Cellphone Data Map Reveals Which Americans Are Ignoring Quarantine

Cellphone Data Map Reveals Which Americans Are Ignoring Quarantine

Found on Yahoo, but mostly Yahoo, sucks down news from elsewhere. Still in the article there is a link to another website that will let you look at the raw data for your state.... [Read More]


Rosneft dodge

It is always dodgy with the Russians, right?

Russian petroleum giant Rosneft just announced that they sold their interests and stakes in Venezuela.  They want to dodge U.S. sanctions.  Who did they sell to?  They ain’t saying.... [Read More]



Dr. Deborah Birx is making quite a name for herself at the Daily Coronavirus Briefings.  She is poised, knowledgeable and professional.  No wonder; she is a former Army Colonel who studied HIV/Aids for the Dept. of Defense at Walter Reed.   She is winning many fans.

Mass media, you know, the Enemy of the People, aka Talking Snake Media, all seemed to notice her today.... [Read More]


Associated Press falsely fact-checks Trump

A.P. FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Says Ventilators Coming “Fast”

That headline is currently featured at the Google News aggregator. The lying liars at Associated Press are saying that Trump is lying. The only evidence they give amounts to them guessing that, when the new ventilators start arriving, then the Associated Press will judge that the amount of elapsed time, whatever it is, will not qualify as “fast.” ... [Read More]


China Smears the US !!!


Excerpt from article: If you listened to Chinese state-run media, you’d think President Trump went to China and released vials of COVID-19 on groups of unsuspecting men, women and children.


Well somebody told us Wall Street fell…

…but we were so poor that we couldn’t tell.

All the bad news lately has brought to mind a classic song by the country music super-group Alabama: “Song of the South.” The tune was released back in 1988 (when I was thirteen years old) off of their album Southern Star. It became an instant classic:... [Read More]


A Cultural Turning Point- Thanks Coronavirus

I am sitting here at home in southwest Washington State, run by a hack governor and silly politicians tempered by the need to keep actual industry working, and backed by a fairly efficient set of state bureaucracies. (It seems states without income taxes seem to run their state departments with a lot more efficiency than the ones with a large money flow).

It is my birthday and due to the fears of the virus, my grandchildren in Seattle are staying away as they fear infecting the old man. My other grandson in Eugene is home with a cold. I am quite content with video calls from all in the family, a leisurely lunch at a keto bakery, a nice Thai dinner out tonight and with better weather tomorrow a drive to the north Oregon coast to take the truck on a beach run.... [Read More]


Sounds of Guns

We were speaking last month about the noise made by guns and gun ranges. I got to talking with Older Son about the noise from the range, and we ended up talking about the sounds of guns that we hear at home. Both of us hear guns from time to time. Our responses to the sound are very different from one place to the other.

My house is out past the suburbs, in what we laughingly call the “ru-burbs.” We are in a subdivision, but it is a subdivision in which the smallest lots have 3 acres and some lots have 5, 6 or even 10 acres. The neighborhood is people who wanted “elbow room,” but did not want to go many miles out in the countryside and away from suburban conveniences. We are four miles from the nearest business but only five miles from supermarket and a dozen restaurants. I think about half of the families with kids are homeschoolers here. It is nice to live in a neighborhood with a lot of free-range kids.... [Read More]