The Great Memorial Day Weekend $0.99 Book Sale

Memorial Day Weekend – a time to honor and remember the troops, and take a break from the daily routine. And what better more cost-effective way to take a break than by diving into a great book for only $0.99!

This Memorial Day Weekend, check out these great books by indie and small-press authors – all priced at $0.99 or less.

Note that pricing is set by the authors, so please confirm before you buy.

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Time for some levity…

I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving, but it seems there are too many downers in the recent postings…

You may be in need of a chuckle…

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Serenity As A Time Share

It being the Red Headed Irish Wisecracker’s birthday we headed to the Ridgefield NWR, which is only seven miles from where our new home will be.

Memorial Day weekend weather here in the Wet Northwest is soggy, with 99.9% chance of overcast except for brief gorgeous sunshine, deep blue skies and white cumulus clouds if you act without hesitation.... [Read More]


Memorial Day Plans

This Memorial Day is different. Mostly, I start my Memorial Day by letting JoALT et al sleep in while I hie myself to a breakfast spot to get a quick meal and then go into the annual Memorial Day rotation – traveling to different places in my town to remember my departed comrades.

First up is the crew of Hulk 46.  The aircraft was lost off Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, on February 3rd, 1991. Three of my friends lost their lives in the crash.  Here is a website talking about the specifics. I’ll visit with them when I go see my aircraft from the 1st Gulf War, “Nine o’ Nine II” on permanent display at Barksdale AFB.  You know you are getting old when an airplane you flew is on display at a museum.... [Read More]


Daughter’s Band in D.C. Memorial Day Parade

I believe it was Representative Steve Daines who nominated my daughter’s school band to play in Washington, D.C. this coming Monday. The band, which ends its yearly spring concert with a hearty rendition of “Stars and Stripes Forever,” was honored to accept. Glacier High School will be wearing green uniforms, and we can follow along with the event live here.

Of course I’m happy and proud, but I’m also looking forward to having my kid back safe from D.C. next week, done with plane rides, and ready to graduate on the first of June.


TOTD 2018-5-29: You are what you are thankful for.

Today is Memorial Day. It is a day to remember that people gave their lives for their country. Who do you remember on this day?

As to the title of this post, we either go through life being thankful or complaining. It doesn’t have to do with having things either easy or hard for I have seen people complain in good circumstances and be thankful in bad. It is in the interpretation of the events. ... [Read More]