Too d*mn serious…

OK, we have countless things that will spike our anxiety levels, people. We gotta lighten up. Smell the flowers, (through your approved COVID-19 masks only), and hope they don’t smell like antiseptic. Relax, take your shoes off watch a good old movie. Think about when we could go on and not have to be Politically Correct. Ah, yes, those were the days. To help you remember them, here’s something by the Late Great Robin Williams.

Apoligies to any one living the the country portrayed here, it was all in fun…


some help to get you through the day…

Just a few little funnies…

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something to think about….

Apple and Google are combining to make an app that will automatically be injected into your mobile phone. This is the COVID-19 app. What it will do is monitor your location and proximity to another with a Bluetooth equipped device and if you are close to someone that has or has been close to someone who has COVID-19, You will be flagged!

Read that again, “if you are close to someone that has or has been close to someone who has COVID-19, you will be flagged“….

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A different type of action from the FTC.

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission, has not yet given up on targeting telephone scammers. But to make it mildly entertaining for you, they have come out with a “FTC Scam Bingo”. While there is no mention of any prizes for this bingo, it may be entertaining to play for some. Please see here.

If you want to access the “FTC Scam Bingo” card directly use this link.... [Read More]


Ch ch ch ch annnges….

Group effort today- what changes will occur to our society by year one AV (After Virus)?

I will throw a few out to get it started….... [Read More]


Rosneft dodge

It is always dodgy with the Russians, right?

Russian petroleum giant Rosneft just announced that they sold their interests and stakes in Venezuela.  They want to dodge U.S. sanctions.  Who did they sell to?  They ain’t saying.... [Read More]


I Voted—Now Get Off my Lawn!

J'ai Voté: NeuchâtelIn Switzerland, we’re always voting on something.  Under the system of direct democracy, federal legislation adopted by the parliament can be subjected to a popular veto in a referendum which can be required through only 50,000 signatures (around 1.2% of eligible voters).  Amendments to the federal constitution require a mandatory referendum.  With the signatures of 100,000 eligible voters (around 2.5% of the electorate), an initiative amending the federal constitution is placed before the parliament, which can either recommend or reject the initiative, with, in the latter case, the option of proposing an alternative (“counter-project”).  In any case, the issue is placed before the voters, who get to choose among the initiative amendment, the counter-project, or outright rejection of both.  In a referendum on vetoing a parliamentary act, a simple majority of the nationwide vote is required to reject the law, while for constitutional amendments a “double majority” consisting of a majority of the national popular vote and a majority of cantons based upon the popular vote within each canton is required.

A similar system exists at the two lower levels of government as well: canton and commune.  Each individual jurisdiction makes its own rules, but in general the threshold for a referendum or initiative is around 1% of the eligible electorate.  The population of the canton of Neuchâtel, where I live, is around 176,000, so subtracting off foreigners who are not permanent residents and children, it only takes around 1500 signatures to put an initiative or referendum on the ballot, and it isn’t that difficult to get that many signatures for just about anything.  I recall votes over the years on issues such as whether the bike lanes on the main street through Neuchâtel should be abolished and whether advertising shown before the feature in movie theatres should be banned.... [Read More]