Semi Loud

The word for cicadas in Japanese is semi.  They have been chirping or is it singing lately. I will put up a picture of the bug behind a spoiler so some people won’t get creeped out. For others who just want to hear the semi symphony here is a video.

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A Non-Narnian Monopod Arrives Soon

I am “buying” a monopod by paying shipment and a future lunch. (How long can I milk the pandemic to get out of treating? I am not asking for a friend.)
I put up this post to place your orders for things you want me to photograph. What in Japan do you want to see?

I will try the moon shot again. And maybe the “house on the hill”.... [Read More]


for the moon watchers…

A few days ago or was it weeks, 10 Cents did some moon images with, I presume, his new camera. Finally I had a clear night and attempted to do the same. But not really ever getting into my camera to understand settings, I just let it fly. So here you are 10 Cents;

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Tripod, Monopod, or ?

I thought I would ask the Ratz about the easiest way to stabilize an image. There are three ways that I know of. They are a monopod, tripod, or a gimbal steadycam. Each one has its merits and demerits. I am leaning toward getting a light monopod since it is light and quickly sets up. Have you had experience with these methods or with something else? If so please share.  I bet Trin has a quadropod because he usually does one better.


Catching the Comet

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) from Fourmilab, Switzerland, 2020-07-18 21_15 UTC

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Tonight, the evening of 2020-07-18, around 21:00 UTC, I finally got the chance to observe and photograph comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE), the Great Comet of 2020, on the first night of (kinda) clear sky after the comet appeared in the evening sky.  Even though the sky was visibly milky, with thin haze reflecting distant lights, after becoming dark adapted, the comet was an easy naked-eye object near the northwestern horizon (which is elevated due to the Jura mountains in that direction).  Through binoculars (Canon 15×50mm image stabilised) the star-like nucleus and coma were well-defined, and the dust tail extended until it was lost in the murky sky.  I was unable to pick up the dimmer, straight, blue ion tail either with the unaided eye or binoculars. Continue reading “Catching the Comet”


OK, time for a distraction…

OK, time for a distraction…

The “sock”, 10-cents, likes his flowers so here’s some for him.

The pinkish ones are some sort of pea, at least late in the season they have pods resembling pea-pods. The white ones are our state flower.

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some help to get you through the day…

Just a few little funnies…

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I was out this morning and saw a beautiful half moon in the sky. I wanted so much to share it with you that I went back to the house to get my cell phone.

This is what I got. Then I decided to go home and get my Canon with the 12x optical zoom. I took some pictures but they too were unsatisfying. Life is hard without (a) zoom.

I came home and looked on Bezos’ Bazaar to see what my options were. I saw a Canon Powershot with a 50x optical that said, “Buy me!” but the One-Click of Claiming didn’t happen. ... [Read More]