Enjoy Your Appropriately Diverse Holiday…and meanwhile, Merry Christmas for Those of You with Real Heart & Soul

Winding down today- putting the dental startup to slumber for a week, all shipments are doing fine, my Chapter 11 case is successfully closing and my Manufacturer is headed to New Zealand for some family time.

We are hosting the son’s side of the family on Sunday and Christmas Eve, and I found the prime filet to slice into medallions for the grill.... [Read More]


Christmas Lights.

OK, so I don’t have the fancy, dance to the music, lights, but I did a little something different this year. I decorated my mailbox with numerous multi-color LEDs that I soldered to strips and screwed them to the mailbox. They run off 3 volts so I had to make up a little regulator circuit for them. Then I found out I was exceeding the current for the circuit so I had to make up another. I solved the heat problem with the regulators by attaching them to little copper plates to be cooled by the cooler weather outside.


Christmas on December 25th

Hey, gang, we are going to celebrate the Festival of the Birth of Jesus on December 25th this year. We are going to join with all Western Christians and all the saints who have gone before us for the past 1900 years and more. Now, probably on a facebook page near you, sometime this Advent season you will see someone telling you how the Christians selected the date of December 25th by appropriating the date of a Pagan festival. That is a crock, and an anti-Christian slander, and this article is to explain why.

    Most of you plain don’t care whether Christians appropriated a Pagan date. This is the typical reaction from Christians. We don’t really think that there is anything special about the date, it is just the traditional time for an annual celebration of the Nativity miracle. And, since we believe that mankind is corrupted by sin, and because we are all aware that church leaders have let us down on many occasions, we do not find this tale to be particularly troubling, and it sounds believable. So, Christians are generally not disconcerted by this tale, and we generally accept it without question. ... [Read More]


Assault rifles age limit helps Christmas shoppers

I saw a bunch of articles in the past few days that mentioned one initiative proposed to help forestall future mass shootings by mentally troubled youths.  The proposal is to raise the age limit required for a youngster to attain before he is allowed to purchase an “assault rifle” on his own.

In their rush to press forward any and all limitations on guns, eager beaver journalists rushed to state capitols all around to get soundbite quotes from politicians.  In red states they tried to buttonhole Republicans, looking for quotes that could be used during electioneering later this year.   In my state, they raced around the Tennessee capitol and got a number of GOP officials to opine on some proposals that they might be willing to consider or at least permit debate on.  I was amused, sort of, by some of the Surrender Caucus saying their usual weaselly things.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018/1/5: Favorites Games & Toys from Your Childhood

I was thinking about this topic because my kids were home over Christmas, and even though they are in their mid-20s now, they broke out board games to play on our dining room table, late into the night.  They were none of the games I remember though! They played Settlers of Cataan, Phase 10 and King Domino.  Some that I remember from growing up in the 1960s are:

Fascination Pool – a plastic maze board that looked like a pool table – the picture above. You held it in your hands, released little balls from the center and tried to tip the board to get all the balls one by one into the color-corresponding pockets – but not let them roll into the wrong-color pocket.... [Read More]


G-d bless Her Christian Majesty, Defender of the Faith

G-d save the Queen.   I have a new Christmas tradition, for the past three years, which is listening to the Christmas broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and British Commonwealth of Nations.   She has stepped into the spiritual breach, and has been bringing the Good News to her subjects.  She begins with themes of home, and ends with the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Here is her message for this year.   It is well worth your nine minutes of time.... [Read More]