Electoral Fraud? Votes for President in 2020 versus 2016

Is the Democrat Establishment stealing the Presidential election?  Is it credible that Beijing Biden could get 80 Million votes?  Since there are a lot of allegations & assertions floating around, I wasted a few hours trying to understand the election results.

President Trump reportedly got 74 Million votes in 2020, an increase of almost 11 Million over the 63 Million votes he got In 2016, presumably without the benefit of any electoral fraud.  Given the enthusiasm for Trump among the unwashed Deplorables, this seems credible.... [Read More]


Technological Breakthroughs

In the “Suckers-R-Us” thread, we wandered off into a discussion about technology.  John Walker posed a thought-provoking question:  “But what’s the last significant technological breakthrough you saw coming from the U.S.?”

Scratching my head about this, I came up with 3 examples:... [Read More]


after some waiting….

after some waiting, the death certificates came in. I’ll be running down the funeral director’s place to pick them up. Then scan one and email it off to two American Express offices. Then open up the dreaded mail that requires them, like my government retirement, her retirement(s), tomorrow go down to the credit union and argue with them. I must be calm with them.


Benford’s Law and the 2020 Presidential Election

Benford’s law (or the first-digit law) is an observation about the frequency of the most significant digit of naturally occurring numbers.  Somewhat counter-intuitively (but with a well-understood explanation), small digits are more common than large ones, with around 30% of all values in a large collection beginning with 1, while only 4.6% start with 9.  The probability for digit d is given by:

\(P(d)=\log_{10}(1+\frac{1}{d})\)... [Read More]


A more perfect union.

OK, now I am thinking that unless Trump’s legal challenges overturn this horrible state of affairs, I am ready to begin thinking about secession and how to re-form an American remnant without the Blue Cities.

They would not be a viable entity on their own.  Do we have to abandon our rural brothers in the blue states in order to form a more perfect union?


Caligula’s Horse

OK, we need something to balance Hypatia’s unaccustomed bout of depression.  So let’s have some fun thinking what we should call Sniffy Old Joe if his theft of our election is successful (in large part because too many Romneys & Bushes are so quick to drop to their knees — they need to learn how to do the full kow-tow, because the Chinese Communist Party is standing right behind their candidate Biden).

Everyone knows the story about Roman Emperor Caligula making his horse a Senator, although the sources are a little vague about whether he actually did this or only talked about doing it.  There are also historians who suggest that Caligula was not mad, simply making the point to the Senators that they were worthless.  Which brings us back to Creepy Joe.... [Read More]


Do Results Despite Inherent Disadvantages Suggest Optimism?

As I write, we don’t know the result of the Presidential race, but it doesn’t look like Trump will win. The fact that it is even close and that we will likely hold the Senate and unexpectedly pick up House seats limits the damage which can be done by a president (sic) Harris (IMO, Biden will not last 6 months in office if he does win). In reflecting on our  (meaning Republican/conservative/libertarian) inherent disadvantages when it comes to winning elections, I am tempted to at least consider the possibility that my ever-mounting pessimism just might be buffered a bit.

Each of the following is worthy of extended analysis, but I lack the time (I must continue splitting my logs to finish splitting the winter’s firewood supply) and probably the knowledge to do the topics justice. Thus I will simply list the chronic problems (and one acute one – the pandemic) we face in actually winning elections.... [Read More]


Banana America

The Democrats are hell-bent on turning America into a third world tin-pot kleptocracy. Mark Steyn writes:

“Our Election Night live coverage ended when the election mysteriously ground to a halt in the early hours first in Pennsylvania and then everywhere else. On a grey morning after, our thought for the day comes from the late Zimbabwean president the Reverend Canaan Banana, with whom readers of Mark Steyn’s Passing Parade will be familiar:... [Read More]