Honor thy Father

It breaks the heart to see children without fathers. I know a sweet little girl whose father lives far away.(A divorce) Luckily, she has a grandfather and an uncle nearby. People need fathers as well as mothers. A man can’t replace a woman and a woman can’t replace a man. They are too different.

How does one honor a father who is never known? ... [Read More]


Time for some levity…

I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving, but it seems there are too many downers in the recent postings…

You may be in need of a chuckle…

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Be a Good Child Day

It is early Father’s Day here. Way before there was ever a Father’s Day there was a command to honor your father and mother. This is not a command to be a good parent but to be a good child. In fact in life, one has to live with the parents one is dealt. They can be incredibly good or bad. If you have won the “lottery of life”, realize you are lucky where others have not been. But back to the point of this post. You can’t pick your parents but you can decide if you will be a good child. You can treat people with respect and kindness for the good they have done. And you can treat people with respect and kindness when they have not been so good.

How are you going to be a good child today? If your father is living, do you make the call today? If your father is no longer with you, what do you do to honor the memory?... [Read More]


What Dad listened to

Dad died a year and a half ago.   Gee I miss him.   I was very fortunate to have him for so long; he was 85.   I saw Fathers Day mentioned today, so when I got a chance to kick back this evening, I went to listen to the stuff he listened to.  I was never musical much, though I enjoy singing in church.   I also was never much into pop music.  Not rock and roll, either.  I was a jazz fan, because Dad was a jazz fan.   We lived within radio range of the public radio station at the University of Tennessee, and they played jazz in the evenings beginning shortly before my bedtime.

I still have some of Dad’s favorites on real honest vinyl, but since we moved to new digs in February I have not found the time to set up the turntable.  So here is a Youtube link to one of our favorites.   Bossa nova.  Enjoy; this is Stan Getz on saxophone, but the thing that makes the album shine is the fabulous guitar of Charlie Byrd.... [Read More]


TOTD 2018-6-16: Dad’s Day Eve

It is the day before Father’s Day. The holiday that takes a backseat to Mother’s Day. Why is that?

I went to Wikipedia and checked out the history. The first public celebration for Father’s Day was July 5, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. Here is the background of that celebration.... [Read More]