Republicans strike back…..

State Rep. Metcalfe, 24 co-sponsors call for impeachment of Gov. Wolf

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) and 24 co-sponsors introduced House Resolution 915, Tuesday afternoon, calling for the impeachment of Gov. Tom Wolf.... [Read More]


finding an escape route

Ya’ know, difficult times. It plays on our minds. If and when you need a break, not with a book, although books are great, I’m trying to read “Poland”, but I digress.

Point your browser at for free no commercial streaming of vintage shows and second rate movies.... [Read More]


a long long time ago….

from a publication that is still being published and I give them the credit, “TIME”, but I doubt that this could be found anywhere else than libraries. I present it here as a reference what the cartoonist thought about the news media then in 1994 and it is so much more true today because they had twenty six years to hone their actions. Look at it and reflect…

(this may be bleeped…)

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the most valued, (DEMON-crat).

Here she is, the wicked witch of the west. While people are dying, trying to get food, without work, here she is luxuriating over her damned chocolate ice cream and candy bars on television.

Enjoy and vote for Biden…. (if you are a DEMON-crat, you should cast at least three votes for him!)... [Read More]


Ch ch ch ch annnges….

Group effort today- what changes will occur to our society by year one AV (After Virus)?

I will throw a few out to get it started….... [Read More]


People With No Math or Science

This clip from one of the alphabet networks is going viral. An MSNBC talking head, a bunch of MSNBC production staff, and a member of the NYT editorial board all think that Bloomie could give every man, woman, child, and intersex individual in the US a million dollars out of his personal wealth. This was based on an idea floated by some rando on Twitter.

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The “Trumpster” was in my home town…

The only problem is my timing. We went to eat at our local watering hole at 4:15, 1615 for the rest of the world and our military friends. We were returning at 5:25, (that’s 1725), or should I say, attempting to return.

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POTUS to visit Scranton for Fox News town hall event

Well, this is how a democratic area handles it, just announce changes in bus schedules.

I searched the web site for three television stations, this is as close as I could find about it. (the local Fox news station gets their news from the one mentioned above and only has the same bus schedule alert.)... [Read More]