More]


Chick-fil-A is speciesist

Chick-fil-A exploits chickens for profit.   The below is excerpted from an actual news article:

“Many U.S. cities, campuses, and retail outlets have refused to allow Chick-fil-A to locate within their spaces, and/or have been vocal opponents of the corporation’s hateful values,” the statement continued. “Toronto and the rest of Canada need to be next in line.”... [Read More]


Conrad Black Writes a Manifesto

Mark Steyn interviews Conrad Black on his new book,  Canadian Manifesto. It’s a fun interview with a lot of historical references. Conrad Black posits that if the US would have stayed with Britain, the US could have controlled the British Empire. He also shared that Canada was offered the British West Indies after World War I but said no thanks. The interview is about an hour.