TOTD 2020-2-12: I Was a Bad Sock

I had a driving infraction so instead of getting my Gold Card driver’s license which is 5 years per renewal, I got a license with a blue streek in it. Instead of an easy peasy 30 minute lecture I got a longer lecture. Here is what I want you to guess.

How many years is my license good for now?... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-1-24: Who was that masked man?

Are you now wearing or have you ever worn a surgical type mask in public?

In Japan, people wear masks around allergy, cold, and flu season. Sometimes it is for prevention of getting something and at other times it is to prevent giving something. What do you think of the practice?... [Read More]


Replacement for his royal highness….

Ya’ know, this has gone too far. Now he wants us to call him; “Your royal highness”! Impeachment is too good for him and if we let the democrats in this forum in charge of it, well you know how that goes, it will take forever.

I propose we just look for a replacement, and I have just the puppets in mind that will fill the bill nicely. They once stared on a segment of MTV and now they say they are ready to come out of retirement! Isn’t that great?... [Read More]


Rice Cookers: They Do it with a Magnet!

Back in May, 2018, we had a post here about rice cookers.  That was about a very high-end unit, but the bottom of the line products often used a remarkably clever means to cook perfect rice every time, regardless of variables such as the kind of rice, altitude, initial temperature of the water, and the exact quantities of rice and water (within reasonable limits) put into the cooker.  Here is a Technology Connections video about how they did it.

... [Read More]


TOTD 2020-1-7: The Year of the Rat

How is that for advertising! We got a whole year named after us. 2020 is the Year of the Rat. We even got these other years named after us. 

Start date End date Heavenly branch
11 February 1804 30 January 1805 Wood Rat
23 January 1816 16 January 1817 Fire Rat
14 February 1828 3 January 1829 Earth Rat
2 February 1840 22 January 1841 Metal Rat
20 February 1852 3 February 1853 Water Rat
8 February 1864 26 January 1865 Wood Rat
26 January 1876 12 February 1877 Fire Rat
12 February 1888 30 January 1889 Earth Rat
31 January 1900 18 February 1901 Metal Rat
18 February 1912 5 February 1913 Water Rat
5 February 1924 23 January 1925 Wood Rat
24 January 1936 10 February 1937 Fire Rat
10 February 1948 28 January 1949 Earth Rat
28 January 1960 14 February 1961 Metal Rat
15 February 1972 2 February 1973 Water Rat
2 February 1984 19 February 1985 Wood Rat
19 February 1996 6 February 1997 Fire Rat
7 February 2008 25 January 2009 Earth Rat
25 January 2020 11 February 2021 Metal Rat
11 February 2032 30 January 2033 Water Rat
30 January 2044 16 February 2045 Wood Rat
15 February 2056 3 February 2057 Fire Rat
3 February 2068 22 January 2069 Earth Rat
22 January 2080 8 February 2081 Metal Rat
7 February 2092 26 January 2093 Water Rat

This is from the Chinese zodiac. It is a twelve year cycle. The next Rat Year will be 2032. (Of course the world will have ended by then.)... [Read More]


TOTD 2019-12-23: The Emperor Has no Holiday

For as long as I have been in Japan December 23rd has been a holiday. Christmas is not a holiday but the 23rd was. This is because the emperor’s  birthday was that date. With abdication he has lost his national holiday. (Pro tip never abdicate before your birthday. )  So there is no Happy Emperor Birthday  for me. :-(

The Emperor’s Birthday (天皇誕生日 Tennō tanjōbi)is a national holiday in the Japanese calendarcelebrated on the birthday of the reigning Emperor, which is currently 23 February, as Emperor Naruhitowas born on that day in 1960.[1][2] Emperor Emeritus Akihito, whose birthday is 23 December, abdicated the throne on 30 April 2019,[3] meaning that the holiday will not be observed in 2019 and its next celebration will be on Emperor Naruhito’s next birthday (23 February 2020).... [Read More]