Golden Week is Upon Me.

From April 29th to May 5th is the usual Golden Week in Japan. This is the linking of the following holidays.

  1. April 29th  is Showa Day. (It used to be called the Emperor’s Birthday.)
  2. May 3rd is Constitution Day
  3. May 4th is Greenery Day (This is basically a made-up holiday to connect to the next day.)
  4. May 5th is Children’s Day

This year is special because the 29th is a Monday and the 5th is a Sunday so Golden Week is 10 days long.  The three extra days come from the Saturday and Sunday before the 29th and Monday the 6th as a replacement holiday for the 5th landing on a Sunday.

In my early days of living in Japan I saw GW written on many things. My mind quickly read George Washington and that didn’t make sense. Now I know the right meaning.

I won’t get into it here but there is also a Silver Week in September. As you can guess it is not quite as good as Golden Week.


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