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For what it’s worth…. POND

The windstorms HAD TO COME after I took the net off my pond. It did clear up a lot though, and now, unfortunately, I see the devastation. It’s full of stars, er leaves.

But it’s crystal clear and deceptive of depth. The leaves, just about in the middle of the picture, are about two feet down. That’s the deepest part, around 32 inches, (81.28 Centimeters), deep. I did attempt to use a narrow leaf rake to get some leaves out, but the pond will have to wait until I can put a ladder across it and a plank atop the ladder. Then I have to lay on the plank and reach way down to grab handfuls of leaves.... [Read More]


A different type of action from the FTC.

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission, has not yet given up on targeting telephone scammers. But to make it mildly entertaining for you, they have come out with a “FTC Scam Bingo”. While there is no mention of any prizes for this bingo, it may be entertaining to play for some. Please see here.

If you want to access the “FTC Scam Bingo” card directly use this link.... [Read More]


Ch ch ch ch annnges….

Group effort today- what changes will occur to our society by year one AV (After Virus)?

I will throw a few out to get it started….... [Read More]


Sounds of Guns

We were speaking last month about the noise made by guns and gun ranges. I got to talking with Older Son about the noise from the range, and we ended up talking about the sounds of guns that we hear at home. Both of us hear guns from time to time. Our responses to the sound are very different from one place to the other.

My house is out past the suburbs, in what we laughingly call the “ru-burbs.” We are in a subdivision, but it is a subdivision in which the smallest lots have 3 acres and some lots have 5, 6 or even 10 acres. The neighborhood is people who wanted “elbow room,” but did not want to go many miles out in the countryside and away from suburban conveniences. We are four miles from the nearest business but only five miles from supermarket and a dozen restaurants. I think about half of the families with kids are homeschoolers here. It is nice to live in a neighborhood with a lot of free-range kids.... [Read More]


Swiss Army Knife on wheels!

As some of you know, one of my hobbies is model railroading. In following up on that I belong to a few Facebook groups that are in that vein. One is a group called “Switchers and Critters”. Switchers, (in England and a few other places called shunters), are small engines that are used to sort out the rail cars at a railroad yard, to organize them into trains in the order that they may be dropped off. The other, Critters, are a mixed breed, some are shop built, railroad shop that is, for specific purposes or uses. Some are rare special purpose bought by a railroad. In that group I found this “Critter”. With a tip of the Hat to John, I present a Swiss Army Knife on wheels! Seriously this is a vehicle used for maintenance on the Swiss Federal Railway.


I’m happier now…

I have been cleaning my basement of years, (25+), of hording, well sort of hording. In the process I rediscovered a set of three models that I had ordered and were hard to get. They were for my future HO scale railroad. The three were models or kits that when completed would be very accurate renditions of a REAL Steam Shovel. One that was powered by steam! I set these aside knowing they were valuable. When they were available the cost was in the area of $20 each, Now, I don’t know if they are available, but at last look, the company that made them no longer existed.

I went looking for where I put them, sort of wanting to drool over the kits, but I could not find them! I was heart broken, I thought they were mistakenly thrown away or fell into a trash bag and now are a tiny tiny part of landfill.... [Read More]


The Dawn Wall

The Dawn Wall is a documentary about the life of climber Tommy Caldwell, culminating in  first free* ascent of a 3000-foot sheer wall on El Capitan in Yosemite with his partner Kevin Jorgeson. During Tommy’s early years, he learns climbing from his father, whom he finally surpasses in his mid-teens. Tommy’s victory at age 16 in the International Sport Climbing Championship in Snowbird, UT launched his professional climbing career.

In 2000, he and three other climbers traveled to the Kara-Suu valley in Kyrgyzstan on a climbing expedition. While they were 1000 feet up a wall, Uzbek rebels fired on them and forcing them to rappel down. The four rebels marched them around the wilderness for six nights, hiding them from Kyrgyz army patrols during the day. At the end, they were left alone with only one of the rebels, at which point Tommy pushed the rebel off a ridge so they could escape to the safety of a Kyrgyz army post. He describes that experience and subsequent path to climbing the Dawn Wall in this talk. [spoilers]... [Read More]