We had another minor conservative victory delivered by President Trump.   He signed a new Executive Order.  Here is an excerpt:

Employers adopting skills- and competency-based hiring recognize that an over-reliance on college degrees excludes capable candidates and undermines labor-market efficiencies.... [Read More]


Time for some levity…

I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving, but it seems there are too many downers in the recent postings…

You may be in need of a chuckle…

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The San Antonio Spurs Can Go To Hell

Get a load of this: Spurs’ Lonnie Walker Says He ‘Will Never Celebrate 4th of July.’ From the article:

Lonnie Walker IV, the recently selected 1st round pick of the San Antonio Spurs, took to Twitter on Independence Day, to say that he “will never celebrate 4th of July.”... [Read More]


“America the Beautiful” as sung by the Silver Fox

You know, in the bayous of Louisiana – quelle beau pays – that’s what the Cajuns say.
And in New York’s Little Italy – que bella terra – that’s how they say it their way.
And in the beer halls of Milwaukee, you’ll hear the words wie schöne das Land.
And it’s que lindo país – that’s what you’ll hear them say along the border, down by the Rio Grande.
You know there’s a lot of ways to say it. And it’s a privilege to play it.
‘Cause a lot of good people earned it. And this is how I learned it…


TOTD 2018-7-4: Independence Day Memories

My mom told me a long time ago they went to the US consulate in Kobe, Japan on July 4th. What she remembered was having Coca-Cola. At that time that was special and hard to get in Japan in the early 1950s.

My memories of the Fourth were of an airshow followed by fireworks over a bay. We could see it from our house. We lived up the hill from the water. (Is being a mile away considered beachfront?) One year a man in an experimental plane died in a crash.